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When you mention boxing, the next thing people think about is the fist and boxing gloves. It is dangerous, yet a fun sport. Surprisingly, a lot of people take pleasure in participating. Many have made a fortune out of it – Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, for instance. Without a doubt, several people are looking forward to participating in international tournaments every year.

The secret of people who are successful in boxing is not only in their fists and skills but also in the kind of shoes they put on. You may be surprised at the reason why shoes are essential when the sport needs your fist and how well you can throw a punch. Well, it has been discovered that the kind of shoe you put on determines your stability, balance, and movement. Therefore, it is important to know what type of boxing shoe to wear to practice or to a ring.

In this review, the 10 best boxing shoes will be reviewed. These shoes have been selected due to their executive performance and reliability. Further, a buying guide section will help to know what footwear suits you from the list.

The 10 Best Boxing Shoes Reviewed


Adidas Men’s Adizero XIV-M

Adidas, as a fashion brand, has hundreds of thousands of quality products. These products have been useful one way or another – Adidas Men’s Adizero Boxing Shoes is a perfect example. This is a stylish shoe for men, which can be used for several purposes. It is a high-energy shoe suitable for boxers who want to be assertive. The complete structure of this pair of shoes makes it an incredible choice for all skill-levels of boxers. For breathability, it has a 2-piece mesh design, which is made of a 100% Synthetic Textile Material (available in several colors).

Adidas Men’s Adizero has consequential features that make it a great choice. For instance, the lace-up closure enables a beyond-average grip, support, and stability for boxers. Also, it has a simple cushioning for comfort and convenience. The rubber sole enhances control and mobility when in a boxing ring. This pair of shoes is indeed a classic, and it would be a great choice for every boxer.

Key Features:

  • Synthetic/Textile Fabric Material
  • Lace-Up Closure
  • Molded Rubber Teeth
  • Rubber sole


  • Brand name: Adidas
  • Color: White/Matte Gold/Brown
  • Men’s shoe
  • Suitable for all kinds of boxers
  • Shoe is breathable and durable
  • Easy control and mobility
  • Designed to support a balance between friction and slide
  • One of the best boxing shoes from a remarkable brand of all-times
  • Grip is not as tight as expected
  • Shoe holds odor most times
  • Break-in takes a lot of time


Otomix Men’s Ninja Warrior Bodybuilding

Otomix has been in existence for quite some time. They have manufactured all kinds of shoes, including boxing shoes. One of their best footwear is the Otomix Men’s Ninja Warrior Bodybuilding. This pair of shoes is a new modification of Otomix’s Stingray – a classic back in the days. As its name implies, it is a good choice for bodybuilders.  This shoe is powerful and sturdy in design. It was designed to increase performance during workouts and boxing training.

Even as it is for strong boxers, it is lightweight and simple in design; therefore, it has potentials more than other kinds of boxing shoes. The modification in Otomix Men’s Ninja Warrior is a wider toe box, which gives more room for the toes. It is one of the best boxing shoes for wider feet. Also, a remarkable feature of this pair of shoes is the extra ankle support, which means easy mobility and pivoting in the ring. It has a thin sole to ensure a great grip as well.

Key Features:

  • Wide Toe box
  • Lightweight body
  • Extra Ankle Support
  • Non-slip Rubber Sole
  • Thin Sole
  • Breathable Nylon Mesh


  • Brand name: Otomix
  • Color: Black/White/Red/Yellow/Camo/
  • Men’s Shoe
  • Lightweight body with a durable design
  • Good breathability via nylon mesh
  • A fantastic shoe for mobility and balance
  • Suitable for boxers with wide feet
  • Available in several colors
  • Top-notch durability
  • Stylish and comfortable to wear
  • Maximum support guaranteed
  • Sizing issues occur in most cases
  • No padding/cushioning on the soles, i.e., flat soles


Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid

If you are looking for the perfect boxing shoe to up your game, Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid is an ideal choice. This pair of shoes is very useful for intermediate boxers. With a quick look at its structure, it can be agreed upon that it is versatile in use. This footwear will improve speed, agility, and balance in unimaginable ways. Several boxers have used it to train, and it has worked just fine for them. So, there is no big deal if you decide to use it in your next training session. It is available in several colors and sizes.

Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid is one of the best shoes for boxing class. It would improve footwork, i.e., making it quick and nice. This pair of shoes is lightweight, durable, and effective in performance based on customer reviews. It has an approximate height of 6 inches; if you feel the need to add more height, this is a wonderful option to choose. Also, it has an impressive Upper material, i.e., full synthetic leather coupled with a tight weave nylon fill. While keeping the ankles secure with its extraordinary ankle support, it maintains a perfect snug fit on a boxer’s feet.

Key Features:

  • Full Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Tight Weave Nylon Fill
  • Ankle Support
  • 6” height
  • Sculpted polyurethane soles
  • Lightweight body


  • Brand name: Title Boxing
  • Color: Red/Black/White/Blue
  • Unisex Shoe
  • Perfect for improving footwork, agility, and speed
  • Enhanced mobility and balance
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Offers an exclusive snug fit
  • One of the best boxing shoes for broad feet
  • Might be a little uncomfortable for some boxers


Reebok Boot

On a list of top 10 shoe brands, you will find Reebok at a good place. Reebok Men’s Boxing Shoe is made of premium-quality material. It is highly versatile and suitable for professional boxers. What would be of utmost interest is the fact that the shoe is very comfortable, yet effective in performance. The likes of Floyd Mayweather often make use of it for both training and on the ring. With a pro boxer using it, there is no doubt that it will do the exact thing you want.

Reebok Men’s Boxing Shoe has several features that make it different from other types. For instance, it has a firm rubber sole for enhanced grip, strength, and shock absorption. The flat Outsole, EVA midsole, and padded insole provide a special kind of comfort to the feet. Also, with its high-shaft design and dual lace-strap design, it ensures great ankle support and a tight, secure hold, respectively. In essence, this pair of shoes guarantees comfort and support; it means you won’t easily fall or lose grip on the ring.

Key Features:

  • Synthetic Sole
  • Synthetic Nubuck Upper
  • Ankle Strap
  • EVA Midsole
  • Full flat Rubber Outsole
  • Low-top Shaft from Arch


  • Brand name: Reebok
  • Color: Delta-Black/Black/White
  • Men’s/Women’s Shoe
  • Available for both men in women in super-nice colors
  • Very comfortable and convenient
  • Enhanced stability and top protection (with the high shaft)
  • Helps to maintain easy balance
  • One of the best boxing boots to buy
  • Perfect pro boxing shoe with premium-grade design
  • It feels overly narrow sometimes
  • High maintenance


Ringside Undefeated Shoes

Based on the design, Ringside Undefeated is a perfect choice for people who need something for great ankle support. It is a traditional high-top that has a lightweight, yet durable body. This shoe is designed solely for boxing; hence, it is not versatile. This pair of shoes has highly remarkable comfort. This is as a result of some special features on it. Ringside Undefeated Shoes is stylish, and it can perform greatly in the ring.

Some of the best features of this shoe include a patent vinyl leather finish alongside high-ankle support for extra support and stability. Breathability is enhanced with the presence of the nylon mesh pattern on the upper. It also uses a non-slip rubber to improve mobility, safety, and comfort extensively. In general, it has a unique elite class performance that makes it a top choice. This pair of shoes is available for men and women in two cool, fashionable colors.

Key Features:

  • High-top Ankle
  • Nylon Mesh Pattern
  • Non-slip Rubber Sole
  • Patent Leather Vinyl Finish


  • Brand name: Ringside
  • Color: Black/White
  • Unisex shoe
  • Very lightweight and durable
  • Perfect choice for people who need ankle support
  • Good sole and nice padding
  • Clean, top-grade upper
  • Suitable for both men and women boxers
  • Available in nice colors
  • Traditional, but remains a perfect fit
  • Runs a little overboard
  • Needs above-average maintenance and care


Venum Elite

Stability and mobility can never go wrong with Venum Elite Boxing Shoe. It is top-level performance footwear that is suitable for all kinds of boxers. For amateurs, it can be used to train as well as box in the ring; for professionals, it is ideal for gaining control. With this pair of shoes, dodging and repositioning is made easy. This pair of shoes are reinforced to work well for both male and female boxers.

