10 Best Sandals for Bunions in 2021

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Although some can have no symptoms at all, bunions can develop to become very painful, and even negatively impact the quality of life, hindering you from certain activities. Many professions are more susceptible to bunions than others, and if your job requires you to stand for long hours, you are at a higher risk of developing bunions. Gender also matters, women are more susceptible to developing bunions than men are, although, this may be as a result of the fact that heels are more common among women than men.

If you have bunions or know someone who does, these are a couple of tips to help manage them: Go for suitable footwear, ensure they are not tight cause that just makes the bunions worse; don’t wear shoes with no arch support; make sure you stretch and relax your toes and feet very often.

Footwear designed for bunions are built to be very flexible, have enough cushioning, and prevent pressure on your bunions and other parts of your foot. There are several sandals designed for bunions, and contrary to what you may think, there are fashionable bunion corrector sandals.

Best Sandals for Bunions - Our Top Picks


ECCO Yucatan

The ECCO Yucatan is a bunion sandal great for use through the day without discomfort. The Yucatan’s upper is made from nubuck leather to prevent chafing and give you maximum comfort as you walk in them all day, with a soft spandex and nylon lining that absorbs moisture to prevent sweaty feet. The Yucatan is an open toe design sandal with three adjustable Velcro straps on the toes, above the midfoot and at the heel which makes this very adaptable to give you the perfect fit. The design of the upper offers adequate flexibility and comfort for the foot. The Yucatan is a very breathable owing in part to its open toe design and the moisture absorbing lining on the upper which also prevents odor.

The outsole of the Yucatan is made from a durable, lightweight, high abrasion-resistant rubber. The lugs on the outsole give you exceptionally excellent traction and grip, coupled with a heel brake the outsole gives you excellent movement control.

The midsole is made from direct-inject polyurethane and a full-length EVA footbed. The polyurethane is a lightweight material with excellent shock absorption properties which protect your feet from impact injuries and is very durable.  The Yucatan EVA foam footbed of provides cushioning and is lined with a breathable polyester microfiber. The midsole provides you with arch support, and stability and puts a bounce in your stride. The Yucatan is an excellent choice for a bunion sandal that gives you value and performance.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • EVA footbed
  • Nubuck leather upper


  • Brand: ECCO
  • Model: Yucatan
  • Color: Brown, Black, Marine, True Navy, Grey
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Arch support
  • Very breathable
  • Cushioning
  • Great traction and grip
  • it’s a bit expensive


Orthofeet Clearwater

Orthofeet is known for their orthotic products and is often recommended by medical practitioners. The Orthofeet Clearwater is a top of the line therapeutic sandal as it is biomechanically engineered to cater to several types of foot ailments. It has two adjustable straps which are a two-way strap system that can be fastened on either side of the sandals to make sure your foot is secure in the sandals and a tie free closure. It features the Orthofeet comfort system, an ergonomic sole and an anatomical insole which guarantees maximum comfort through its high cushioning capabilities and offers precise support. The contoured orthotic insole provides support for the arch, has gel padded heel seat and relieves pain in the foot. The insole is made up of Poly-U foam which controls odor and deals with sweat, Dryplex an antifungal and antimicrobial material and perforated EVA cushioning. The upper is non-binding and designed with stretchable materials, soft leather and padded with foams to enhance comfort and eliminate pressure on your bunion.

The Orthofeet Clearwater uses the Ergonomic Stride, a lightweight sole that provides cushioning. The interior is lined with a seam-free foam padding which eliminates pressure points and reduces friction rubbing on the skin. The Clearwater is a premium orthotic footwear and is an excellent choice of bunion corrector sandals.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic Stride sole
  • Two-way strap system
  • Orthotic insole
  • Antifungal and Antimicrobial insole


  • Brand: Orthofeet
  • Model: Clearwater
  • Color: Brown
  • Gender: Male
  • Ortho cushion shock absorption
  • Orthotic support
  • Foot pain relief
  • Arch support
  • A bit bulky


Birkenstock Unisex Arizona EVA

The Birkenstock unisex Arizona is a one-piece design sandal made from high-quality ultralight EVA material. The lightweight EVA gives the Birkenstock Arizona its flexibility, and it provides excellent support and comfort for everyday use without being too heavy on your feet. The Arizona EVA is based on the classic Arizona cork sandal. The sandals feature a dual strap and are a pair of fashionable sandals for bunions.

