How To Find Good Dancing and Hip Hop Shoes


You have decided to take a hip hop class. That is a great one to make because this dancing class is a lot of fun. However, you don’t know what type of shoes to purchase that are ideal for this dance class. You are not even sure about what items to bring with you to the hip hop class. You will want to bring plenty of water to sip during class. The clothing to wear must be loose-fitting and made with sweat-wicking fabric to keep you comfortable. The same type of clothing that you would wear for the Zumba class is ideal for a hip-hop class.

What about the shoes? What type of shoes should you buy for this type of class? Let’s now talk about how to find good dancing and hip hop shoes right now.

You Can Buy Multi-Purpose Sneakers For A Hip Hop Class

Whatever shoes you are wearing for Zumba class is also a good fit for hip hop class. That means you can wear athletic sneakers. You do not need to wear dance shoes that have split-soles because they are not necessary. Besides, they will cause you to stick out like a sore thumb, which you do not want. That is not the type of attention you want to bring to yourself. You are at the hip hop class to enjoy dancing and getting into shape. You don’t even need to wear any specialty dance shoes. That pair of sneakers that you already own that are in good condition is good enough to wear for this class. If you don’t have a good pair of sneakers, you will want to grab a pair or two.

The type of running shoes to buy must be multi-purpose shoes. They must be suitable for dancing, such as wearing them during hip hop or Zumba class. You can wear them if you are planning to take hikes, jogs, or leisurely walks around the neighborhood. That is why you will want to get yourself several pairs of sneakers instead of just one as you don’t want to be limited to wearing one type for hip hop class only because that is inconvenient. That is unless you want to, of course, due to reducing the wear and tear of the sneakers. What features should the sneakers have?

What Type Of Style Or Brand Of Sneakers Should You Buy For Dance Class?

The short answer to that question is that you don’t need to worry about getting a particular brand or style of sneakers for hip hop or any dance class of that nature. Some hip hop dancers do prefer to wear sneakers that are trendy or stylish, but you don’t have to follow that lead if you choose not to.

If others in your hip hop class have other common brands of sneakers they are wearing, then that is entirely up to you if you want to fit in with that. That is if you don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb. However, unless you are wearing a specialty dance shoe that causes you to stand out, no one will care about the brand of sneakers you are wearing. More than anything, it is essential to wear sneakers that are sturdy, good-quality, or new, and are meant to dance. That means they must have excellent traction.

You want to make sure that the sneakers fit well and comfortably and allow you to move your feet comfortably. If your sneakers are bulky, then that will only cause you to struggle to move your feet. That will only cause you to become impatient with the class and give up on it quickly. However, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right dancing and hip hop shoes.

What Type Of Sneakers Should You Avoid Purchasing?

You do want to buy sturdy sneakers, and you already know to keep away from those that are too bulky. That is because they will stop you from moving smoothly. That will only cause you to become frustrated. However, those are not the only types of sneakers to avoid when buying the right ones for hip-hop or a dance class.

You will want to avoid tennis shoes that are canvas made or casual sneakers. That is because they lack the proper cushioning and support to keep your feet comfortable and safe. A casual pair of sneakers may not properly stabilize your feet and ankles because when you are dancing, your feet will move from side to side. A casual pair of running shoes are walking and jogging shoes only. The problem that you could face is that you can easily twist an ankle if you wear those shoes while dancing. Your chances of ending up with an injury are higher.

You could wear a good-quality pair of sneakers for dancing, but the key is that they must be not made of canvas and must have the right amount of cushioning for your feet. It would be best if you had that to provide the proper support for your knees and ankles.

What Key Features Should Sneakers Have For Dancing?

The bottom line is that the pair of sneakers that you want to buy for hip hop dancing must stabilize the ankle and foot regardless of the type of motion. They also must be cushioned well because you will be jumping as well as landing often. That means when you are searching for the best type of running shoes, check to make sure that they have those essential features. And if they do, then they are a good match for your purpose.

However, if you have had medical conditions involving your feet or ankles such as ankle injuries, you’ll need to consult with your podiatrist. Your podiatrist can recommend the best type of sneakers to buy for hip hop or dance classes that are ideal for your situation. You can talk to a certified pedorthist and give you advice on the type of dance shoes to buy if you have had foot problems.

Some sports podiatry associations will share recommended lists of athletic shoes in their publications. That will give you an idea of the best type of shoes to buy as well. There is a good chance that you will find the right kind of sneakers for dancing, even if you have had various conditions with your feet or ankles such as achilles tendonitis.


If you are considering trying out new dance classes, you will not know how to find good dancing and hip hop shoes. Since you know that a pair of sneakers can work, you still need to know which type to get. Outdoor basketball shoes that are canvas made and casual running shoes are not ideal shoes for dance or hip hop classes. That is because they don’t provide your feet, ankles, and knees the right support for intense dancing.

If you are uncertain about the type of dancing sneakers to buy, you will want to talk to a podiatrist or certified pedorthist for advice. As long as you do your research on the best shoes to get, you will find the right pair of dance shoes. And that will make your dancing experience more enjoyable.