Venum Elite Boxing shoe has incredible features that make it outstanding. These features are what make it a perfect choice for anyone considering using it. For instance, the grips are fantastic features to behold, has it can withstand all kinds of surfaces. The Upper of this shoe is made of three quality-grade materials – PU Flex, Glossy PU Patent, and Mesh Honeycomb for longevity. Also, the rubber outsole ensures durability, stability, and increased grip in dynamic ways. With the anatomically designed insole, you would expect an optimized comfort as well as no slipping.

Key Features:

  • Tri-body Material – PU Flex, Glossy PU Patent, Mesh Honeycomb
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Thin, reinforced Outsole
  • Lace-up Closure
  • Lightweight body
  • Bonded Insole


  • Brand name: Venum
  • Black/White/Gold/Red Color
  • Unisex Shoe
  • Grip and stability are two remarkable attributes of this boxing shoe
  • Even with its sturdy design, it is lightweight and comfortable
  • The lace-up closure is convenient by a lot of boxers
  • Can be used to reposition and maneuver
  • Good flexibility for easy movement
  • Sizing issues occur most times


Adidas Men’s Combat Speed.5

Still, on top Adidas boxing shoes, the Adidas Combat Speed.5 is a highly recommended shoe to put on by amateur boxers. This footwear has a lot of potentials; hence, the reason why it is an ideal choice for people who want to improve their skills. It offers all kinds of things with the help of the numerous features present. Based on looks, it is made of a textile and synthetic Upper material, which enhances breathability and comfort. This shoe puts you in the best of shape, all through practice time or ring time.

Adidas Combat Speed.5 is a lightweight shoe with a durable body. This shoe provides all the stability needed by a boxer to perform excellently in a boxing ring. For grip, the EVA midsole present handles that in a fantastic way. It prevents injury and slipping off unnecessarily. Also, the convenience to put this footwear on is the presence of the lace-up closure. In general, it is perfect for winning any match.

Key Features:

  • Textile and Synthetic Breathable Mesh Upper Material
  • Lace-up Closure
  • Ultra-Lightweight body
  • EVA Midsole
  • Inner Cushioning
  • Split-Suede Leather and Rubber Outsole


  • Brand name: Adidas
  • Men’s Shoe
  • Black/Silver Metallic/Blue/White Color
  • A perfect boxing shoe for beginners
  • Comfortable and flexible to use
  • The balance offered by this shoe is superior
  • Convenient to put on and take-off
  • Internal lining is present for extra comfort and to absorb sweat
  • Not a suitable choice for boxers without slender feet
  • Material quality seems poor
  • Extra maintenance


Ringside Diablo

Ringside Diablo is a boxing shoe that is almost synonymous with Ringside Undefeated. However, the difference lies in the level of stability and breathability. Without a doubt, it is one of the best boxing shoe alternatives. This footwear has exceptional qualities, which makes it a credible choice for anyone considering a Ringside boxing shoe. Based on the design of this shoe, faster and increased fluid movement is guaranteed. It is available in several colors for both men and women boxers.

Several features are available on this boxing shoe, but a few that make the difference are the breathable mesh the eliminates sweat and overheating and the non-slip sole for stability. This sole also ensures ankle support is given to enhance mobility and pivoting in the ring. This pair of shoes is versatile and flexible; this is why movement, protection, and comfort are a sure thing. Ringside Diablo can be used for boxing as well as wrestling.

Key Features:

  • Nylon Mesh Pattern
  • Non-slip Rubber Sole
  • Patent Leather Vinyl Finish
  • Ankle Support
  • Lace-up Closure


  • Unisex Shoe
  • Brand name: Ringside
  • Black/Blue/Red/Pink Color
  • Highly flexible and versatile
  • Easy closure for convenience
  • Breathable – Reduces sweat and overheating
  • Improves fast fluid movement
  • Enhanced pivoting and mobility
  • Not true to size


Nike Men’s Speedsweep VII

One of the best shoes for wide feet is the Nike Men’s Speedsweep VII. This pair of shoes has been designed specially for boxers with excellent-grade materials for convenience. It is an ideal choice of shoe under warm conditions to keep the feet free from sweat and overheating. It does this with the help of the breathable mesh layer that enhances proper ventilation. For extra comfort and ventilation, it has an EVA sock liner on the inside.