The Birkenstock Arizona EVA is a waterproof sandal, meaning you can wear it during the wet season, wash it without fear of damage. It also makes it a great pool or beach sandal. One of the exciting features of the Arizona EVA is that its odor resistant thanks to the skin-friendly scent-neutral EVA material, so you never have to worry about smelly sandals.

The Arizona EVA is a great sandal for your bunions and asides that, it also features an anatomical design from the original Birkenstock footbed, which ensure even weight distribution and proper posture.

Key Features:

  • One-piece design
  • Ultra-lightweight EVA
  • Anatomical design


  • Brand: Birkenstock
  • Model: Arizona EVA
  • Color: Black Suede, Oiled Leather, Navy, Tobacco Brown, Silver, Blue, Stone, Orange, Beet Purple, Khaki, Metallic Anthracite
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Odor resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • A bit expensive

Key Features:

  • Crisscross leather straps
  • Treadlite outsole


  • Brand: UGG
  • Model: Kari
  • Color: Rose Gold, Black, Silver, Brown
  • Gender: Female
  • Good traction
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Flexibility
  • Doesn’t have a half size


Birkenstock Milano

The Birkenstock Milano sandal features the classic Birkenstock cork footbed which makes it very comfortable as it spreads your weight evenly. If your profession requires you to be up all day or for extended periods the Birkenstock Milano is an excellent option for you. Not only does the sandal provide support, but it also cushions your foot, ensuring that you remain comfortable throughout the day.

The Milano features a dual strap vamp and an adjustable ankle strap which ensures that the sandals fit you properly. The upper is made of Birko-Flor a hard-wearing synthetic material. The Birko-Flor is lined with a breathable soft fleece layer, and this makes the sandal very durable and comfortable. The insole is made of real flexible leather which adjusts itself to your foot without compressing it. The leather is very gentle on the skin and has open pores, giving it very high breathability. The Birkenstock Milano makes use of an EVA outsole which cushions your every step.

Key Features:

  • Birko-Flor upper
  • EVA outsole
  • Adjustable straps


  • Brand: Birkenstock
  • Model: Milano
  • Color: Black, Brown
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Comfortable
  • Durable EVA outsole
  • Breathable design
  • Long break-in time


Teva Tirra

The Teva Tirra is a lightweight, and stylish sandal made to fit. It’s an elegant mix of comfort and performance. The upper of the sandal features diagonal straps and crisscross design. The straps are hook and loop type and are made from neoprene and lined with LYCRA so as not to irritate your skin. To enhance comfort and ensure fit, the strap is located on three different locations, and each is adjustable. The sole is treated with the zinc-based antimicrobial treatment Microban to reduce the growth of bacteria which in turn keeps your feet odor-free.

The non-marking outsole of the Teva Tirra is made from the trademarked Teva Spider Original rubber which is created for high traction. The sole has low profile lugs which enhances traction and reduces the chances of slipping on a wet surface. The heel is made from the Shock Pad, which is a polyurethane and EVA blend. It absorbs impact and protects your joints.

Key Features:

  • Neoprene foam upper
  • Teva Spider Original rubber outsole
  • Adjustable straps


  • Brand: Teva
  • Model: Tirra
  • Color: Black, Bering Sea, Dusty Orange, Mint Green, Virtual Pink, Peach Hera
  • Gender: Female
  • Spider Original rubber outsole
  • Lightweight
  • Top-notch traction
  • Short ankle strap


Skechers Brie Lo’Profile

The Skechers Brie Lo’Profile is a fashionable bunion sandal that stands out due to its stylish design, and it looks very chic. It’s a low heeled wedged sandal designed for comfort without neglecting physical appearance. The upper of the sandals is made of smooth suede which is gentle on the skin and lined with textured microfiber fabric for added comfort, the sandals feature stitching accents. The footbed makes use of Luxe foam which provides cushioning for the Lo’Profile.

