Tips On Finding Good Salsa Shoes


Are you planning on taking a salsa dancing class? Congratulations as that is a great decision to make as it is always a good thing to find a new hobby such as parkour or sport like tennis. That only helps you turn into a well-rounded individual. Before you enroll in that salsa dancing class, you need to be aware of a few things before you get started.

The type of shoes to purchase is the most important thing you need to know. You don’t want to use a pair of running shoes to go salsa dancing as that can be dangerous. You don’t want to wear any other type of dance shoe because salsa dancing requires you to wear shoes that are for that sport.

Buy Salsa Dancing Shoes That Are One Or Two Sizes Smaller Than Street Shoes

Did you know that salsa dancing shoes stretch? Because if you try a pair on and they are fitting perfectly comfortably from the moment you put them onto your feet, as they stretch more, they will end up becoming too large. And shoes that fit too large are hazardous. That increases the chances of the shoes slipping off of your feet and increases the chances of you injuring yourself, just imagine the risk that chefs take if they didn’t wear proper footwear.

Even if you don’t injure yourself, you will not dance comfortably in salsa shoes that are too large. Your feet are sliding too much in the large shoes. Therefore, staying balanced and grounded becomes a challenge. That alone will make you afraid to move around because of the fear that is legitimate about hurting yourself by wearing large shoes.

The goal is to buy tight salsa shoes and snug as soon as you buy them. The size of them ideally is a size or two smaller than your street shoes. The shoes are going to cause you to feel awkward initially as you dance while wearing them. However, in no time, they will stretch to the point that they’ll be a perfect fit for your feet.

Be careful not to buy shoes that are too small. If you end up getting shoes that are too small, then they will never fit you comfortably. You’ll have a difficult time spinning and moving around. Not to mention, shoes that are too small cramp your feet, and that can cause longterm problems later on if you wear them too often, such as bunions.

Find The Perfect Style Of Shoes That Fit Your Toes And Feet Well

Now you know not to buy salsa shoes that are the same size as your street shoes or too small. You also learn that the right type of salsa shoes to buy may not be the ones that you see your favorite salsa dancer wears or even the ones that you would use for tap dancing as the goal is entirely different. That is because of their feet and toes have different shapes from yours.

You must know your foot type before investing in a pair of salsa shoes. Are your heels narrow, but are your feet wide? Are your toes short? If you need assistance and advice, you can have a consult with a salsa dance instructor before you enrolling in the class. They can advise you on the best type of shoe to buy based on your foot shape and your toes. The last thing you want to do is buy a pair of salsa shoes that appear impressive to you and find out the hard way that they are the wrong style and fit for you.

Once the dance instructor gives you the advice you need for buying the right pair of salsa shoes, then speak to a shoe store representative and ask them if they have the recommended shoes in stock.

The Ideal Heel Is Shorter And Flared

You probably prefer to dance in shoes that have those lengthy and tall stiletto heels. However, if you are learning salsa dancing, is that a smart idea? You can easily slip and fall and injure yourself while wearing high-heeled shoes, and if you were to do salsa dancing all of the time, you’d end up with complications with your feet, which include potentially plantar fasciitis. That is not something you would want to end up with at all. Therefore, you are best to choose salsa dancing shoes that have a low and flared heel. Otherwise, you can seriously injure your ankle if you rush right into it, just as you would if you were playing outdoor basketball without robust shoes made for the outdoors.

Yes, those high-heeled stiletto shoes make you look sexy as you are walking around. However, they are also not the ideal starter shoes. You are wise to buy a pair of salsa dancing shoes with heels that are two inches high and flared. Eventually, once your feet and make become more robust, you can work your way up. You can purchase a pair of salsa dancing shoes that have a three-inch high heel and eventually a pair of shoes that have a four-inch high heel if you want to do that. And if you do, that is your decision once you are comfortable with dancing. But remember to wear them sparingly as they are not suitable for your feet to wear too often.

Are Salsa Dancing Shoes Expensive?

The answer to whether or not salsa dancing shoes are expensive is that it depends. You can purchase a pair that are under $100. However, it’s not wise to do that. Salsa dancing shoes that are inexpensive have the composition of poor-quality materials. And you know the saying that ‘you get what you pay for.’ There is truth to that. When it comes to buying good quality dancing shoes, that will help keep you safe as you start learning a new dance.

Therefore, you are looking at having to potentially spend over $200 for a pair of salsa dancing shoes so you can get the quality you want. The materials that make up these shoes are much more durable and longer-lasting. Shoes that cost more will have a heel sturdy instead of flimsy, which is a safety concern, you see commonly with hunting boots as well. That is another thing to think about as well. Additionally, longer-lasting shoes will save you money in the long run. That is why it is better also to spend more initially, so you don’t have to buy another pair of shoes for a long time again. That is unless you want to upgrade to a pair of higher-heel salsa dancing shoes once you become more used to it. Therefore, if you want to learn salsa dancing, are you committed to it? Be prepared to spend money on a pair of good quality shoes and be ready to stick to the dance. Do not forget to find good shoe deodorizers to curb the bad smell from hours of training with your partner!


You have decided to take up salsa dancing‘. When you go for your first pair of salsa shoes, you need to do your research. Buy a pair of those shoes that are one to two sizes smaller than your street shoes. They stretch, and you don’t want to end up with them too large as they can slip off. That can be quite hazardous. Buy a pair of shoes that match your foot type and toes. If you are unsure of what type your foot has, then consult with a salsa dance instructor. Once you know which shoes to get, then look for a pair.

Remember to buy a pair with a two-inch heel as you don’t want to start with it too high. Don’t go for the least expensive pair of shoes either. Go and enjoy salsa dancing and stay safe as you practice and dance.