What Are The Best At-Home Storage Methods For Shoes


It is increasingly necessary to look for different storage and decoration options for shoes in houses and apartments.

Shoes are usually stored in closets, which increases the chances of getting messy, and the task of finding a necessary pair becomes more complicated than it needs to be. There are alternatives so that this type of situation does not happen and, with creativity, it is possible to arrange all your shoes in different and practical ways. Even if they are stored in cabinets with doors, it is necessary to ensure that the room is always ventilated.

In this article, you will discover some best at-home storage methods for your shoes to ensure that they stay attractive and lovable.

Best At-home Storage Methods for your shoes

  1. Shelves

The shelves are still great allies for organizing shoes and allow differentiation by model, color, material, etc. Frames also make it very easy for you to locate a shoe.

  1. Ladder

An old staircase is a great trick for those who have many high-heeled shoes. Thus, you can hang your shoes and gain more space in the room.

  1. Hangers

Hangers can store shoes in addition to clothes. Hang the sandals on multi-purpose hangers and save some closet space.

  1. Shoe rack behind the door

Install shelves or shoe holders behind your bedroom door and arrange them according to the frequency of use, so that organization and maintenance are facilitated.

  1. Shoeboxes

You can use shoeboxes also to organize your shoes. Paste a photo of each shoe on the front of its original box and stack it. So you will know which shoe is in each location. You can also put a curtain isolating this stack of containers to bring cleaner air to the environment.

  1. Transparent boxes

You can use transparent boxes to store your shoes, separating them by use, leaving the ones that are most used in the lower parts and those that are used less frequently in the upper part.

  1. Deep drawers

You can easily customize deep drawers: simply install different supports inside them to store your shoes.

  1. Hooks

You can use hooks on the room walls and allocate some pairs of shoes most used in them.

  1. Chest

A personalized chest is an excellent tip for storing shoes. Installing several supports inside it, you can turn the piece into a decorative and great object to keep shoes

  1. Overhead accessories

In furniture stores, there is a wide variety of accessories. The essential thing is to identify yourself with them to organize your shoes and get them off the floor.

  1. Towel holder

The towel racks are great for hanging shoes too. By installing some of these accessories on the wall, you can leave your most used (daily) pairs in it.

  1. Wood fiberboards

Wood fiberboards are inexpensive options to share space and turn it into a shoe rack.

  1. Shoe rack on the bed rail

You can choose a plastic or nylon, or fabric shoe rack installed on the bed rail and hidden by the sheet. Shoe racks are great solutions to save space and not let the pairs of shoes show.

  1. Wicker baskets

You can use Wicker baskets to organize sneakers and slippers, giving a charm to your environment.

  1. TNT bags

You can also use TNT bags with a transparent front to organize the party shoes. TNT is an inexpensive and straightforward fabric to buy, and these bags can be easily made at home.

  1. PVC pipes

Thick PVC tubes can also be used to store shoes and make the environment more conducive. You can paint them and bring a more fun look at the storage.

  1. Suspended shoe racks

Suspended shoe racks are accessories that can be found in any furniture and household goods store and can be hung anywhere in the bedroom or closet, such as behind doors, for example.

  1. Niches

Boots are pieces that are used less frequently so they can be kept for a long time. Using niches is a great choice to store them without crushing or damaging your material. In addition to boots, this accessory can store all other types of shoes to make viewing more comfortable.

  1. Racks

You can use the available spaces of the racks to organize the pairs of shoes you use most.

  1. Bed drawers

Bed drawers are generally used to store objects used less often; use this place to store boots and party shoes that you use less in everyday life.

Necessary measures to take when storing shoes at home

Besides storage, the maintenance and care of shoes are essential to have them for longer. An important tip is to keep them fresh and clean before storing them; this is always the first step so that the pieces last longer and remain in good condition.

For maintenance and care to be always present, it is also essential to use an anti-mold product at the storage location. You may also consider getting a shoe protector spray to make them resistant to damage.

Some critical measures to take when storing your shoes are:

  • Clean leather shoes with a damp cloth before storing them and apply ointment or grease so that the material does not dry out
  • Apply waterproofing to the suede pieces before storing them, this is to ensure that they don’t get too dirty
  • On varnish shoes, wipe with a damp cloth
  • When the piece is made of fabric, it must be dry cleaned, as water can stain the colors or loosen the glue on the sole
  • The canvas shoes can be cleaned with a toothbrush and carpet shampoo, removing the excess with a damp cloth
  • Treat kid’s shoes with a layer of movable polish, applied with the help of a soft bristle brush


The most crucial care with shoes is to ensure their proper storage and keep them always clean so that their durability is not impaired. Also, their organization can give a decorative touch to your environment. Consider using one of the mentioned shoe storage methods to preserve your shoes.