The top panel of the Lo’Profile uses a very stretchable material which stretches easily without putting a strain on your feet, which makes these stretchable sandals ideal for bunions.

The midsole of the Brie Lo’Profile is EVA and cork material which absorbs shock, and the Lo’Profile has a flexible treaded traction outsole.

Key Features:

  • Low wedge
  • Luxe foam cushioning
  • Cork texture midsole
  • Synthetic upper


  • Brand: Skechers
  • Model: Lo’Profile
  • Color: Black, Taupe, Charcoal, Chocolate
  • Gender: Female
  • Stretchable
  • Lightweight
  • EVA midsole
  • Straps often cause chaffing


Vionic Tide II

The Vionic Tide II is a very versatile and straightforward looking sandal. The Tide II is a very breathable sandal, with a neoprene lined leather and fabric upper. It’s not recommended to be worn around water because of the fabric upper, which can be challenging to dry. The sandal is comfortable to wear with the slip-on design and a soft toe post.

The sandals feature an EVA midsole which is very flexible and absorbs a lot of impact. It has a foam lining to provide cushioning and has a contoured footbed which provides arch support, making the sandal suitable to be worn every day without adverse effects on your feet.

The outsole is a TPR rubber which ensures you can enjoy your sandal for a long time due to its durability, it also provides very good traction for every stride you take.

A unique feature of the Vionic Tide II is that it has the APMA seal of acceptance. It is worth noting that the Tide II doesn’t have half sizes, you may find this a downside. However, you can go for the next best comfortable size.

Key Features:

  • EVA midsole
  • Orthaheel Technology
  • Neoprene lined upper


  • Brand: Vionic
  • Model: Tide II
  • Color: White, Gold Cork, Black, Navy, Black Tortoise, Grey Floral
  • Gender: Female
  • Orthoheel Footbed
  • EVA sole
  • Arch support
  • Doesn’t have half sizes


Clarks Caslynn Shae

The Caslynn Shae is a cross over strap sandal with a Velcro fastening made by the renowned footwear maker Clarks.  The sandal is a stylish wedge heel sandal for those with bunions but can’t do without heels, or maybe you just want to look a bit chic. The cute sandals are made from soft nubuck for increased comfortability levels; the upper is made of suede in other colors except for white which comes with the soft leather.

The Caslynn uses an ortholite footbed for cushioning, arch support. The footbed also controls moisture. However, the sandals are not too flexible. The wedge heel made of cork for a natural feel. The Caslynn Shae is a perfect evening sandal and can also be worn all day without your feet getting tired.

Key Features:

  • Ortholite footbed
  • Cork heel
  • Crossover strap


  • Brand: Clarks
  • Model: Caslynn Shae
  • Color: Black, White, Khaki, Light Tan Nubuck, Fuschia
  • Gender: Female
  • Adjustable heel strap
  • Ortholite cushioning
  • Adjustable
  • Not too flexible


Merrell Women’s Hollyleaf Sandal

The upper of the Merrell Hollyleaf is made from Nubuck leather and lined with perforated foam; this provides comfort and cushioning and prevents chaffing. The footbed is treated with Aegis microbial treatment; using the M-Select FRESH technology which prevents foot odor. The footbed is covered in soft microfiber for extra comfort.

The Merrell Hollyleaf features a molded nylon arch shank which gives you stability and supports your arch.

The Hollyleaf uses the special Merrell QForm cushioning in the midsole. An important feature of the QForm is that it’s made specifically for women, providing cushioning specific to women’s stride, meaning it provides more cushioning and support for women’s feet compared to other sandals for bunions. The Merrell Hollyleaf really lives up to its claim of comfort as it incorporates the Merrell air cushioning in the heels which absorbs shock and provides added stability. The outsole uses the M-Select GRIP technology which is touted for its sturdiness. The M-Select GRIP also provides great traction for the Hollyleaf and ensures that the sandals last long.

