5 Fun Weekend Family Activities You Haven’t Considered Yet

Looking for a fun activity to do with the kids this weekend? If you’re looking for a new excuse to get out of the house and enjoy some family fun, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out 5 amazing weekend family activities you might’ve not thought about!

1. Kids’ Concerts

Do you know your kids’ favorite bands? When one of them is in town, you can surprise your kids by taking them to a kids’ concert! Kids idolize some bands and singers, so these concerts tend to sell out really quick. There is a very good chance that their shoes will smell, so don’t forget to use some effective shoe deodarizers and sprays!

You may also opt to take your kids to a children’s show, where local artists perform lots of children’s songs. These are a lot more common that kid celebrity concerts, and also more economical. Think of them as kid’s parties!

2. Zoos and Museums

Kids love animals, and a trip to the zoo is an experience no kid will soon forget. Most zoos today have petting corners where kids can pet certain friendly animals. Young kids will love furry and cute animals, while older kids will enjoy learning about all the different animals.

As for museums, who said they’re boring? Kids love discovering new stuff and most museum today are kid-friendly. If you maintain a pace your child can follow, they will love the whole experience.

3. Sports for the Whole Family

Sports doesn’t have to mean just basketball and baseball! There are tons of outdoors physical activities you can do with your kids.

First, you may want to try jogging to and from some fun activity. Are you visiting relatives? Put your sports shoes and jog all the way there and back!

You may also want to search for local sporting events you and your kids would love. This is also a great chance to introduce your kids to your favorite professional team!

4. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are all the rage! Today, many escape room companies have at least one family-friendly Escape Room that you can enjoy with your kids. Solve riddles, overcome challenges, and have tons of fun with your young ones!

5. Making Chores Fun Again

Finally, who said chores are boring? You can arrange chores so they are fun for the whole family! For example, have your kids clean the car or paint the fence through some kind of family game or competition. That way, you strengthen your bonds and have lots of fun during the weekend! If the children behave, you can promise them a competitive volleyball match afterwards as a small treat!

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