10 Best Shoes for Standing All Day in 2021

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Brooks Ghost 12

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New Balance 626 V2

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Dansko Women XP 2.0

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Most professions like counter attendants, bartenders, chefs, waiters, and other jobs require standing for most of the day. To stand is natural, but continuously can cause fatigue, feet soreness, and low back pain. Of course, you don’t have to stop your job to prevent the repercussions of standing at work; there are shoes designed to shield the feet and the entire body.

Recent research in Ontario comparing employees who, sit, walk, stand, and crouch at workplaces, puts the chances of employees who stand at twice likely to develop heart disease. To avoid these possible adverse effects and get the most out of your jobs, good shoes will be appropriate. Many brands producing shoes with specialized functions are common. Some for runners, construction workers, exercise sessions, and, of course, for jobs that require standing all day. With the overwhelming production of footwear, it can be quite challenging to know which suits your needs. Let’s take a close look at the best shoes for standing all day in 2020. It’s a blend of formal and semi-formal shoes to cut across all lines of work.

The Best Shoes for Standing All Day in 2020


Brooks Ghost 12

Brooks Ghost 12 delivers just-right cushioning for users who stand all day. A cushioning which is not too soft or too hard, the feet a comfortable and adaptable surface to stand. It feels like standing on foam, and the DNA LOFT midsole combines well with the EVA composition, a good blend of ultra-slim design and longevity. Nothing is waived, especially responsiveness, the feet stay stable without the bodyweight sinking it. Ghost 12 scores well, making it one of the best shoes for standing all day with Plantar Fasciitis. Individuals with Plantar Fasciitis get protection from shock to the sole of their feet; the muscles enjoy the needed softness to support the body comfortably for many hours.

For proper elevation to avoid excessive elevation, the arch is accurate for the feet to tilt it slightly and offer a heel to toe smooth transition. Notably, beneath is the dual arch support of the outer sole to stabilize the body, which gets further enhancement from the trail guidance system to let the body stay firm. Sturdy bottom sole tread with a durable rubber for secure traction since standing all-day jobs will require a little movement. A shock-absorbing ballistic sheath lies between the mid and outer sole to protect the feet.

The beautiful, well-styled upper mesh is breathable, to allow proper ventilation and prevent irritating sweaty feet. All parts of the Shoe, despite the excellent quality, remain lightweight to curb excess weight for the feet.

Key Features:

  • Responsive midsole 
  • Breathable 
  • Ballistic shock-resistant sheath  
  • Dual support at bottom sole 
  • Trail guidance 


Brand: Brooks
Model: Ghost 12
Color: White, Black, Beige, Pink purple, Grey
Gender: Unisex


Breathable upper
Excellent midsole cushioning
Proper stability
Firm fit


Poor outer color blend


New Balance 626 V2 Industrial Shoe

The best shoes for standing all day on concrete have a unique build similar to the New Balance 626. The bottom sole is non-marking, highly durable to retain its tread design despite the effect of friction on it. Standing on the concrete floor due to the hardness of the surface will cause feet soreness, but men who use this New Balance product can enjoy the comfort of its midsole. To focus on your job becomes easy as you enjoy the supreme cushioning in all areas of the feet. From toe to heel, every contour gets adequate cushioning.

The bottom sole passes the oil resistant and slip resistant test, certifying it for use on any surface without fear. In conditions where the work area is quite slippery due to weather or spill, the Shoe will ensure no fall results. Asides minimizing injury, it extends stability to the feet, which translates to a steady body throughout the working period.

In a bid to avoid excessive stress to the feet, the design is lightweight. The heel height is proper for the spine; the positioning of the body puts little weight on the spine, and it does not curve wrongly. Enjoy all-day comfort with its crash pad technology and spacious toe area.

It’s upper gives an extra value of water-resistant leather with a snug fit build.

