How to Make Your Shoe Slip-Resistant – Non-Slip Shoe Tips


If you go to a restaurant and the waiter mistakenly slips and spills hot tea on you, you would not be very happy. Similarly, if you are walking on the street and you mistakenly slip and fall, you would cause discomfort to yourself and those around you at that moment. In both cases, the seriousness of the fall can lead to both minor and major injuries. The solution to problems like these is making sure that your shoe soles are steady and they hold firm. Some shoes are designed with a slippery sole, and you have to make them slip-resistant if you want to wear them anytime and anywhere. The task of making your shoe slip-resistant is quite easy. This article has been compiled to show you practical solutions to slippery shoes. Enjoy!

How to make your shoe slip-resistant.

Here are a few methods that you can employ if you want to make your shoe slip-resistant.

  • Scuff the soles

The best and most natural way to make your shoe slip-resistant is to scuff the soles. This involves roughening the soles by walking on harsh terrains like rocks, gravel, concrete or any other rough surface. Make sure that you are not walking on uneven ground because this can result in a painful fall. The smooth sole of your shoe will become rough, and you will have better traction.

  • Use grip pads

If your shoes are expensive and you are scared you might damage them when scuffing, then investing in grip pads might be the best solution. Grip pads are made from tough materials that are designed for grip. They will give you better traction and a stronger grip on slippery grounds. You can walk into any store to buy these grip pads, or you can order them online. When you get your grip pads, peel off the protective cover and place it on the correct part of the sole. Allow it to dry before wearing.

  • Apply rubber glue and salt combination

If you want to use a cost-effective method to make your shoe slip-resistant, then try this unique combination. The combination of rubber glue and salt on your shoe soles will give it more traction and grip. The grainy texture of the combination will solidify on the soles, and it will cause friction on slippery ground. This will prevent you from slipping by mistake. If you want to adopt this method, put sufficient glue and salt in a small bowl, mix them and apply them on the sole of your shoe with a brush.

  • Score the soles

Another cost-effective and easy method that you can use to make your shoe slip-resistant is by scoring the soles. This involves making alternating patterns on the sole with a sharp object. These lines will give the shoe more traction and grip. This method is effective, but it must be done with care. If you don’t do it carefully, you can cut through the sole, and this will spoil your shoe.

  • Use puff paint on the soles

If you have young kids and they take art, you might just have found a solution to your slippery shoes. You can apply puff paint to the soles of your shoe to give it better traction. When puff paint dries, it has a rough texture, and this will ultimately result in a tighter grip for your shoe. After applying the paint, it is important to leave it for hours to let it dry.

  • Apply traction spray on the soles

Traction sprays are uniquely designed to make your shoe slip-resistant. It is not the most cost-effective method, but it will save you a lot of time. All you have to do is buy the spray and spray a good amount on the soles of your shoes. If you have hair spray, you can also apply it on the shoe, but it is not a permanent solution. You might have to respray it severally.

  • Use sandpaper on the soles

Sandpaper is generally known as an abrasive material, and it creates the same effect on the soles as walking on rough surfaces. When you get your sandpaper (get a thick and coarse one), rub it over the sole until it starts feeling rough and rub it a little more. At the end of the process, your shoes should no longer be slippery.

  • Use a nail file

If you cannot get sandpaper, another excellent tool you can use is a nail file. A nail file might not cover enough sole surface like your sandpaper, but it will get the job done. With a nail file, you have to target strategic parts of the sole and then file it until it becomes textured. If done correctly, your sole will have better grip and traction. If you want outstanding results, use a metal nail file.

  • Use masking tape

The masking tape method is not a permanent solution, and it should only be used in case of emergencies. If you are heading into somewhere visibly slippery and you are wearing slippery shoes, then you can easily roll out a few masking tapes and put on the sole. Form it into an X, and then you are good to go.

  • Contact a cobbler

If you want a permanent and long-lasting result immediately, then the best thing is to take your shoe to a professional. Experts can easily help give your shoe a stronger grip and better traction. Another advantage that comes from trusting an expert is that you take away all the risk that comes with any of the above methods. Usually, these cobblers will not charge you much. After they are done, you can go home and start enjoying your footwear.


Slipping or falling can be very uncomfortable regardless of the time and the place it happens. Anybody will want to avoid this situation, and one of the ways to do that is by making sure all your shoes have a solid grip and good traction. This article has presented you with different methods you can use to make your shoe slip-resistant. You should pick the method you are most comfortable with and apply it on your slippery shoes. Cheers!