5 Considerations To Make When Purchasing Nursing Scrubs


Nurses that are graduating from nursing school have plenty of items to purchase. That goes from shoes, as well as other apparatus that they need, such as the right type of bag. They also need to buy nursing scrubs. That can take some planning. Another item that nurses need to purchase is nursing scrubs. 

They can quickly get stuck and confused about the type of scrubs to buy. Scrubs have a loose-fitting top and bottoms. However, some hospitals have some regulations and policies for their nurses based on the types of scrubs to purchase. That includes rules that involve the color, fit, and cut. In most clinics, nurses can choose the kind of scrubs they want to wear. Many nurses need guidance when it comes to deciding on the type of scrubs to purchase. 

1. Should A Nurse Purchase Scrubs That Are Expensive Or Cheap?

One of the determining factors for nurses that come into play when choosing nursing scrubs is the price. Should they go for scrubs that are cheap or expensive? Here is the thing. The saying you get what you pay for has truth to it. If the nurse purchases a pair of very cheap scrubs, they will not last very long. 

Cheap nursing scrubs means that it will fall apart because of being made of poor-quality materials. That is one crucial consideration to make. Understandably, nurses have a limited budget, especially if they are starting. It does take common sense to realize that extremely cheap scrubs won’t likely last for more than a year. And, that means it will cost new nurses more money in the end because they would have to replace their scrubs often. 

Let’s not forget that nurses will not have the time or energy to handle scrubs that have lint covering them and thread coming apart. That is what will happen when cheap scrubs are purchased. 

On the flip side, that does not mean they need to purchase the most expensive scrubs around either. That means it is not necessary to go for the most expensive brands. Even though you do, for the most part, you get what you pay for, it is not always the case when it comes to buying the highest price scrubs around. 

A good pair of nursing scrubs to buy is not cheap but won’t be the cause of burning the wallet. Looking for deals and discounts on good-quality scrubs should be done. These deals are everywhere. It is a matter of knowing where to look for them. 

2. Should The Nursing Scrubs Be Basic Or Trendy?

Whether or not the nurse buys basic or trendy scrubs depends as well on their style and personality. If they are like anything simple and straightforward, there is a good chance that they will go for the basic style. If they like clothing that is stylish and embellished, then they would go for the trendy ones. 

Another consideration when buying the scrubs is how they will look with the nursing shoes. And what about what the other nurses are wearing in the clinic? They need to find out that before they begin working by asking the hospital or clinic staff the style of scrubs that are worn. If a nurse that prefers simple styles finds out that many nurses wear trendy scrubs, then the best thing to do is to go with a stylish scrub that is simple enough to fit their style. Feeling left out is worse. 

3. Nursing Scrubs Neck Cuts

The next question is, what type of neck cut are you looking to have for your nursing scrubs? Do you want the V-neck, the round neck, or the mock wrap? Deciding on the style of the neck you want plays a significant role in the scrubs you’ll purchase. The neck cuts are not limited to those choices. You can decide to go for the split neck, scoop neck, or the U-shape one, to name a few. 

Before you decide to purchase the scrubs you have your eyes on, check with the clinic or hospital where you will begin to work. As long as your employer approves the style of scrubs you have your eyes on, then there is absolutely no reason not to buy it. Buying the scrub that you want will only make you feel good. 

4. The Pockets Matter

Another consideration to make when purchasing nursing scrubs is where the location of the pockets are. Remember that items such as pens, scissors, shoe deodorizer, alcohol pads, and cell phones that you’ll need immediate access to are in their pockets. You can choose whether or not to buy scrubs with chest pockets. 

Male nurses tend to do better with chest pockets as the weight added from the items placed in there will not bother men. The items placed in those pockets can cause body strain, and comfort is everything when it comes to performing the nurse’s job efficiently. However, patch pockets are essential. 

Patch pockets are wide and roomy pockets that are on the top of the pants. They hold larger items such as stethoscopes, as well as other necessary equipment. 

5. Colors Play An Important Role In The Nursing Scrubs Purchased

Another thing to wonder about is the color of the nursing scrubs to purchase. The color of scrubs to buy is one thing you need to ask your employer. You may want to grab a white pair of nursing scrubs because it has a clean appearance. Unless the hospital you are working at has a policy of white scrubs are the only ones allowed, don’t go for white. 

White nursing scrubs will show every stain on it. That can ruin the clean image of those scrubs on any day. If your hospital or clinic allows you to choose the nursing scrubs that are of the color of your choice, go for darker tones. 

At least with darker tones such as navy blue, black, brown, and dark in general will hide the stains. Additionally, darker colors are slimming as well. Some nurses do not care about how flattering the nursing scrubs are. For the nurses that are concerned about that will want to grab the darker tones for that reason alone. 


Brand new nurses have to purchase many items before they begin working at their clinics or hospitals. They need to buy the best quality of nursing shoes, in addition to a bag. Other essential items, such as a stethoscope, books, shoe glue, journals, and more, have to be bought ahead of time. They also need to buy a pair of nursing scrubs that are the most ideal for their purposes. Before making the purchase, they must check with their employers to make sure that their desired nursing scrubs align with the hospital’s policies or clinic. 

If they are free to choose the nursing scrub that is of any style of their choice, they have to narrow down each feature. Those features include the color, the style and cut, and the location of the pockets. Nursing scrubs are an essential item for them to have on hand before they begin working.