Key Features:

Traction enabled outsole 

All-terrain outside design

water resistant 

Non- slip 

Shock absorb technology 


Brand: New Balance 

Model: V2 626  

Color: Black & Grey, Black 

Gender: Men 


Good balance 

Correct positioning 

Excellent feet cushioning 



Average ventilation 


Dansko Women XP 2.0

More than a regular clog available for use, it’s quite expensive but delivers more than average quality. A professional clog, comfortable to put on and off with excellent removable dual midsoles. The midsoles are of EVA material design, providing support and superior feet cushioning. Since they are removable, medical insoles can replace them when the need arises. Relevant to the feet is the arch support, Dansko arch support features a natural structure to fit the shape of any feet. In terms of the footbed, the feet stay in perfect comfort all-day. 

The bottom sole is the popular rocker type; it’s a design that supports the heel and also delivers durability. For use on any surface, be it oily, slippery, or hard. As an anti-slip sole, the user gets complete protection from fall, skid, or any slip related injury. Furthermore, the heel area in the outsole carries the weight of the body easily without sinking in or distorting the natural posture. 

The outer layers are resistant to dirt, making the leather easy to clean with a simple wipe. Most chefs, nurses, women who work in establishments that require workers standing for long hours would enjoy the comfort and stability of the XP clog. 
APMA certifies it for use since it meets the requirements of a work shoe, making it one of the best shoes for standing all day for women. 

Key Features:


leather upper 

easy clean 

Dual removable footbed 

Rocker bottom sole 


Brand: Dansko 

Model: XP 2.0  

Color: Black 

Gender: women 


Good Heel support 

Enhanced cushioning  

Allday dryness without bacteria growth 




Asics Nimbus Gel 22

Standing all-day can no doubt be a lot tiring, even inducing pain or feet soreness. Asics gel nimbus 22  ensures an all-day comfort despite the amount of time your feet stand in it. The rear and front feet area are gel-padded to absorb enough pressure and give the feet a smooth sensation and effect. Asics made sure to strengthen the insole with the flyte foam technology to give enough cushioning such that the feet stay well-rested without sinking in to distort the posture of the body. Instead, the weight of the body balances well. The insole has an Eva sock liner which is removable in cases where replacement with a medical one is necessary. The sock liner adds to the cushioning of the Asics nimbus to make it an ideal shoe for standing all day with an adequate shield against a bad knee.

Correct gait impacts positively on the spine, knee, and back. The trusstic design of the Shoe ensures correct and natural body gait; this helps to avoid unwanted wrong posture or discomfort.

The outsole build is a new cushioned platform, and it protects the heel form overpressure likely to cause pain over long hours of standing. Individuals with a bad knee do well to take advantage of this beautiful footwear. The stability the feet get is equally excellent.

Key Features:

Flyte foam technology
Gait control system
Cushioned insole
Solid outsole


Brand: Asics
Brand: Nimbus Gel 22
Color: Tuna Blue/ pure Silver, Smoke Blue


Great stability
Excellent heel support


Averagely heavy


Orthofeet Orthopedic Men’s Sneakers Sprint

Standing all day for individuals with Plantar Fasciitis is uncomfortable, stabbing pain to the heel results, primarily when standing or walking generates pressure. Orthofeet comes with many layers of insoles to provide ultimate comfort. A contoured orthotic anatomical support to fill the entire feet, to cushion every bend and arch. The toe area cushioning supports the toes ensuring they stay stable and well spread. The gel padding under the heel focuses on cushioning it to prevent tension and pressure that causes pain in the heel muscles.

Air pockets support the arch and heel to allow the correct body posture; it feels like being on a pillow even in situations of staying in the same position for many hours because the feet rest adequately cushioned. Orthofeet sprint works well to reduces pain and functions as one of the best shoes for standing all day with Plantar Fasciitis. Proper comfort extends to the top of the feet with the padded upper interior parts.

Additionally, it benefits diabetic individuals who suffer pains when they stand for long, and it passes the diabetes bill, a certification of unique quality. The upper comes in a leather layer, easily polished and appropriate for formal wear.