To ensure flexibility and make the sandal lightweight, it was crafted using cement construction, which basically means that the upper is made separately from the sole and joined using just adhesives.

Key Features:

  • Nubuck leather upper
  • Merrell QForm cushioning
  • M-Select GRIP
  • Merrell Air Cushioning


  • Brand: Merrell
  • Model: Hollyleaf
  • Color: Black, Aluminum, Bracken, Blue,
  • Gender: Female
  • Is very stable
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Great traction

Buyer Guide Questions

Do Bunion Sandals work?

A bunion is developed when the big toe starts to incline towards the next toe, leading to pressure buildup on the joint of the big toe, which is visible through the bulge inside your foot. As the bunion grows, the pain that comes with it intensifies. Bunions usually develop when you wear pointed-toe footwear which is too narrow and tight for your foot, causing you to force it in. Although not the primary cause of bunions, narrow shoes often lead to its development. As such, it is recommended not to wear such narrow shoes.

Bunion sandals are footwear specifically made for feet with bunions. They are not tight and have a wide toe area to accommodate your toes comfortably. Bunion sandals have heels less than two inches and provide the support needed for your arch. They are designed to correct the bone line by pushing the toe gently back inside.  Bunion sandals are also designed to look a little bit stylish while still providing you with all the orthotic benefits, so don’t you worry about footwear that looks weird, you’ll find cute sandals that hide bunions. However, depending on the extent of the bunion, a surgery may be needed to permanently correct it. A medical examination would show you which path to take.

If your bunion doesn’t require surgery, you’ll often be advised to opt for footwear made specifically for bunions, and bunion sandals are a great place to start as they are often recommended by podiatrists. As bunions are develop when you wear tight and narrow shoes, you obviously need to avoid such footwear. Don’t wear heels, or make sure they’re not higher than one inch. Opt for sandals made from soft leather to prevent blisters.

Bunion sandals are not the. You can use gel-filled pads on your sandals or shoes to protect your bunion, just make sure your footwear is made specifically for bunions, and have enough room to accommodate the pads without squeezing your toes together. There are shoe inserts that help prevent bunions from developing. They function by redistributing pressure from the big toe and supporting the arch of the foot.

If you have a bunion, you can opt for surgery, or you can take a conservative approach and get the right footwear to help you cope and manage it while you remain reasonably comfortable. It should be noted that if your bunion is starting to interfere with your daily routine, you should see a podiatrist immediately. Avoiding surgery may be impossible if the pain becomes unbearable, and you can’t carry out your daily activities.

Consider the material your bunion sandal is made from, because everyone has different types of skin, some material might irritate your skin and cause allergic reactions due to certain chemicals present. Overall, you will want to go for sandals made from flexible materials that are soft and gentle on the skin. Materials such as mesh, Nubuck leather are good choices, also sandals with uppers that are lined with foam and other cushioning materials such as microfibers are nice. Generally, you would avoid hard and rigid material such as leather because they will cause great discomfort by irritating your bunion.

Ensure that your sandal is very durable and give your sufficient traction and support since you will be wearing it most of the time if you have bunions. Look out for soles made from durable rubber and are designed to give maximum traction. Do not forget the insoles, padded insoles don’t only help you deal with shock from walking, but they are also good for your feet if you have bunions. Go for orthotic insoles as they are made to care for the feet.

Are Birkenstock sandals really good for bunions?

Birkenstock is a name that is made an impact in the world of orthopedic footwear, and this is evident in the fact that a lot of health care professionals recommend Birkenstocks for several foot health issues like heel pain, bunions and plantar fasciitis. Podiatrists often recommend Birkenstock for people suffering from bunions due to several benefits it offers those with bunions.

As stated earlier narrow footwear is one of the things that causes bunions to develop, as such, Birkenstock sandals have a wide width compared to normal footwear given you enough room to immediately reduce the pressure on the bunion; the sandals have enough room for your toes to stretch freely and prevent your bunion from rubbing against the edges cause the rubbing causes further irritation and pain. The sandals provide medial support for the arch which gives proper support for your foot and ensuring it adheres to the natural musculoskeletal structure.

