Guide For Men’s Bowling Shoes


Bowling is a sport target at recreational activities in which a ball is rolled by a player towards some sets of. In bowling, the aim is to knock down pins arranged on a long-playing surface known as a lane. Something call one row is knocked down, it is called a spare. The different types of pin bowling include candlepin, nine-pin, duckpin, five-pin and the last one which is called Kegel.

In bowling, the target is to get the ball to a close mark as possible as you can. The surface the pins are arranged might be gravel or grass. One of the beneficial things you need in bowling game is a pair of shoes for effectiveness and assertiveness. Getting the perfect pair of shoes for your bowling game will make your performance better. Moreover, you will have more confidence in your ankle and leg work.

However, we are here to guide you on how to find a best bowling shoe for your needs. You will discover the right pair of bowling shoes that meet your needs. We will be listing the best types of bowling shoes, and their characteristics. We hope you find the shoes that work best for you here.

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Before choosing a bowling shoe, what are the things that should be consider?


Before you choose a bowling shoe, ensure that you are choosing a shoe that will last long, buy pairs of shoes that will not make you buy another on after wearing it for a few days. Choose shoes with good materials and good soles.


Shoe weight matters a lot in bowling, buy shoes with light weigh that will aid your movement. Shoes with heavy weight tend to restrict movement, moreover shoes with heavy weight cause tiredness and fatigue. Light weight shoes are user friendly.

Shoe Size

Shoe size is the important thing to check while buying a bowling shoe. No matter how attractive a shoe might be, if it is not your size, it is not advisable you buy it. Because if it is undersize, it will become uncomfortable for you, causing pain and affect mobility. Over size shoes will not allow you to focus well on the pins.


A pair of uncomfortable bowling shoes will automatically make the player loose focus in the game, thereby causing loss.

What are some best bowling shoes?


Dexter bowling shoes are the types of bowling shoes that will make you adapt well to it and make your skill improve greatly. Therefore, find no more because this bowling shoe is an amazing bowling shoe. The T.H.E represents toe-hold Hyperflex engineering. They are aren’t common types of shoes, as the name implies, it hold the toe of the player firmly in the shoe to prevent injury. Dexter T.H.E are durable, comfortable and good bowling shoes with great longevity and high value. Dexter shoes come with unique soles that can not be interchanged. This bowling shoe is produced in different colors, thereby giving players the advantage to choose their best color or any color of their choice. Dexter shoes are of the most comfortable shoes in market, it is produced with good leather with the aim of durability and comfortability. However, they are not cheap pairs of shoes, but they are the best as far as bowling is concerned.


The pyramid HPX bowling shoes is a shoe with high performance shoe is designed to look stylish rather than look like a pair of bowling shoes. Despite the stylish design look, it still remain one the best bowling shoes. This HPX shoes is designed with comfortability in mind, it produces maximum comfort to the player wearing it. The HPX company designed this shoe with something they refer to as “biochemical contouring”. This biochemical contouring was designed with the shoes with the curve shape of the feet thereby, providing maximum comfort while bowling. The shoe is produced from soft leather to aid durability for the shoe. It provides agility and total confidence for the bowler because it cannot become uncomfortable at any time. Surprisingly, the shoe comes with an interchangeable sole and heel that is designed for the player’s comfort. The bowler can decide to change the heel/sole to any one they wish or preferred. Although it comes with lots of benefits, but it is quite affordable and comes with a high quality level.


The Brunswick vapor bowling shoe are sets of bowling shoes that are stylishly designed with professional look. It can be used for beginner bowlers to up their bowling skills to become high ranked bowlers. It is made from great design and materials that are of good quality. It has lots of benefits attached to it like ultra-light, good sole and padded collar. The soles are made from good materials to provide comfort, stability and aid mobility. Despite the facts that the shoe is made from good quality materials and used by professional bowlers, the Brunswick vapor bowling shoe is affordable.


The dexter turbo II shoe is good for male bowlers with wide feet. One unique factor about this bowling shoe is that it works perfectly well for both left-handed and right-handed bowlers, thereby giving you the maximum comfort you deserve. Another unique factor of this bowling shoe is that, it is well padded, it is best recommended for intermediate bowlers. The stylish design of these shoes are not usually found in other bowling shoes.


Before choosing a bowling shoe, few things like comfortability, durability, materials, sole of the shoe, and the most important factor which is the size of the shoe, if a bowler wear an oversize or undersize shoe, they will be unable to focus more on the pins arranged on the surface. Moreover, there are some lists of best quality shoes with their features. Thereby, making it easy for bowlers to choose bowling shoes that are best and suitable for them.