Key Features:

Multiple cushioned insole layers 

Air pockets 

Upper foot cushioning

Padded collar

Lace-up for a snug fit


Brand: Orthofeet  

Model: Orthopedic Sprint

Colour: Black 

Gender: Men 




Great cushioning


A bit high instep 


Gravity Defyer- G-defy Might Walk

Professionals who work in an establishment that requires standing for most of the day still have to walk, even if little. Enjoy activities with ease in the G-Defy mighty walk shoe, loaded with tonnes of top choice properties to give satisfaction to users. It features a veroshock energy modification system that gives the feet a gentle ride to enhance effortless movement. Added to that, it dispels shock or vibration waves induced while walking or stress on the feet likely to cause pain over long hours of standing.

When thinking of proper support for the toes, the midfoot, and the heel cushioning, its bottom rocker sole is the perfect option. The sole is thicker than traditional types in some brands; it reduces pressure on the heel, making it an ideal choice for individuals with bad knees. The heel gets support from the round heel build, which shields it from impacts and positions the body correctly. It also has a great toe to heel distribution.

G-defy insoles cushions every contour of the feet to curb imbalance likely to cause aches in the knee. Some of the insoles are removable to enable the use of prescribed medical orthotic support. The toe area is roomy to accommodate a convenient spread. Next is the arch, with proper height, it raises the feet in a correct way that prevents unnatural bend of the spine. The G-defy is genuinely a pain relief shoe endorsed by podiatrists as one of the best shoes for standing all day for Plantar Fasciitis and bad knees.

Key Features:

Othortic insole
cushioned insole
Rocker bottom sole


Brand: Gravity Defyer

Model: G-defy Walk

Color: Pink & Gray, peach, pink, Gray Aqua

Gender: Unisex 


Excellent cushioning 

Great stability 

Exceptional Shock absorption    


Poor ventilation 


Clarks Women’s Keesha Rosa

Keesha Rosa is one of the best dress shoes for standing all day, of course, not all jobs permit wearing clogs or sneakers. For formal dresses, Keesha Rosa comes as a good choice to match office dresses and, at the same time, delivers comfort and excellent cushioning. It comes with an ortholite footbed with three density layers targeted at pressure prone areas. The midfoot gets balanced and stable support around the arch. The toes also stay comfortable in the front part of the Shoe, and they remain well spread and seated. The cushioning works well in the heel. Similarly, much of the weight the heel carries won’t put pressure to cause crushing pain. Extra cushioning pads the heel making the bodyweight stay on it without a painful experience.

Following the recommendation of podiatrists, the heel height measures one inch to elevate the feet to a suitable point that is best for the spine, knee, and prevent soreness. The arch support creates a platform for the natural arch of the feet to rest comfortably for long as the Shoe stays on the feet.

The upper design comes with a sleek look, blending a suede part with a glossy nose area and leathery finish. It’s easy to put on and well lined.

Key Features:

Triple density midsole 

Elevated heel 

Stylish finish  


Excellent upper 


Brand: Clarks  

Model: Keesha Rosa 

Color: Pink & Gray, peach, pink, Gray Aqua

Gender: Women 


Easy wear
supportive midsole


Not so durable


Rockport Men’s world tour Classic walking Shoe

A formal shoe for men with an all-day standing job requirement needing formal attire. Stockport is an all-leather upper shoe, polishable and well-styled. Its lace-up system helps to achieve the desired firmness and proper stability of the feet. Sweaty feet can induce instability, causing a light slippery feel.

The rubberized midsole of EVA material creates a fantastic footbed to lay the feet, providing cushioning all-day. Flexibility and durability are the perfect words to explain the quality of the footbed, although when the need for medical midsole comes, it’s removable. With a heel height of 1.25″, the body attains a correct position which puts the spine at ease without a wrong curvature likely cause pain or put pressure on the knee and sole of the feet.

For good stability, the bottom sole comes slightly elevated to support the arch of the feet and keep the heel well balanced. To stand for long can be quite uncomfortable, to give the ankle excellent support, and avoid loose fittings likely to put a strain on the muscles and tendons of the ankle, the collar of Rockport features a well-padded collar. It’s one of the best shoes for standing all day for men.

