Why Feet Do The Things They Do


You may not overthink your feet as you walk on them without really wondering their real purpose. You walk by using your feet because without them, you would not be able to walk, and that much you know. That part is correct, but your feet are a lot more critical than you can imagine. Yes, you use your feet for walking. However, do you realize how much work your feet endure as you walk? It takes a lot to grasp the ground as you take one step after another.

How can your amazing feet endure all of those steps they take? They work hard by keeping you upward and mobile. That is why your feet not only make up for a quarter of the bones in your body, but they are natural shock absorbers. Your Achilles tendon, located at the back of the heel, is the strongest. That alone can give you an idea of how big your feet are and why they can do fantastic things. And it also depends on the connection your feet have to your brain.

What Is The Brain-Foot Connection?

The only way your muscles move and your organs in your body function is by communicating with the brain. The exception for that is the heart. Therefore it is not a stretch to realize that the feet are in constant communication with the mind. Did you know that each foot has approximately 200,000 nerve endings? They are also very responsive as they gather information from your brain that involves temperature to pressure, which results in the movement of the feet. Then, you can move them in any way you choose or walk in any way you want. Your feet are an essential component of the proprioceptive system because they are crucial sensory organs.

As you walk, your toes are in contact with the ground, about 75 percent of the time. You probably didn’t think much about the purpose of the toes, but you are about to learn more about them. Your toes are a significant part of your feet. Without them, your feet could not do the things they do. That is because your toes help keep you balanced on the ground. The big toes are what enable you to keep your feet moving because they are the ones that help you spring off the ground. Your toes help your feet stay in balance because they can hold your weight when you are walking. Let’s now talk more about the role of your big toe.

You are about to learn that your big toe is the most essential toe duet o the fact that it helps you stay balanced as you walk. And the reason you can walk upright is that your big toe is there to make it possible for you to do it. However, at the same time, if you ever lost your big toe, you could retrain your foot to utilize different muscles to compensate for it. You’d need help from a physical therapist.

Your large toe is full of so many nerve endings to help you stay balanced, which is why when you stub that toe, it hurts. Stubbing that toe hurts more than stubbing your other toes due to that reason alone. Now you see why it is crucial to take excellent care of your feet because you know how much your feet do for you to keep you mobile and functional.

Your Upright Posture Is The Result Of The Amazing Things Your Feet Does

You know how essential your toes are, as they are why your feet can function the way they do. Your toes and feet are the reason your posture remains upright as you stand and walk. Therefore, they help you stay stable as you are standing up and walking, as your foot posture determines the even distribution of your body weight. That is why standing still is a lot more exhausting than walking and even running.

Only a few of your foot muscles are in use when you are standing still for long periods. While you are walking and running, many muscles in your feet are in use. Additionally, as you are using them, it helps the circulation increase, decreasing fatigue in your legs and feet. When you stand up without moving, your circulation is not going. Therefore, you feel a lot of fatigue after standing up for a while, in addition to only using a few muscles, which are quite burdened. That is why you want to make sure that you take care of your feet as well as you do. You know of the fantastic things they do, so you want to nurture your feet the best way you can.

How Can You Take Good Care Of Your Feet?

Since you now know why feet do the things they do, you want to help to make sure that they remain functional so they can help you live a high-quality life. The first thing to do is to make sure you wear shoes that are supportive of your feet. Supportive shoes have low heels and wide-toe boxes so that your feet and toes have room to move around instead of cramming in. That is why women, for instance, are prone to develop conditions such as bunions when they wear high heels. High heel shoes do not provide the right support, and they are also known to have narrow toe boxes that cram their toes together.

If you are wearing shoes that are causing you foot pain, then that is a sign that the shoes you are wearing are not supportive. That means removing those shoes and find shoes that are supportive to your feet, such as high-quality sneakers. You must see your podiatrist look at your feet if you continuously have foot pain and discomfort even after switching your shoes to a more comfortable type. You may need orthotics as well as specialized shoes to help keep your feet healthy and stable so you can live a good quality of life.

Another thing to do is to make sure that you foster good posture to help support your feet as you stay upright. If you consistently practice an excellent position, you will not experience pain and discomfort with your feet. It is essential to make a habit of developing good posture, especially if you are out on the field doing rigorous work. Those are the few natural and crucial ways to nurture your feet.


You have learned about why feet do the things they do, and that is because they are a remarkable part of your body. They contain a good portion of the muscles in your body and work very hard to keep you mobile and upright. Now you have learned as well why your toes, especially your big toe is an integral part of your feet. They serve an essential purpose.

The least you can do is take excellent care of your feet by regularly getting the best shoes and staying upright in the best posture. If you are wearing a pair of shoes that makes you uncomfortable, then it is time to get rid of them and find the best quality shoes for your remarkable feet.