Men’s Winter Outfits On-Point! 5 of the Best Winter Shoe and Coat Combos

Some parts of the country are getting a lot of action from the winter. There were over 4,000 daily cold temperature records broken or tied across the East Coast in January.

It’s time to bundle up!

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to dress like a stiff mannequin. Guys, you should be planning your winter looks right now. Ditch the gray, drab coats and pants and start warming up others with your presence.

If you need some help, we’ve put together this men’s winter outfits guide for tips and suggestions.

Winter Shoes and Accessories

Picking out the right kind of shoes for the winter will lead you down two paths: boots and various athletic shoes. For the most part, you probably don’t want to be wearing loafers in the winter. One, they cover nothing, and two, they don’t fair well in snow.

Floridians, you already know none of these rules apply to you. Continue wearing shorts and sandals in the winter. For everyone else, learn how to compliment boots or comfy high-tops.


Hats, gloves, and scarves are the bread and butter of winter accessories for men. A nice fedora or ski cap can really turn heads. Buy winter accessories that will match the color of your shoes. Your coat, sweater, or hoodie should be your accent piece.

Scarves can be complimentary accent pieces too, offering a fun pattern or nice texture. Whatever you do, avoid the old Englishman white scarf look. That is boring and old unless you’re trying to be someone’s dad.

Denim and Dockers

2021 fashion is going to see more men wearing colored dockers and denim. A nice pair of pants will keep you warm and provide color. Dockers look great in the cold, too, but you’re probably going to want some longjohns.

Indigo, maroon, and beige are nice premium colors for pants. These colors match well with a nice jacket or cardigan. Cargo pants can work, too, just avoid bagginess or you’ll end up looking like a parachute.

Light Winter Coats

The best way to pull off a men’s winter outfit is with a flexible coat. You need one that isn’t too heavy or big. Look for lightweight trench coats, classic leather jackets, and cardigans.

When temperatures plummet, you should think about layering your cardigan with a trench coat, then a heavy coat. If you jump to the default heavy coat, you don’t have much choice for fashion. Try to find an outer coat with a bold color, as these are the best winter coats.

Finding Men’s Winter Outfits

As you can see, there is a lot of potential out there for creating men’s winter outfits. Layering properly is what will separate the “blah” from the fashionistas. Combining function and fashion is often a tug-of-war, of course.

If you need some help finding truly function outerwear, you can check out our outdoor section. Here you will find winter-proof clothes, gear, and even water proof boots. Protect yourself from moisture and low temps and you’ll stay warm all day.