10 Best Steel Toe Boots in 2021

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EVER Boots Tank Mens’ Construction Boots

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Thorgood Maxwear composite toe boots

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KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh

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Toe boots are not your everyday conventional footwear. Their designs are to meet specific standards for optimum functionality to serve some professions. Mechanic, carpenter, welder, and factory related jobs require the use of boots that protects the toes adequately against injuries. As would expect, overwhelming designs and brands are available for sale. With each claiming to be the best, making the decision of which to purchase can be challenging.

There are several well-sorted best steel toe boots to be examined, take your time to read the review and accurate description of each to make an informed decision.

The 10 Best Steel Toe Boots Reviewed Below


EVER Boots Tank Mens’ Construction Work Boots

It is an ergonomic shoe, one of the most comfortable men’s best steel toe boots. With the steel protection design, the toes stay comfortable and well protected against the impact of any nature. Asides the steel toe area protection, the inner compartment where the toes stay gives enough room to avoid wrong positioning or tightness tending to cause pain.

This work boot comes in full-grain leather, well-tanned to prevent wrinkles, ensure durability and longevity. The insole provides comfort while handling heavy objects that add to the body weight. Its PU insole provides cushioning to sustain the pressure of the body on the feet and curb the painful sensation that affects the feet after a long-standing time. The insole is removable for insertion of medically prescribed ones as the situation of each user may demand. With inner lining in the interior, the temperature within regulates as appropriate, an added advantage to generate an excellent resistance against abrasion.

The beauty of the Tank work boots lies in its durable outsole, designed with construction work in view, it meets the requirements for slip-resistant shoes to prevent falls in the work environment. An arch height of 7 inches, supported by steel shank to give good elevation to the feet for proper balancing while ensuring the sole stays intact and not break despite pressure on it.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy rubber sole
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Steel shank arch
  • Toe area protection


  • Brand: Ever boot
  • Model: Tanks Men
  • Color: Tan, Dark Brown
  • Gender: Men
  • Excellent toe cover
  • Solid outsole
  • Impressive arch support
  • Sizing


Thorgood Maxwear composite toe boots

Thorogood is a special design wholly for work purposes. Its build blends different top-notch components to protect the feet effectively. As necessary, the upper build features a durable full-grain leather material tanned with tobacco oil for resistance to folding lines when the feet move. To protect the toes from possible injury, the tanned leather upper has a reinforced front area of kevlar material, strong enough to safeguard the toe from impact.

For the feet to stand comfortably, Poron insoles trusted for its shock absorption and flexibility to stay close to the feet suffices in the shoe. Despite the quality of the insole, it remains removable to allow the use of medical orthotic sole. The Good-year-storm-welt construction technology protects the feet against moisture; around the perimeter of the shoe, it equally protects and connects the insole with the outsole.

The reinforcement of the shank and the outsole features fiberglass and Maxwear wedge technology in the latter. Fiberglass reinforced shank stabilizes the arch area to curb bends or breaks likely to occur over time. The technology of the outsole gives the tread a good grip and durable long-lasting design. Adequate roomy space on the inside makes it one of the best work boots for a wide foot. Thorogood’s production is in the USA.

Key Features:

  • Fiberglass shank
  • Goodyear storm welt design
  • Composite toe safety
  • Moisture control
  • Full grain leather


  • Brand: Thorogood
  • Model: Men’s heritage
  • Colors: Dark Brown
  • Attractive build
  • Good toe shield
  • Average Durability


KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh

Keen utility Pittsburgh is densely packed with technology and systems, making it meet the requirements of an occupational boot. Its Keens-dry technology prevents sweat or moisture within and in the same vein prevents liquid from sipping in due to the water-resistant technology of the design. Oil resistant capacity, coupled with the non-marking leather of the upper ensures durability despite long-term use. Steel protects the toe area right to the good portion of the forefeet, shielding a good part of the feet from dangers of impacts from heavy objects or sharp factory objects.

At the sides and center of the feet, firmness comes from the long-lasting shoe-lace. It runs from the midfoot up to the ankle area. Then the most impressive design of Pittsburgh boot is in the midsole, it features two density layers plus a stability sheet of TPU material to improve the cushioning and shock absorption. Staying firm, stable, and comfortable all day comes easy due to the addition of the metatomical structured insole, it cushions every part of feet down to the toes and back to heel. It’s ideal if you are looking for the best work boots for men.