Usually, Nike Men’s Speedsweep VII is an extraordinary shoe based on its exclusive suede body material and design. However, some features improve their outstanding quality. For instance, the sticky gum rubber outsole provides superior traction on all kinds of surfaces. Also, it uses dynamic closures, i.e., ankle strap and lace-up. The importance of these closures is to support the ankles and to put the shoe on anytime conveniently, respectively.

Key Features:

  • Die-cut EVA sock liners
  • Split-Suede and Leather Upper
  • Breathable Mesh Layer
  • Gum Rubber Outsoles
  • Ankle Strap and Lace-up Closure


  • Brand name: Nike
  • Black/White Color
  • Men’s Shoe/Women’s Shoe
  • Fantastic breathability and flexibility
  • Highly durable and convenient
  • Enhanced traction and grip to all ground surface
  • Feels light even with all the features present
  • Extra support with the help of the ankle strap
  • Excellent cushioning and stability
  • Available for both men and women
  • Suitable for boxers with wide feet
  • Problems with not being true to size


Adidas Box Hog 3

It is agreeable that Adidas has made a good mark on everyone based on the kind of shoes manufactured. Adidas Box Hog 3 is a modification of Hog 2; hence, it has new features that make it quite an exception. This pair of shoes combine style and comfort to make a great deal. It is a boxing boot that raises the competition to a boxer’s advantage. Indeed, it is a fantastic choice for beginners and pro boxers.

Also, being of the best boxing boots, it has quality materials that improve its durability and performance. It keeps the legs smooth and free from sweat with its breathable mesh upper layer. Adidas Box Hog 3 has an extra room for the ankles for easy mobility. Stability and comfort, on the other hand, is enhanced by the rubber outsoles. No doubt, it is a stylish shoe available in different color combinations. It is suitable for men and women boxers.

Key Features:

  • Split-Suede Leather and Rubber Outsoles
  • Lace-up closure
  • Ankle support
  • Breathable Mesh Upper Layer


  • Brand name: Adidas
  • Unisex Shoe
  • Core Black Color
  • Allows proper ventilation against sweat
  • Convenient and comfortable to put on
  • Enhanced mobility, stability, and balance
  • Flexible and versatile in design
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • Personalized, stylish design
  • Good modification of Hog 2 Boxing shoe
  • Not suitable for boxers with wide feet

Buying Guide Questions

There is no shame in having more than one choice from the 10 best boxing shoes above. However, if you are looking forward to spending your money on the right choice for you, this buying guide should help. There are vital details in the questions and answers to make it more transparent for you. By the time you are done, you should have made a specific choice from the list.

What Features Should You Look for In Boxing Shoes?

Before you decide on what to choose from the list, you must take note of the features present. What makes a boxing shoe different from a regular shoe is the kind of features it has. If these features check with what you have chosen, then be sure you have made an excellent choice for yourself for a long time.

Below are features to look for in boxing shoes:

Material Quality

Generally, shoes are not made of only one material. Often, they are made of a combination of different materials so that it could be used to maximum satisfaction. For instance, the upper of a boxing shoe could be synthetic leather or suede, and the sole as rubber—however, the quality of these materials matter, especially when you are considering durability and breathability. Also, you are going to be on your feet while boxing; you need a breathable material so that you won’t feel any kind of discomfort on your feet. A rubber sole will ensure easy control as well as keep the shoe lightweight.

Lock System

For a game where you need to stay focused, you don’t need distractions. If you are not putting on the right kind of boxing shoe, you are going to be distracted a lot of times. One way to get distracted is from the lock system. There are mainly two types of lock systems when it comes to boxing shoes – the straps and the laces. Having both is bliss because it keeps the feet together and helps to get rid of distractions. Most shoes make use of more than one strap, but the lace-up stays as one.

