How Long Do Spikeless Golf Shoes Last


Every sports activity needs shoes that are fitted for its environment. Golf shoes are primarily designed to maximize the players’ capabilities, like balance, flexibility, and stability. The shoes preserve or secure the course conditions and also enable players to be comfortable during games. This article will discuss in detail the longevity of spikeless Golf shoes.

Meaning of Spikeless Golf Shoes

Spikeless Golf Shoe has a flat outsole along with rubber dimples or studs in place of spikes. Spikeless shoes are becoming more popular for golfers. They feature a pimple-styled design on the sole to enable traction, making them feel like trending trainers. Though, the style sometimes struggles in slippery and more rigid situations and can cause the removal of traction provided by spikes. The leading spikeless golf shoe brands today are Puma, FootJoy, Ecco, Adidas, and Nike.

How Long Do Spikeless Golf Shoes Last

How long a spikeless golf shoe lasts depends on how regularly you use them and how you care for them. If you are a golf player who operates on wet floors and stores your golf shoes often in your car trunk, then you might just use your golf shoes for a season. Conversely, golfers who always dry their shoes after every game and appropriately store them can wear their shoes for as long as three to four years or seasons. See the best at-home storage methods for shoes.

In other words, spikeless golf shoes should last from three to four years based on how often and the purpose you wear them. If you play golf twice weekly, as the custom is, then they might last many years. On the other hand, if you wear your spikeless shoes on all occasions, it might last just one year; the shoe’s bottoms will begin to diminish, become ineffective, and slippery.

How to keep the Longevity of Spikeless Golf Shoes

Here are some guidelines on how to keep the longevity of your golf shoes:

Wear your shoes only in games or practice;

Since spikeless golf shoes are designed majorly for golf playing, you shouldn’t wear them as regular shoes. Don’t use them while driving, walking about in the parks, working, or visiting a store. Wear your spikeless golf shoes only when you are set for your rounds or games.

Choose and buy the right spikeless golf shoes;

Your pair of golf shoes would not last long if, when purchasing them, you only consider their appearance instead of their function.

As sophisticated as golf sport is, you may be concerned about the appearance of your shoes. However, you are not required to forgo comfortable shoes for the style only. If you buy good-looking golf shoes that don’t suit your feet comfortably, you will undoubtedly regret purchasing them.

Right maintenance;

Always scrub your shoe outsoles with a suitable brush to remove grass, dirt, and other debris. After, dry the shoes using a microfiber towel; don’t use hard materials. Often polish your golf shoes to restore their condition and shine. After a few rounds, always ensure to do cleats examination. Your spikeless golf shoes will certainly last longer if you utilize the right and proper ways in maintenance.

See how to clean golf shoes correctly.

Buy extra spikeless golf shoes;

Endeavor always to buy an extra pair of golf shoes if you want your shoes to last longer. Doing so would make your shoes not to tear apart or spoil fast. You can even make a golf shoe rotation if you wish to have long-lasting spikeless golf shoes. When you wear shoes repeatedly, they will quickly get damaged and offer less support and traction.

Materials Used in Golf Shoes

The longevity of spikeless golf shoes depends on the shoe material. The materials used in making spikeless golf shoes include:


Leather is the most typical material for making golf shoes. It is crafted to offer breathability and stability and also significant for summer plays.

Waterproof linings;

This form of material permits moisture to permeate but doesn’t allow a high water quantity. What’s more, golf shoes that have waterproof linings work flawlessly during the winter seasons.


Synthetic is cheaper than leather. Synthetic contains a polyester make-up that is put around the golf shoes to guide shoe outsoles.

Benefits of Spikeless Golf Shoes

Professional golfers invest sufficiently in their golf shoes to enhance their performance. If you aren’t convinced yet on the need to purchase your golf shoes, here are the main benefits of getting golf shoes:

Sliding Prevention;

The swinging motion, if you hit shots, ensures you deploy downward pressures. What happens is that it sets a lateral and rotational force on your feet’ entirety. Thus, wearing a golf shoe that tailors to people’s swing permits you to have your feet withstand forces.


A fitted shoe will snug in your feet safely. You can make your feet not to sustain cramps if you wear comfortable shoes. Meanwhile, getting the proper shoe size isn’t the only consideration in looking for comfort. It equally includes the addition of the latest materials to the golf shoes. If your golf shoes squeeze your heels and toes, it will distract your performance. See how to find a shoe that fits


Another vital benefit of spikeless golf shoes is their rubber soles’ choice to enhance the shoes’ sturdiness. Several materials used in golf shoes contain lightweight but firm sections. It offers a stable and robust arch backing that other footwears lack.


Most spikeless golf shoes nowadays comprise of materials that support breathability. Several modern or latest golf shoe models have components that make the feet avoid sweating and permit them to absorb wet. Meanwhile, other golf shoes have a footbed that contains charcoal and polyurethane materials. Polyurethane is a significant feature that works great for warming and cooling the feet.

Extending Golf shoes’ life

Golf shoes that will complete every one of your requirements and conditions will likely cost you some funds. Be that as it may, the shoes will certainly last for an extended period. A poorly made golf shoes can make you be at risk of aches, blisters, and soreness. Hence, it could disrupt your concentration and become detrimental to your golf’s performance. With the right choice and maintenance, you can extend the longevity of your shoes live.


It is vital to add that the primary benefit of spikeless golf shoes is that you don’t need to change the spikes. If you take proper care of your spikeless golf shoes, it will last long for you.