Outsoles need to be durable, ready for strenuous activities, Keens utility as manufacturers built the outsole from durable rubber to withstand tough terrain, and even extended the design to overlap to the sides giving further reinforcement.

Key Features:

  • Water proof
  • Anti-moisture
  • Multiple midsoles
  • Steel toe protect
  • Reinforced stability support


  • Brand: Keens utility
  • Model: Men’s Pittsburgh 6″ Boot
  • Color: Bison Brown/ Red
  • Gender: Men
  • Strong outsole
  • Well-cushioned
  • Firm fit
  • Sizing


SKECHERS- Soft stride-canopy comp

It’s certification as suitable for use in slippery conditions, with additional protection from electrical hazards, makes the sketcher canopy comp an ideal and of the most comfortable work boots for contractors. The design of the upper mesh pattern allows the flow of air and regulates the temperature within. The toe area gets protection from the full covering ceramic and fabric combination that dispels the effect of impact on the toe. For firm fit, steady movement, and balance, the lace-up pattern achieves all that.

Insoles are essential, and this boot happens to have a good one made of memory foam. It absorbs shock excellently, cushioning the feet to prevent soreness or discomfort. Especially when in the factory, or a situation that requires lifting heavy materials, the cushioning supports the feet adequately to relieve pressure. Stand comfortable all day with your ankles resting on the paadded collar and the toes on padded forefoot axis.

Non-slip soles are impressive since they are slip-resistant, but add flexibility to their attributes; then it becomes excellent. A Flexible outsole enhances natural movement, and when made from a rubber material, it becomes more durable. To ensure excellent arch support, the elevation of the shoe is about one-quarter inch, an ideal height. It’s one of the best steel toe boots with similar insole properties with shoes for back pain

Key Features:

  • Padded collar
  • Good arch
  • Slip-resistant
  • Electric charge dissipation
  • Breathable mesh


  • Brand: Sketchers
  • Model: Soft Stride – Canopy Comp
  • Color: Brown, Black
  • Gender: Men
  • Cushioned toe area
  • Excellent cushioned
  • Stable arch support
  • Average Durability


Irish Setter Men’s Asby 83606

The most comfortable work boots for contractors are usually with the capacity to resist intense heat up to about 47°c. The outsole of the Ashby boot can dispel heat, especially for works that expose to harsh heat conditions. It protects against the electric charges. Also, the durability is impressive, and it’s of Eva material with an improved traction-tread pattern to aid movement.

With an aluminum front area covering, the toes remain protected during hazard-prone jobs. As for the insole, it cushions the platform for the feet with the robust yet soft build. It gives support without affecting the gait of the user. As for further comfort and cushioning, a removable footbed overlays the insole, but it can be replaced with medical ones if the need arises.

Arch support is necessary to support the feet, back and knee, to provide the supports best works boots are known for, the arch is appropriately elevated. The upper is waterproof, full grained, and well-tanned for durability. In bridging the construction of the outsole and insole to enhance durability, the Goodyear-welt -construction does the job perfectly in the Ashby 83606.

Key Features:

  • Heat resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Water proof upper
  • Full grain leather
  • Goodyear welt construction


  • Irish setter
  • Model: Ashby 83606
  • Color: Brown
  • Gender: Men
  • Good cushioning
  • Excellent toe shield
  • Durable outsole
  • Sizing


Chippewa Men's 9” Waterproof insulated steel: Toe EH Logger boot- Bay Apache

As a work boot, it comes reinforced to support, to dissipate the electric charge, and shield the feet from intense heat for conditions that warrant it. The midsole provides the necessary cushioning and stable base for the feet to rest during strenuous work sessions that last an extended period. Using Proton footbed to support the insole, the extra feet support is possible. And the use of external insole is possible since the footbed is removable.

Safeguarding the ankle from bruises, irritation, or any type of discomfort comes easy with the fitted collar pad at the ankle. For profound stability, the wedge is of the iron shank; the strength of the shank gives added support to the midsole ensuring long-term use even in a harsh environment.

