What About Crocs? The Most Controversial Shoes In The Market


Crocs was designed and produced by Lyndon and George Beoedecker Jr, crocs was first produced to be a boating shoe. Crocs was tested and accepted by American podiatric medical association in 2009. The U.S government center for medical services approved crocs as diabetic footwear, to help reduction of foot injuries. In the year 2006, crocs sale increased and people began to purchase it. Important people holding high posts has been George W. Bush After a week of using this important people’s picture to advertise, there was a 1500 percent increase in crocs sales. Crocs company has been selling sandals, clogs and other footwear for a long period of time.

At a particular point in time, crocs company went bankrupt, there was no sales for them, but they re-strategized, they studied how and what their customers want in a product, they increased their advertising method across social media, email marketing, broadcasting services and other places. Gradually they came back stronger. Crocs are designed with little holes that will allow air into your leg when you wear them, the air prevent heat in between your leg and the footwear, thereby preventing your leg from smelling because when air is not allowed into a shoe or other types of footwear, it begins to smell bad.

Crocs exist in different colors, you will definitely see your best color and any other color of your choice, they are easy to clean, no matter what gets on them either dust or mud, you can choose to wash it with soap and water or dip in inside of washing machine or clean it with water and clothe. Crocs are not just for some specific people rather, they are for everybody, children, adults and teens.

Features Associated With Crocs

Crocs are used in lots of places like hospitals, they are usually use by surgeons in hospital whenever they want to do a surgery in an operating room. Crocs are light weight, comfortable and water proof. It is made from polymer, it has soft and open cell foam that aids comfortability. Crocs are suitable for long drives because they are pair of comfortable foot wear.

Crocs are also used by chefs because it allows mobility, relives pressure, protect the feet from kitchen accidents like kitchen tool falling on the chef feet and oil spillage. Chefs use crocs in the kitchen because it protects them from falling on a slippery floor or oily floor.

Another shocking fact about crocs is their ability to replace plant pot in your garden if you cannot afford the cost of numerous plant pots, you can easily fill your crocs with soil and use it in place of plant pots.

Crocs can also be use as sprinkler in the garden, you can put it at the end of your watering can, the holes in it will serve as sprinkler for your watering can, water and plants.

You can also wear crocs in a dirty environment, it will prevent bacteria, crocs footwear are lined with anti-bacteria materials.

Apparently, you can use crocs to cover your face while watching a scary movie, instead of blind folding your face or using a pillow to cover up your face, you can use your crocs and view the screen through the holes.

Things You Should Know About Crocs

Crocs Are Comfortable:

Its not a lie that crocs are comfortable shoe, you can wear it for hours without feeling any pain or discomfort. You can wear crocs back home after a long shift at work especially if you are the type of person that wear heels to work, after your shift, you can easily change crocs are, you can wear it for hiking and long drives.

Crocs Are Great For College:

You can take a pair of crocs with you to your apartment in college, you can wear your crocs to class whenever you wake up late or when you don’t have time to pick out fancy clothes. Crocs can be worn as sandals and slippers. They are easy to slip on when you want to leave your room or house quickly to avoid some works. They are best worn on a rainy morning because it is water proof.

Crocs Are Durable:

Crocs are pairs of footwear that last for a long period of time, you can wear it during summer, it can also be used as shower shoe, it is water proof, you don’t have to be scared that it will be destroyed by water.

What To Wear With Crocs.

  1. Jeans
  2. Mid length clothes. For example, gown
  3. Wear slim trousers that will show your crocs
  4. You can wear a hat with crocs to compliment your dressing. Might be beanies, bucket hat or novelty hats.

Do not wear off color crocs, make sure the color of your crocs combines with your other attire color. Instead of looking for flashy colors that will compliment, you can wear a white or black color crocs instead. See the appropriate shoes for work and business meetings.

Use it as a casual footwear, we know wearing a flip flop in public does not look nice with any type of clothe we wear, instead replace it with crocs and you are good to go.

Wear crocs on natural flowing hair, wearing crocs on ponny tail might make you look childish.

Wear your crocs with confidence, don’t give a care about what people will say rather, wear your crocs and turn out stunning, with time people will start copying your style.


Crocs has taken over the market now, it is widely use in different countries all over the world, it can be use by anyone either adult, children or adult. Crocs are lightweight, affordable and durable. You can use it as casual footwear, you can wear it to college, long drives and hiking. Hats can also be worn with crocs, for those that does not like flashy colors, you can choose color black and white moreover, it compliments any color.

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