Struggling to Instagram Good Pics of Your Kicks? Here Are Tips to Take the Best Shoe Photographs

As the sneaker community continues to grow on social media, Instagram has proven to be a popular place for shoe fanatics to share their love for kicks.

Whether you’re selling shoes or you just have a shoe collection you want to show the world, taking shots of your shoes for Instagram is a great way to get the attention you deserve. While showing off your shoes online has become a regular trend, you’ve got to make sure you’re doing it right.

Taking pictures of your shoes isn’t easy–you need to know the right tips to make sure your photos shine. If you want to show off your kicks on Instagram, here are tips to take your shoe photographs to the next level.

1. Use a White Background

To really highlight the shoe, opt for a white background. Using other colors can distract from the focus point of the photo–and white blends in well on an Instagram theme.

While you can always go for a natural background, if you’re shooting photos in a studio, always go for white. This allows the viewer to concentrate on the shoe without being distracted by other factors like the environment or the model.

2. Make Sure the Shoe Looks Its Best

Nobody wants to see dirty or scuffed shoes. Make sure your shoes are in the best shape possible–and give them a cleanup if needed.

The footwear will look its best if it looks as though it’s being worn by someone. You can either have a person model the shoes or you’ll need to make sure the shoes look as though someone could wear them.

Stuff the shoes with newspapers or even a shoe stretcher or tissue paper in order to make sure they don’t look flat.

3. Use the Right Lighting

When it comes to photos, lighting is everything. You need to make sure that the lighting is bright and that the shoe is clearly illuminated.

You can achieve great lighting by taking your photos outside–just make sure that the light isn’t too harsh and that there aren’t any shadows falling over your shoes.

If you’re indoors, try to invest in some quality photography lights. You can use other lighting sources if you choose, but be aware of the tone of the light. Some lights have a cool or warm tone–be sure to adjust the color later with photoshop tools.

4. Model Your Shoes

While you can use a simple background, sometimes showing your shoe in action is the best way to highlight them. The presence of a model in a shoe makes it more contextual–and it can get you more attention too.

Don’t photograph the entire model, just focus on their legs or ankles. Make sure they’re not wearing anything that distracts from the shoes themselves.

Try to shoot the model in motion. You can capture more exciting shots if the model is walking, jumping, or even dancing.

5. Check the Background

If you are shooting outside, make sure you check the background to make sure it works with your shoes.

First of all, make sure the colors blend with the shoe. For example, don’t shoot green shoes with a forest in the background–pick colors that contrast and complement your shoes.

Be sure that the background is simple. Whether it’s a shot on your driveway, a concrete parking lot, or a nature scene, nothing in the background should be distracting from your shoes.

And most importantly, check the background to make sure you have nothing distracting or potentially embarrassing. No people, no dogs, and no random objects around the house.

6. Try a Flat Lay Shot

Want to get on the Instagram trends? Try a flat lay shot of your shoes.
This type of footwear photography is extremely popular on Instagram, and it’s a great way to get an aesthetically pleasing shot.

Lay your shoes flat alongside other objects and take a photo from above. These shots are mostly about a pleasing color palette and nice lighting. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your overhead shots straight–don’t shoot from an angle
  • Choose 2-3 colors that complement each other
  • Use a neutral background (floor, desk, table, etc)
  • Make good use of blank space
  • Use soft, natural lighting

This is just one of many Instagram trends that will help you grow Instagram followers and boost engagement on your posts.

7. Don’t Edit Too Much

Editing can do a lot to set your photos apart. You can brighten your photos, increase the contrast, and sharpen the edges of the shoes.

But too much editing can do more harm than good. Be sure that any alterations you make look natural–you’re looking to enhance the photo, not alter it.

The same goes for filters. A good filter can help bring out the colors of your photo and help it blend in with your theme. But a tacky filter will ruin the natural look and make you look amateurish.

Get Your Shoe Photographs Ready for Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for building a community–and what better way to share your love of shoes?

Whether you want to be a social media influencer or you just want to share your collection of kicks, Instagram is the best place to do it. But succeeding on Instagram isn’t easy–you’ll need great shoe photographs and a beautiful theme.

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With these tips, you’ll be well on your way towards Instagram success. Looking to expand your collection and learn more about how to find the right shoe? Check out our product guides to find out more!