The upper design packs lots of benefits to provide comfort for the feet amply. It keeps the inner parts dry all day and prevents water from sipping in using the Dri-lex lining system. Chippewa shields the toe with the use of steel at the front area of the boots, which keeps the feet safe despite the dangers that might be present in the work area.

Key Features:

  • Steel toe
  • Iron shank wedge
  • Flexible outsole
  • Goodyear welt construction


  • Brand: Chippewa
  • Model: EH Logger Boot
  • Color: Bay Apache, Black
  • Gender: Male
  • All day dryness
  • Strong and durable outsole
  • Expensive
  • Average Longetivity


Merrel-Men’s-Work- Moab Vortex Vortex

Merrell shares similarities with other best work boots for sore feet. Considering the lace-up design and the toe protection material, both are without metallic components to reduce the weight of the boot. Firmness cannot be overemphasized, especially in terms of feet care; a stable foot saves users from effects possible to cause aches and soreness. The lace-up pattern of the boot runs from forefoot up to the ankle, making the feet stay in place without bending or shifting off the footbed. Keeping the toes safe from impacts of any sort common to factory or construction work environment is possible with the generous toe shield, which spreads evenly to the sides to cover some parts of the forefoot.

Sore feet can cause discomfort, which hinders maximum functionality at work, but with the use of the kinetic fit incorporated Eva-insole, the feet get cushioning all day at every angle and contour. Further support to the feet comes from the arch, which elevates and creates a balance that soothes even in tough situations.

Although the boots measure above the ankle, ventilation is good with the use of breathable mesh lining, which allows airflow but remains water-resistant. Using M-select-dry technology, the feet get additional help to reduce moisture, which builds over long hours of shoe use. Most of the upper layer is of full-grain leather mixed with breathable lining. Merrell Moab Vortex packs an impressive outsole tread giving excellent traction. The outsole like chef shoe designs, is resistant to slip.

Key Features:

  • non-metallic toe safety
  • All day dryness
  • Mid-foot support
  • non-metallic shoe-lace


  • Brand: Merrell
  • Model: Moab Vortex
  • color: Boulder
  • Gender: Men
  • kinetic fit insole
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Strong outsole
  • Too big


Timberland- Pro- Hightower

From the stables of Timberland comes a specially designed work boot for women with demanding jobs relating to the factory environment. Pro-Hightower is a good fit for narrow feet as most women have, with a build that covers the entire feet up above the ankle. With full-grain leather upper, the outer covering gets quality protection from external elements, which accelerates the breakdown of boots. As a waterproof design, using the boot in wet conditions won’t ruin or reduce its quality.

For all-day comfort, the insole is of thermoplastic and polyurethane material to support the feet and provide long-lasting comfort. Embedded also is the anti-fatigue footbed relieving the feet of pain induced by standing or walking on rough terrain. Additional support and balance comes from the arch’s elevation which is of a suitable height.

Traction and stability of the rubber outsole, with the design of the outsole tread, ensure its grip prevents fall or skidding. For the safety of the toe, the upper layer towards the forefoot and the toe area gets additional harden to fully shield that part of the feet from impacts likely to result in severe injury. To provide a snug fit for the feet; the lace-up style runs appropriately over the main feet part, ensuring firmness that keeps the feet in place and not distorts the natural posture of the body while standing or walking.

Key Features:

  • Anti-fatigue technology
  • 0.75-inch heel height
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-slip


  • Brand: Timberland
  • Model: Pro Hightower
  • Color: Black
  • Gender: women
  • Excellent outsole build
  • Great footbed technology
  • Non-metallic safe toe covering
  • Poor ventilation


Wolverine Men’s Raider Work-boots

Wolverine-Raider looks strong, and it’s indeed strong. It comes loaded with lovely systems that keep the feet secure and comfortable—featuring an impressive full grained, well-tanned upper with a secure, hardened toe area for safety. The boots are the most comfortable work boots for contractors, trusted for its ability to last over a long period of constant use.

By placing importance on the comfort, the insole layout functions to provide cushioning for every area and part of the feet. Contractors and workers in factories or establishments that mandate the use of boots sometimes are obligated to walk around the site to get activities done. Given such necessary movements, this boot features the trademark Multishox insole, designed to cushion the feet effectively, preventing soreness, aches, or wrong body positioning likely to cause backaches.

