What Are Appropriate Shoes For Work And Business Meetings


There’s a popular saying that you’ll be addressed the way you dress, It’s a true saying. If you dress like a nurse you’ll address as one, based on the way you dress. Knowing what shoe to wear for each occasion is a bonus to your lifestyle, it will make you feel comfortable, presentable and on point. You wouldn’t have to look out for embarrassment, wearing the appropriate shoe for work and business meeting will make you feel comfortable and relaxed because you’ll have confident in your dressing, you will not have to doubt if you will be looked on down at or addressed wrongly.

There are different types of shoes for different occasions, same thing applicable to work and business meetings. There are some offices that allow you to wear casual shoes to work. But you as a fashion icon and fashion oriented person knows what shoe to wear on what clothe.

Step 1

Business shoes are shoes you wear in and for professional places like an interview, business meeting, book launching etc. Everyone needs a pair of shoes that will compliment their dressing, make them look decent and also stylish all at the same time. The major reason why you have to dress ideal and professional meeting is either to build connections, sign business deal or agreeing to partnership. Hence, it is very important that you’re at your best.

Factors To Be Considered When Choosing A Shoe For Work And Business Meetings

There are few things that you are suppose to put into consideration before wearing a shoe to work or that business meeting.


Before you wear a shoe to work or business meeting, make sure it is a shoe that is in good condition, and shoes that are not too tight or too loose. If shoes are not in good conditions, they can cause embarrassment. If your shoe is too loose, it can keep falling off, examples are heels. If shoes are too tight, they can also cause bruise, thereby injuring our skin and health. Wearing uncomfortable shoes will cause discomfort and will affect your mobility at work, especially lose ones. Also, wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes can make loose you lose business deals because you are not comfortable and unable to concentrate on business discussions. Read about how to find a shoe that fits.


Wearing a shoe that combines with your clothe is a big flex, it boost your confidence level, make you will well with high self esteem which you need at work or business meetings. Wearing off shoes on clothes will attract people discussing you or even pointing at you at work that isn’t good is it?

Now let’s discuss the types of shoes for that should be worn to work and business meetings.

Outfit For Work

Men’s Shoe For Work

Men can wear footwears like sneakers to work as long as they feel comfortable in it and it marches with their clothe. Wear shoes that are light weight and easy to walk with, also consider the soles, do not wear shoes with bad soles to work, to avoid ruining your day.

Women’s Shoe For Work

Some women prefer different types of shoes, some prefer open toes, some closed toes, some also prefer flat shoes and some like shoes that are closed at the front, and cut open at the back showing their heel. It all depends on comfortability. Your work place is an environment that you are familiar with, you know the dressing rules that work there and you follow it to the core. Sneakers and loafers are also considered to be worn by women to work. As stated earlier, you can’t wear shoes that doesn’t compliment your dressing, loafers and sneakers can be worn on blazers and every other type of clothes that fit it and compliments it.

Outfit For Business Meeting

Men’s shoe for business meetings

Going for a business meeting require dressing corporate wearing suits and shoes that compliments their dressing. Men can wear a cooperate shoes like Chelsea bot shoes, corporate leather shoes, loafers or leather suede shoes. They can be in color black and brown as long as they are not wearing a different color of belt to it. Because there is a general dressing rule for guys to wear a black belt on a black shoe, a brown belt on a brown shoe too. The two colors should not contradict each other. This are comfortable, fashionable and good shoes that will make men look good and smart during business meetings. Note that it is important that you dress like a professional that you are or that you aspire to be to business meetings.

Women’s Shoe For Business Meeting

As a woman, choosing a shoe for a business meeting can be tedious, you will be confused because you don’t know what to choose. But first of all, you must have at least two pairs of business shoes in black and nude color. Because these two colors compliment and matches any type and color of cloth, in case one of it has maintenance issue, you can easily switch to the second one. In terms of considering styles, the best shoe for women to wear for a business meeting are shoes that are closed toe and closed heel shoes, cause some women wearing shoes that are open at the heel. Closes toe shoes are shoes that make you look professional and more smart as a woman. Flats are also good for business meetings in terms of comfortability.

Heels of about two to three inches are also a good deal for business meeting provided you know how to walk well in heel without making noise, causing a scene and spraining your ankle. If you can’t wear heel or feel comfortable in it, you can go for easy and professional shoes like flats.

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Footwears are one of the important things to consider while dressing and preparing for work and the two major factors to consider before waring a shoe to work is the comfortability and combination. No matter how attractive a shoe might be, do not chose to wear it to work or business meeting if its not your size or if it is not comfortable. Uncomfortable shoes cause discomfort, risk health and put you at risk of embarrassment.

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