Play in Comfort: 5 Tips for Picking out the Best Socks for Sports

Have you ever done sport with the wrong pair of socks? Have you experienced the pain of blisters from rubbing socks before? This is especially common when playing soccer!

We often concentrate on getting the right sneakers before we do sport. But remember, our sneakers are nothing without the perfect socks.

With the best athletic socks, you’ll be able to say goodbye to blisters.

If you struggle to pick the right socks for sports, then keep reading below for our 5 tips to help you select the best socks.

1. Always Avoid 100% Cotton

100% cotton is a good thing, right?

Well, if you’re wearing 100% cotton socks, then you may find that it’s extremely uncomfortable when you sweat. They are not advised for sports.

Cotton socks are less likely to smell bad after doing sport. But, the problem is that they create moisture around your foot.

This moisture is a dream for blisters to develop. Also, when you’ve got moisture, your foot will move around in the shoe, which can also cause foot problems.

2. The Best Sock Materials

As long as you’re not wearing cotton socks, then you’ll be ok!

The synthetic materials of nylon or polyester are both appropriate for sports. You could also go with a cotton blend, which combines cotton with other fabrics.

Merino wool is also an excellent choice. Some wrestlers use thick socks to avoid friction from their shoes and to protect their feet. This is different from traditional wool since it won’t cause your skin to itch. You’ll also find that Merino wool provides you with the comfort and warmth for any climate.

3. Sock with Padding

You may want to consider buying athletic socks which provide you with extra padding and comfort.

You need to consider how thick you want your socks. Some people prefer thin liners for socks whereas others want a thicker cushion feel.

If you’re vulnerable to foot problems, such as foot fatigue or bunions, then thicker socks may be preferable. This trick is used by boxers as they wear these when they are looking for premium boxing shoes to compete in.

You can purchase socks which have cushions and padding in different parts of the sock. In particular, the back of heel often includes extra padding to reduce the risk of blisters.

4. Style of the Sock

Many people prefer socks with no-show style. This allows you to enjoy the benefits and comfort of the sock while enjoying the appearance of being sockless.

This is down to personal preference. However, it’s important to ensure the heel of the sock reaches the back of your shoe. Otherwise, the friction could cause blisters to the back of your foot.

You also may want to consider the type of sport you’re doing.

5. Make Sure it Fits

You need to make sure your socks fit right!

You might like how the padded socks look, but when you try them on they actually don’t feel very comfortable.

You definitely don’t want to buy socks which are too loose on your feet. This will definitely create friction and cause your problems during the game.

How to Choose Athletic Socks?

Many people spend a lot of time considering the right sneakers and special gear for each sport. But, why don’t we make the same effort when choosing athletic socks?

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