The quality of the outsole is impressive; first, the antislip rubber sole to prevent falls, a good tread design to ensure a good grip while working, and shock absorbing layers for cushioning and dispelling the effects of walking on rough terrain. Overall, the entire body layer is abrasion-resistant.

Key Features:

  • Multishox Cushioning
  • Slip-resistant
  • Ful grain-leather


  • Brand: Wolverine
  • Model: Men’ s-Raider
  • Color: Brown/ Black
  • Gender: Men
  • Shock absorb
  • Durable
  • Good arch support
  • Quite huge
  • A bit heavy


Wolverine women’s Maggie

The attractive design of this boot might draw attention and motivate immediate purchase. And it’s a good decision because of its great functionality. It comes with a blend of strong cattle leather and nylon, and this combination achieves durability and breathability. It further has a steel toe protection on the front area to effectively shield the feet from impact in the work environment. It has an easy lace-up style for quick wear and removal coupled with adequate firmness.

For individuals with wide feet, it’s one of the best work boots for wide feet. The feet get protection against painful conditions that may result in individuals with wide feet. With a good structure, the feet wouldn’t experience discomfort due to tightness or irregular positioning. This boot comes with good footbed nested in the insole to cushion the feet excellently. As the situation may demand, the footbed is removable for the use of medical insoles.

The outsole is non-marking, made from good rubber, and with excellent grip to prevent slip or fall. It’s certified as appropriate for the work environment since it meets the occupational safety standard to protect the feet from dangers. Additionally, the arch supporting the feet is reinforced with nylon- shank to give a stable but yet soft balance.

Key Features:

  • Full cushioning
  • Nylon shank arch
  • Slip-resistant
  • Removable footbed


  • Brand: Wolverine
  • Model: Women’Maggie
  • Color Brown
  • Gender Men
  • Attractive design
  • Breathable mesh
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Sizing

Buying Guide Questions

What are the most important features of steel toe work boots?

Steel toe work boots have unique features to facilitate a comfortable and safe working condition for the feet features like toe protection, waterproof, oil resistance, insulation, electric resistance. These features are what indicate the best steel toe boots.

Toe Protection

Toe protection is a crucial feature, although different materials like kevlar, fiberglass, and composite make up the sturdy shield that protects the toes from impacts. The industrial environment crawls with dangers that each worker must make an effort to shield herself or himself from injury. The dangers could be cuts from sharp equipment, impacts from heavy falling objects, and accidental hits.

Water Resistance

The leather covering of toe boots gets oil treatment or tanning to give it resistance to water. An ideal toe boot prevents water from penetrating, causing discomfort or irritation to the feet.


Toe boots have sophisticated outsole tread to maintain a good grip and prevent slips. A work area is subject to spillage of grease or water, which may possibly cause slip or fall. The must outsole meets the ASTM requirement to prevent slip or fall.

Oil resistance

Quite a number of people find it difficult to differentiate between oil resistance and water resistance. Oil resistance implies that the boot can withstand the effect of petroleum products like diesel, kerosene, and similar liquids with the capability of causing damage to the leather material of the boot.

Strong Outsole

A durable outsole, usually of rubber material (similar to what you would see in wrestling shoes), can withstand the terrain of a work area and petroleum material likely to accelerate damage. The strength of the outsole also safeguards the feet from puncture. While also supporting the full weight of the body.

How do you stop Steel Toe Boots from Hurting?

Don’t be surprised; even the best work boots can hurt your feet, especially the toes. There are quite several reasons why your boots could start to hurt, but be rest assured that you can stop the discomfort, follow these steps;

Good Fit

When your boots are of good fit, the feet stay firm, not surging forward frequently, thereby rubbing the toes against the steel guard at the tip. The use of lace proves beneficial in this situation. The lace of your boots shouldn’t be too tight such that the flow of blood is hindered. However, the lace should be firm enough to hold the feet smartly and firmly so it won’t slip forward and cause discomfort.


What if you tried the lace-up suggestion and the pain persist, or it may be you feel pain at other areas of your feet? Try padding! Purchase a tongue pad or wool. A tongue pad is foamy with an adhesive side that can stick to a surface. Cut some of the pad; place the sticky side to the exact position in your boots that causes pain. The next time you wear, the padded area relieves you.

For wool, you can get wool and wear it in your sock at the exact part of your leg or toe feeling the pain. The essence of wearing wool with your socks is to prevent the wool from moving around.