Key Features:

Padded collar 

Good midsole 

Proper heel elevation 

Leather build   


Brand: Rockport

Model: Men’s Your Classic  

Color: Black

Gender: men


Excellent Stability

Firm lace-up for a snug fit 

Great bottom quality



Saucony-Men’s Echelon LE2 Walking Shoe

Saucony is a state of the art footwear embedded with many technological systems to improve the quality of the comfort it gives to users. First is the power grid cushioning with the maximum plush cushioning to support the feet. Workers who stand for long need cushioning beyond the conventional type found in most support footwear, cushioning as seen in the Saucony footwear comes in layers to comfort the feet maximally.  

The midsole layers are all soft to allow the feet to sink in, however, not overly delicate to distort the posture of the body. It will enable the feet to stay in a correct position, and the spine doesn’t get affected. The muscles beneath the feet do not get overly pressured to avoid ache, soreness, and Plantar Fasciitis. It features Orthotic sole to pad the entirety of the feet, including the arch. 

The upper combines both leather and fabric to give a blend of nice design and durability to the outer layers. Saucony extends the leather used to the bottom sole of the Echelon LE2 to make it durable, more stable, and to add additional cushioning to heel of the feet. Saucony Echelon offers a heel to toe drop of 8mm, a transition which keeps the toe in a good position with the heel without hurting the muscles in the feet.


Brand: Saucony

Model: Men’s Your Classic  

Color: Black 

Gender: men


Ecco Gillian slip on

GILLIAN is a simple design, comfortable to wear, lightweight semi-formal Shoe available for use by both men and women. Workers in some industries continue to search for good shoes for standing all-day to safeguard their feet, knees, and the back from pain. The outsole majorly takes the weight of the body, achieving this with its excellent combination of top-notch materials, a reasonable degree of stability, flexibility, and cushioning. You can stand all day with no iota of discomfort or soreness.

Although manufactured to be as light possible, the slip-on has a full-grain leather upper with a design that gives it a modern look. It’s breathable, well designed to avail the inner compartment accessibility to airflow, keeping the temperature of the feet regulated to avoid instances of irritating sweaty feet. To help shape the feet properly, the shape of the Shoe comes in an anatomical style to ensure the feet take a healthy structure.

No doubt about the fact that jobs that require standing all day will involve walking even if it’s little. To that end, the outsole grips well, providing a firm and secure stride with every step taken. The heel height measures 1 inch, not too high or low, but just adequate to fall in the appropriate elevation to support the feet.


Brand: ECCO


Color: Black,  

Gender: Unisex  

Buying Guide Questions

How should I pick the Best comfortable Shoes for standing all day?

Standing all day can be tough, even if your job is less stressful. The best way to cope is to have comfortable shoes to aid you.

Broad and flat bottom sole

A broad and flat bottom sole will not have an upward bend at both the heel and toe area; the entire surface of the Shoe’s bottom will fill the ground well such that it can support the feet. Standing all day, over time, puts the weight of the body on the feet, but when a shoe comes with flat bottom design, the pressure will spread evenly across to the feet and not overstress the heel or midfoot.

Good cushioning

A simple illustration of two individuals will suffice here. Imagine person A sleeps on a flat rug or bare floor, and person B sleeps on a soft balance bed if they both sleep for eight hours, who is more likely to experience pain? The same applies to shoes with proper cushioning; such well-cushioned footwear will give the feet an experience and feeling of being on a bed which is what you would love to have if you were into parkour and all of the jumping and falling! The feet will be comfortable all day.

Spacious toe area

Getting a shoe with the right size is essential, but when picking a shoe, ensure the toe area is roomy, spacious enough to accommodate the toes without compressing them. A compressed toe will cause ache, which will be severe if it continues for long.

Should I use arch supports to enhance my comfort?

