About Us

The staff at Shoefinale consists of a chiropractor, a podiatrist, a physiotherapist, and a shoe saleswoman to help meet your needs. The first three staff members evaluate the products and recommend the best footwear and accessories in the buying guides. They vet through the footwear for hours and scrutinize each one before recommending any of them. 

That is why the products you see in the buying guides that a podiatrist, chiropractor, and physiotherapist recommends. That way, when you look through these guides, you will know that you will purchase a top-notch quality footwear product. In addition to that, you can make an informed decision based on the articles written in the knowledge base. 

The saleswoman part of Shoefinale is obsessed with fashion, and her input is critical because you want to purchase footwear that is currently in style, and that is of the best quality and comfort. All Shoefinale staff members are enthusiastic about helping you make the best decision regarding purchasing the correct footwear and accessories for your fashionable needs. All of the staff at Shoefinale write informative articles that can help you understand various foot ailments and conditions and other fascinating tidbits about shoes and footwear. 

We hope you will find what you are looking for at Shoefinale. 

Meet Our Experts

Podiatrist, Founder, And Chief Editor

Jim Scarborough

Jim Scarborough grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and his father was a podiatrist. Jim took an interest in podiatry from a young age and envisioned himself doing what his father did, treating people’s foot conditions. While Jim was off from school during the summer, his father took him to work on some days. Jim watched his father treat patients’ feet and spent a lot of time asking his father questions about the profession and what to expect. 

Jim maintained that interest throughout high school, and in the end, Jim successfully got his Ph.D. as he completed the podiatry program at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Today, Jim is the podiatrist, founder of Shoefinale, and Chief Editor who provides medical advice that you read in the knowledge base and enjoyed working with the staff very much. He loves what he does for a living. Since Jim is the Chief Editor, he manages the editorial aspects of Shoefinale and ensures that every article is accurate before publishing. 

Jim currently lives in Akron, Ohio, and he has a wife who is a nurse and has two teenage sons and a teenage daughter. One of Jim’s son’s also expressed interest in learning about podiatric medicine. Jim’s hobbies include reading Sci-Fi books, attending Star Trek conventions, and of course, watching any Sci-Fi television program around. 

Richard Green

Richard Green was originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who lived in the low-income part of the city, Regent Park that was notorious for crime. However, Richard’s parents, who had very little money, encouraged him to be ambitious from day one.  Even though Richard, during his youth, did not know what occupation he wanted to do during adulthood, he listened to his parents as he did not want to end up wasting his life away and wanted to make something of himself. 

He found that his strengths were in science and math during high school, and Richard was particularly good at biology. Richard became interested in going into the medical field even though he was unsure if he wanted to become a doctor. Richard decided to go to chiropody school at the Michener Institute in Toronto. He completed the chiropody program with a 3.9 GPA. 

Richard contributes helpful information about foot and spinal health at Shoefinale in the knowledge base. Today, Richard lives in Victoria, BC, along with his wife, who is a chef (she is lucky since she never had foot and back problems as he told her the type of shoes to wear since the beginning), and has a son, a daughter, and two dogs. Richard enjoys fine dining, spending time in nature with his dogs, and going to the cinema. 

Amber Tate

Amber Tate is from Atlanta, Georgia, and when she was ten years old, her mother got into a severe car accident on her way back from work one night. Her mother survived the crash, but the accident left her seriously injured. It took three years of rehabilitation for her mother to walk properly and get through her days with less pain. However, her mother, even to this day, is not pain-free from that accident she had decades ago. Amber and her brother wanted to help her mother get better as quickly as possible. 

As a result of Amber’s mother’s accident, Amber decided to go into the physiotherapy field. Her brother went into an unrelated specialty in the medical field as well. Amber attended Georgia State University to complete the physiotherapy program and is thankful she can help patients like her mother regain their strength, ability to walk, and manage pain. 

Amber is a proud staff member at Shoefinale, the physiotherapist who offers medical advice regarding pain management. She has plenty of golden nuggets to offer. Amber still lives in Atlanta, is married to a lawyer, and has three dogs and two cats. She loves to travel by taking road trips with her animals, enjoying hiking, biking, and spending a lot of time outdoors. 

Stephanie Sarno

Stephanie is from Buffalo, New York, and since she was young, she always had an interest in shoes and fashion. She also had a way with words as she knew exactly how to convince her friends and even her parents to do things. Her parents joked around and told her Stephanie should be a lawyer because she was so good with words. However, the subject of law never interested Stephanie, but as she matured and entered high school, she loved the idea of going into sales and marketing. That is what she did. 

Stephanie attended the sales and marketing program at Niagara University in New York and has worked in various companies as a saleswoman for clothing and shoes, including at JC Penny. Stephanie joined the staff at Shoefinale. She provides updates regarding footwear style and fashion and has valuable input to recommend the best footwear quality. 

Stephanie lives in Albany, New York, with her husband, a fitness trainer who has two young daughters. When Stephanie is not working, she blogs about food, cooks up different recipes and is into scrapbooking. Between work and being a mom, she doesn’t have much time to do much else however.