What are the Different Kinds of Snowshoes?


When it comes to what we wear, many factors influence our choices. We dress based on what is appropriate in the community, the current fashion trends, or our desire to impress our peers and colleagues. However, one of the foremost factors that play a part in our dressing is the weather. If you live in a hot environment, your dressing must reflect the environment if you want to stay comfortable. This is also the case if you are currently living in a cold climate. You have to make sure that you are wearing clothes that are designed to keep you warm. One of the climate seasons that requires special clothing is the Winter season. Winter comes with extreme cold and snowfall, and our dressing changes during this period. Since snowfall is inevitable during winter, you have to wear shoes that are compatible with the environment. This special kind of footwear is referred to as snowshoes. Snowshoes serve special purposes, and there are different kinds of snowshoes on the market. In this article, we want to look at snowshoes and the different kinds of snowshoes we have. Enjoy!

What are Snowshoes?

Snowshoes are a unique set of footwear manufactured to help you walk over snow comfortably. When you wear a snowshoe, your weight is redistributed over a larger surface area so that your feet do not sink completely into the snow. The effect of this is known as floatation. Some snowfalls are quite thick, and if you try to walk on them with normal shoes, you can find your legs getting soaked. Snowshoes are manufactured with materials like lightweight metal, plastic, and synthetic fabric. The snowshoe is designed not to accumulate snow.

Different Kinds of Snowshoes

These are the different types of snowshoes available today

  1. Hiking or Recreational Snowshoes

When it comes to snowshoes, hiking snowshoes are the most popular set. These snowshoes are mostly designed with special technology, and they are meant for winter hiking. If you are the type that enjoys the outdoors and likes to have fun during the holiday period, then these shoes are for you. You would enjoy recreational snowshoes best when you are on gentle terrain. These terrains usually refer to flat or rolling hills. The recreational snowshoes are uniquely designed to give you more floatation than other snowshoes, and they tend to be bigger in structure. Although different manufacturers have their varying designs of recreational snowshoes, certain features are still common to them. Recreational snowshoes have a lesser grip on the ground, and they allow for better floatation. The traction system can be described as mildly aggressive. Another less recognized feature common to all hiking shoes is the webbing-based bindings that give the shoe a stronger and thicker structure. Most recreational snowshoes are quite affordable, and they are very popular among new trackers. This is because these snowshoes are flexible and easy to adjust. As the name suggests, the recreational snowshoes are perfect for folks who want to have a good time on gentle terrain. If you are new to snowshoeing, then getting a pair of recreational snowshoes will be a perfect choice.

  1. Backcountry Snowshoes

You can think of the backcountry snowshoes as a more detailed and intricate version of the recreational snowshoes. While the recreational snowshoes are designed for folks who want to have fun on a winter holiday, the backcountry snowshoes are designed for a more difficult purpose. The materials used in building backcountry snowshoes are high-end, premium quality materials, and they can withstand the harsh terrain of the backcountry. Compared to the recreational snowshoes, the backcountry snowshoes’ crampoons are tougher, larger, and more rugged. The binding straps are also freeze-resistant, and they are designed that way so that your shoes can withstand the extremely cold weather of the backcountry. Although the backcountry snowshoes have distinct advantages that help you tackle rough and steeper terrains, it also comes with one less desirable feature. The backcountry shoes have more weight than other snowshoes, and that will inevitably slow you down when walking. However, this is a small price to pay, considering that you have snowshoes with a rigid structure capable of withstanding the steepest snow hills. The backcountry snowshoes are not cheap, and they will stay durable for a long time (thanks to the premium materials utilized in their development). They are uniquely designed for people who like snowshoeing a lot.

  1. Running Snowshoes

If you want to live in good health and give your body the best, you cannot avoid exercises. People exercise in many different ways. If your form of exercise is running, you might find yourself unable to carry out this activity during winter. This is the reason why footwear manufacturers have produced and keep on producing this unique set of snowshoes. Running snowshoes are snowshoes designed to allow you to skip over snowy terrains with more speed and comfort. Unlike the other kinds of snowshoes, the running snowshoes are designed with a lightweight structure, and they are much smaller. They are designed for flat terrains, and they are usually packed down. The running snowshoes are not designed for flotation or steepness rather, and they offer you speed and the ability to walk easily. If you want to keep running in the winter, you should get running snowshoes.


Your footwear is an important piece of your overall outfit, and wearing the right pair for every occasion will save you from being uncomfortable. Snowshoes are the primary footwear in the winter season, and if you want to enjoy your snowshoeing experience, you have to make sure you pick out the right pair. If you want to go chilling with your friends or family during the winter, you would need recreational snowshoes. If you are thinking of venturing into a deeper part of the country, you should have your backcountry shoes ready. If you love to run and want to keep doing this during winter, you would be glad you bought running snowshoes. All these shoes serve their various purposes, and now you know what they are. We advise that you do a little research on the brand of snowshoes available on the market before making any purchase. Cheers!