Birkenstock sandals for bunions are flexible, have a cork footbed sole that supports the ankle and molds itself to your foot. Birkenstock designed their sandals in such a way that the lip is raised to prevent you from stubbing your toes, and provides grip.

One of the greatest things about Birkenstocks is the Birkenstock footbed. The footbed has a deep heel cup which provides cushioning for and cradles your heel.  The footbed has longitudinal arch support that lies along the sides of the footbed, giving your stability; it also has transverse arch support. The Birkenstock foot bed’s toe box is very roomy, allowing natural toes movement and aids balance, it also features a raised toe bar which promotes the natural gripping motion of the feet.

Birkenstock make bunion sandals for both men and women

What sandals do podiatrists recommend for bunions?

Having bunions can be a nightmare; tight shoes become very painful to wear, harsh materials will irritate your bunion and wearing high heels become impossible unless you’re willing to endure the pain. However, this is not advisable because no matter how high your pain threshold is, further pressure and improper feet positioning will just make your bunions worse. So, if you have a bunion, your stylish and fashionable footwear might have just been rendered obsolete. You may wonder if bunions would go away on its own without treatment. Bunions don’t go away on their own unless you take active steps to treat it. Orthotic footwear is often recommended to you at first to see if that can correct the bunion if that doesn’t work, then the next resort is often surgery to remove the bunion.

Bunions are hereditary, because we inherit our foot shapes which is the precursor to bunions. Some foot shapes are more susceptible than others to developing bunions. However, your lifestylen like wrestling often often causes the bunion to develop, people who spend a lot of time on their feet in heels are at a high risk. The slope of the foot in heels pushes the bodyweight on the toes, which is not natural. This weight subjects the big toe joint to undue pressure which leads to bunion development. Oftentimes, the bunions would get inflamed and filled with fluids, this may come and go but is most likely to stay.

The proper of dealing with bunions is through surgery in which the bone is realigned and the bump is removed. However, podiatrists recommend non-surgical treatments which include icing the bunion, shoe modifications such as orthotic insoles, pain and anti-inflammation medications, paddings in footwear to reduce rubbing on the bunion.

When going for bunion footwear, the aim is to immediately remove pressure from your bunion. Podiatrists recommend you go for sandals with enough room in the toe box and are wide enough with the width being just a little bit wider than the widest point on your foot. Flexibility, support and comfort are what you should look out for. Sandals designed in a way that pressure is removed from your bunion and is spread around. Your bunion sandals should be made of soft nonabrasive materials to prevent further irritation and worsening of your bunion. Bunion sandals are usually flat and have minimalistic designs; however, there are some fashionable sandals for bunions that have heels but to maintain the orthotic functions they’re not higher than two inches. Any footwear higher than two inches causes pressure to build upon the big toe joint which causes bunions to develop or worsen if there’s a bunion present.

Your bunion sandal should provide adequate arch and metatarsal support, and should fit your feet’s shape, so sandals with adjustable straps are recommended.


A bunion correcting sandals value is in how much comfort it can provide you, bunions are very painful, and so it makes no sense if your sandals that hide bunions are causing you more pain and discomfort. The ideal sandals for bunions will be very supportive, have great flexibility and have enough cushioning to protect your feet from impact. It will have enough traction, grip and promote the natural foot movement. Flip flops are not ideal and should be avoided if you can help it if you have bunions, they don’t have any protection for your bunions and leave it exposed to further damage.

If you want something a bit stylish, there are a couple of Birkenstocks that are quite fashionable; the Clark Lo’Profile is also rather smart, UGG gave us a pleasant surprise with the Kari sandals. You have a wide range of products to pick from each with different designs and colors. Your bunion sandal doesn’t have to be boring. Just make sure it’s wide enough to accommodate your toes by going for the right size because you don’t want it to squeeze your toes further.

Also, remember always to see a medical practitioner if you have any concern about your bunions.