Ankle Support

The fact that you always need to pivot and make smart moves with your legs makes ankle support very important. It has a special role in making you gain control of your shoe to prevent you from skidding or slipping off. If ankle support is absent in a boxing shoe, then you shouldn’t think about buying it at all.


Generally, shoes need to be designed with specific features that ensure stability, mobility, and comfort. A good grip is what is needed to achieve all of these. The grip is a responsibility of the sole; hence, a rubber sole is often recommended. Even though there are translucent soles too, there is just little it can do compared to rubber soles that guarantee an excellent grip.


As you have checked for all the features above, you must make sure it is the perfect fit. If a shoe fits you perfectly, then it would be comfortable for whatever you need it to do. Therefore, pick the correct size for you, and make sure there is little room (just in case). Also, a padded cushioning is added sometimes for extra comfort.

Do Boxing Shoes Make a Difference? Are they Worth it?

Boxing shoes are quite exceptional both in appearance and quality. Every part of the body is needed for boxing. However, they are all controlled by the movement of the legs. If the legs are in discomfort, then there is going to be a problem with the game. This is why it is advisable to go for a premium boxing shoe according to your size. Ask a professional boxer for the things he loves; he would mention his gloves and his pair of boxing shoes. So, if a pro can attest to the fact that boxing shoes are worth it, then there shouldn’t be any debate on whether it is or not.

Why Do Boxers Wear High Tops?

Usually, people wear high tops to look stylish and add a little to their height. It makes you look different in the room because everyone would be easily attracted to what you wear. However, when it comes to boxing, many of the shoes designed as high tops. A part of it is to look nice while throwing your jabs; the other is to raise your height. You never know what may come from your opponent; therefore, a high-top boxing shoe will give you an added advantage to reach a certain height, to throw nice punches that would score more points.

What Boxing Shoes Does Floyd Mayweather Wear?

From time immemorial, players of different sports have always had a particular accessory they love. It could either be jersey, jersey number, hand gloves, shoes, or socks. For boxing, the gloves and shoes matter to boxers a lot. Floyd Mayweather, who is one of the best to have made a big career out of boxing, has footwear from a particular brand he loves. He started his career with a pair of black and gold custom-made Adidas, but years after, he showed his love for Reebok Men’s Boxing Shoes.

Why Do Boxers Run So Much?

The standard running time for boxers is 3 to 5 times per week. The effect of this exercise cannot be overemphasized since the sport needs them to be agile and fast. From WBA studies, running helps to improve anaerobic fitness. A short burst of speed is needed in a boxer’s case. This is because it increases lactic acid in the blood. Constant running at this speed makes the body adapt to high levels of lactic acid. This way, Oxygen level consumption can be determined. In essence, lactic acid is needed to improve strength, speed, and endurance level in the ring.

Are You Supposed to Wear Socks with Boxing Shoes?

Even though boxing shoes have been designed uniquely to be comfortable and easy to get rid of sweat, socks can still be used. Socks play a huge role in shoes regularly, but there are several types available. A regular pair of socks cannot be worn into a boxing shoe because there is little to what it can do. However, there are boxing socks that are more comfortable than the regular socks you see around – this is an ideal choice.


Boxing shoes are vital if you are intentional about making it big. From the reviews on the 10 best boxing shoes above, it is evident that their importance cannot be ignored. Each of these shoes has unique features and qualities that make them a great choice to use. They could either be used either for practice, training, boxing class, or in the ring. Therefore, investing in any of them is going to be a smart move on your end.

Just before you pick a choice, there is a buying guide to make sure you have fulfilled all demands. This guide will help you choose aright, and ensure you are spending the right value for money. For instance, it allows you to consider certain features that will help to improve boxing experience tremendously, amidst other things.

With thorough consideration of the features and the usefulness of boxing shoes in various ways, a choice from the list can be made. In conclusion, other outstanding boxing shoes will perform excellently well, but those above are the top-recommended choices.