Remove the Footbed

The footbed in your boots takes extra space; this can push your feet a bit higher, and causing it toes to rub against the steel guard. Removing the footbed gives extra space to the feet, which reduces the chances of it rubbing against the steel guard. This method works well, for instance, where the big toes touch the upper part of the steel area and if you suffer from bunions or hammertoes.

How long should Work Boots last?

You’ve read the remarkable specifications of your boots, but still, you wonder just how long it would last. The durability of your boots depends mainly on the frequency of use and the terrain. Frequent use can affect the Longevity of your boots- when you use every day for long hours, wear and tear become more pronounced than for other pairs used less frequently.

The terrain can affect or reduce the longevity of your boots. Loggers tend to request outsole repair more than construction workers ue to the terrain of their work area. Depending on use, good work boots can last for many years. The part of the boot which may require repair periodically is the outsole. Many work boots come with ‘Goodyear welt design’ to allow the tread connecting the outsole to the upper part of the boot to be detached and replaced. This design is present in a good work boot, but for cheap boots, detaching the outsole destroys the entire boot due to the use of glue instead of the detachable tread.

How tight should Steel toe Boots be? Snug fit or Spacious?

When it comes to how tight steel toe boots should be, the caution is to maintain a balance. Too much space would affect the position of your feet such that it moves around while walking. The danger of unstable feet lies with the arch; it won’t align with the arch support of the boots causing the user to lose out on the benefit the feet should enjoy.

In terms of tightness, a good fit is necessary, but overly tight boots will not only cause pain to the toes but can cause plantar fasciitis and bruises.

To avoid discomfort at the toe area, avoid a snug fit boot, likewise to prevent to feet from moving around, avoid boot with too much space. Always endeavor to test your boots before purchase and get a spacious boot that isn’t too tight and not too spacious. The best work boots are known to be comfortable, choose the right fit to enjoy that comfort.

Can you stretch a Steel toe Boot?

Yes, using a steel-toed stretcher, you can stretch your steel toe boot along with the width or lengthwise. Some situations can warrant stretching your boots; the width might be a perfect fit but a little tight at the toe area, and it could be the other way round. In such instances, a steel-toed stretcher would be appropriate to expand your shoe to taste.

Other ways to expand your boots could be by putting them in boiling water or placing ice packs inside for expansion. A good thing to note is the use of socks. Since you use socks with your boot if the socks are thick your shoe could feel a little tight. Stretching your boots may not be necessary for this situation; getting a light sock might work the magic.

How long does it take to Break in Steel toe Boots?

Ideally, it takes a few weeks to break in your new steel toe boots. Breaking in your toe boots simply refers to making them comfortable for you to wear. Despite the quality of your steel toe boots, your feet experience pains during the first few weeks of purchase before it starts to expand gradually to your feet shape without discomfort. Even the best Steel toe boots will at the time cause little discomfort before it eventually conforms to the shape of the feet. There are few tricks to break in your boots;

The Stick technique

In this technique, the wooden handle of a mop or broom functions to stretch the part of the boot, causing pinches or tightness. Since the material is leather, it expands and discolors a little, a sign of expansion, very similar to how bowling shoes look when they are completely broken in.

The Hot water Technique

The method requires soaking the boots in hot water for about an hour to soften the leather. Use the boot after removing it, remember to wear a sock and walk with it to stretch the tight parts of the boot. In this method, ensure your boots are water-resistant.

The Coldwater Technique

Get zipped water bags, fill it with water, then place the bags within the boots, and keep boots in the freezer until the water bags get iced. When bag freezes, the boots expand and loosens a bit to accommodate your feet without discomfort.

Oil technique

Use leather conditioner oil, rub it at points that pains then leave it for about 8 hours. Wipe the oil off after the recommended period and try them on, walk with the boots, and enjoy the expanded parts.

Walking Technique

Walking around in the boots is also an excellent way to break in your new purchase. Take about seven to ten minutes each day for about two weeks to take a walk before you eventually start to use it at work.


The best steel toe boots have good toe covering, which shields the toes from impact, strong leather outsole with Goodyear welt tread pattern for easy outsole repayment. Remember to always consider the features that matter the most when looking for the best steel toe boots.