What is Cross Country Running?


Over the centuries, we have created different games and sports that have appealed to billions of people worldwide. Some of these sports include soccer, basketball, tennis, and continuing to grow relevant today. However, one physical activity that applies to almost these sports and games are running. Running is one of the most important physical activities in our lives. If we are late to a particular place and there is no transportation mode, we are perfectly fine with running. Running is also a good form of exercise, and you can either do it on a treadmill or the outdoors. If you are in complete physical health, then you would have run multiple times in your life. As a sport, running is popularly known as athletics, and it has been broken down into different categories over the years. We have people like Usain Bolt, who is skilled at fast-paced short distance learning, and we also have people like David Rudisha, whose expertise lies in running long-distance races. These running categories are known as 100meter race, 200meter race, 400meter race, marathon, etc. In this article, we want to consider one of the less popular forms of running; Cross Country Running. Enjoy!

What is Cross Country Running

Cross Country Running is a sport that involves individuals or race teams running on outdoor courses over natural terrain. This means that the runners will race over natural elements like grass, dirt, uneven terrains, hills, woodlands and any other terrain they come across. Cross country running is both physical and mentally challenging, and it can be played under various temperatures. If there is a cross country club in your environment, you can pick it up for exercise. This means that you will predetermine the number of meters or kilometres you want to run and then you can track your progress through your sports watch. However, if you are engaging in cross country running as a sport, you would already know that cross country running is popularly regarded as a long-distance race. Your training will make you better prepared to race, and you would be ready to cover a much larger distance. If you are new to cross country running, then the following sub-sections have been specially prepared for you. We will show you how you can become a better cross country runner and the gear you need to make possible.

Practical Tips for Effective Cross Country Running

Following these practical tips will help you participate in cross country running better.

  • Invest in the right clothing

If you want to be a good cross-country runner, you have to get the appropriate clothing. Since you would be running outdoors on rough terrains, your shoes must be able to keep up with the lay of the land. It would also be best if you wore a shirt that was specifically designed for long-distance races. They will absorb the sweat and stop you from feeling uncomfortable. We would explain your cross-country attire later in this article.

  • Ask about the unique features of the course

Every cross-country course is different from the rest. If you have run on a course several times, you already know what to expect and how you can navigate the course to your best advantage. However, if you about to run on a course for the first time, it is important to ask someone who has run the course to explain a few things to you. It will not be like running for yourself, but it will surely get you better prepared.

  • Run at a steady and consistent pace

Fast starts are important, but you should not sacrifice your energy for a fast pick up. Remember that cross country running is predominantly a long-distance race and you will need to conserve your energy as best as you can.

  • Get a good coach and train consistently

For you to become the best cross-country runner you can be, you need a coach. Like we said earlier, cross country running can be both physically and mentally challenging. If you are not up for the task, you would have to do away with the sport altogether.

Cross Country Running Attire

If you want to engage in cross country running successfully, then you need the appropriate outfit. The good news is that you don’t need too much gear for this sport.

  • Cross Country running shoes

The most important part of your outfit is your shoes. Since you will be running on rough and uneven terrain, you need shoes that have good traction. Your shoes should also be comfortable so that your feet won’t be in pain after running. Another important feature that your shoes should have is a lightweight structure. If they are not lightweight, you cannot carry your feet properly, which will greatly affect your running performance. Luckily, cross country shoes have all these features, and they are quite affordable.

  • Appropriate running clothes

Your running clothes includes your shirts and shorts. Most running clothes are lightweight, and they are designed to absorb your sweat so that you can stay comfortable throughout the race. When the weather is cold, they keep your body dry and warm. They are also uniquely made to allow for free body movement.

  • Compatible socks

Even if you wear the most comfortable running shoes in the world, if you don’t wear the right pair of socks, you are likely to get blisters. Socks also help to absorb the moisture from your feet and keep you comfortable.

  • Sports watch

Sports watch are not compulsory, but they can help you keep track of so many background activities. They can note your heart rate, the number of kilometres covered, the number of steps you have taken and much more.

  • Supportive bra for women

Women have unique physical features, and they have to consider that when running. Wearing a supportive bra is a general practice among female athletes.


Running is one of the most enjoyable activities we have today because it frees our minds. For a brief moment, you will care about nothing else in this world apart from finishing your race and reaching your target. If you are the type of person who loves exploring the outdoors and prioritises physical fitness, you should consider engaging in this sport. Running outdoors gives you a beautiful feeling, and the only sport that offers you this unique experience is cross country running. Cheers.