You should use arch support, especially if you suffer from feet pain. Arch support spreads weight evenly and ensures the body retains a proper posture, which won’t affect the knees and back. Some arch support designs are for specific ailments; the build of such supports is to support particular areas of the feet that need attention.

Arch support also stabilizes and balances the body. Imbalance can affect not only the sides of the feet or speed up the rate at which the Shoe wears out but can also result in knee, back, and thighs pain. So, using arch support definitely will enhance your comfort.

What are the Best Shoes for retail and hospital workers?

Retail and hospital workers have a lot in common. They stand for long hours and run around to get tasks done. They do not buy just any shoe. To avoid injury, loss of work time, and even a possible reduction in salary, wearing the best Shoe will make a world of difference.

Two primary considerations in the type of Shoe that suits best are; an excellent non-slip bottom sole and superior arch support midsole.

Hospital and chefs need protection against slipping, and support for the feet. Both professions involve lots of movement around the work area coupled with standing for an extended period and occasional short run to attend to every aspect of their work.

How much space should my Shoe have while standing?

Indeed a shoe should have a snug fit, but leaving a space of about half an inch from the front of the Shoe to the longest toe is ideal. At the rear, the heel to the back of the Shoe should not be tight. Leaving a space of about one-quarter inches will do the trick.

Furthermore, as for the longest toe, sometimes the first toe may not be the longest, the second toe called morton’s toe is longer. In such instances, the latter, which is longest, will get consideration when calculating the space to be left.

One of my feet is longer than the other, what Shoes should I buy?

Many people have a difference in feet length where one foot is longer than the other. Purchasing a shoe can be quite hard due to the fear of having variation in firmness. However, if the longer foot is just within half inches or little above the other, the same size of the shoe or sandal should be ordered. What you should do is to buy a should pad to fill the small space of the shorter Shoe if it discomforts you. An example, if your left foot is size 9 and the right is 8.6, you should purchase a shoe of size 9, not a smaller size, then get a shoe pad for the smaller foot if you feel the need.

In some cases, however, shoes of two different sizes should be purchased. When the difference between the longer foot and the other is well above one inch, different sizes will suffice. For example, if the left foot is 9 inches, and the right is 7.7 inches, different sizes for each foot should be purchased. Knowing your right feet length will make choosing shoe sizes easy, especially when making an online purchase.

How should I lace up my Shoes for standing all day?

Either you are running or standing, you should have your Shoe laced. A laced shoe fits firmly to the feet to give stability. Stable feet balance the bodyweight adequately to give an even spread of pressure to every area of feet and not overstress some specific parts. But how should I lace up my shoes if I stand all day? You may ask. Lace-up your Shoe to a firm fit but not too tight to cause pains to the sides of the feet or strains to the last small toes.

Unlike runners that need a bit more firmness due to the movement of their feet when running or for individuals who take walks and require a firm fit to ensure the shoes won’t come off when walking, standing all-day needs just a little firmness when lacing up the Shoe. Standing involves almost no movement even when the job requires it; it will be short walks. The bottom line is to ensure the shoelace is not too tight but just firm.

However, note that some instances would require you lace-up your shoe as a runner would. Some professions require standing for long but with periodic dashing around to attend to tasks, Asics are a great companion for you in those cases, note that they are costly, but they are worth it.


Standing all-day is inevitable for some group of people in certain professions. Ensuring the use of best shoes for standing all day is necessary to carry out tasks in comfort and curb situations that induce injury capable of reducing work time and pay. The shoes examined were carefully studied to make sure the features and materials used in manufacturing them offer the needed support and comfort users desire. Also, based on the reviews of purchasers who bought for personal use, to carry out tests, and for other reasons, each Shoe proves to pass the test of quality.

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Remember always to know your feet needs before making a purchase. Visiting a podiatrist could prove beneficial in making the right choice of Shoe and also know appropriate insoles to purchase. Taking time, effort, even going the extra mile to get ideal footwear to help you stand all day in comfort will benefit at present and on a longterm scale will shield you from numerous health challenges associated with standing for long.