Are there specific shoes just for CrossFit? Running vs. training shoes for CrossFit?

CrossFit, of course, hasn’t been around that long. It is a relatively new sport, so CrossFit shoes have to be invented as well.

CrossFit consists of various sporting activities such as weight lifting, gymnastics, box jumps, athletics, and many other diverse sports. Some CrossFit athletes believe that not wearing shoes while at the sports is the best; they think that shoes limit the freedom of movement of the feet. This fact is true to an extent because shoes with stiff soles and excessive cushioning, for example, does not allow for accurate rolling of the foot. The wrong shoes get in the way of natural ways of moving. For this reason, CrossFitters prefer to wear a rather minimalist shoe or transition shoes in addition to a dedicated CrossFit shoe.

Minimalist shoes have flexible soles and are light. They are also flat and thin. They perform a double function of protecting the feet and give a feeling that you are walking barefoot. Transition shoes, on the other hand, are flatter but have more cushioning and support than minimalist shoes. CrossFit shoes usually belong to one of these two categories.

Running Shoes Vs. Training shoes – which is a better option?

Features of running shoes

  1. Running shoes have large and cushioned heels and have a drop of 10+mm. They are designed for forward motions. In terms of weight, running shoes are slightly lighter than training shoes.
  2. They are comfortable to use: Running shoes are very cozy to use, and they provide a good grip when running or during lateral movements. They are, however, not suitable to stand up to rope climbing as they do not provide the needed stability.
  3. Running shoes usually have a mesh in the upper part.

See the difference between cross-country and running shoes.

Features of Training shoes

  1. Unlike other shoes, training shoes have a small heel lift of only about 4 mm, making users comfortable while doing different exercises.
  2. It has a firm outsole for stability, so running and jumping are quite comfortable.
  3. Training shoes have a mesh in the upper part, which prevents the leg from sweating. Training shoes, though not the best for running, are designed to accommodate all kinds of athletics movement.

The training shoe is fundamental if you just started on a box. This type of footwear, though it doesn’t seem like it at first, is necessary for you to do the WODS well and maintain the integrity of the shoe.

Choosing a Perfect CrossFit shoe – Factors to consider

Training while wearing the wrong shoes can lead to unexpected injuries. Purchasing the right training shoes is indispensable because it ensures maximum training performance. By wearing shoes suitable for your exercise, you can move your body more comfortably and flexibly, making the training process less arduous.

As already discussed, the sport of CrossFit is a versatile one as it offers a wide variety of programs. Before purchasing a CrossFit shoe for your next training, consider the following factors:


A right CrossFit shoe should be as light as possible; you should think you are not wearing any shoes and that your boots fit like a second skin.

Also, lightweight shoes have the advantage of being more practical; you don’t have to carry extra weight on your feet. Lightweight shoes are beneficial for exercises like box jumping and toes to bars, where you have to make an effort to raise your leg.


Convenience is perhaps the most indispensable factor to consider when choosing a CrossFit shoe. The right CrossFit shoe must be snug and comfortable; they should not be too free or too tight but should be your exact size. See how to choose a shoe that fits.

Shoes developed mainly for CrossFit often have broad noses. Wide noses give your toes all the space they need, and they can move more freely; this contributes to good posture and technique.

Be sure to try the shoes on at the store before purchasing them.


Good CrossFit shoes are made of breathable fabric; sweaty feet are never fun, and certainly not during an intense WOD. Also, many shoes specially designed for CrossFit have a grip lining not only on the sole but also on the outside of the shoe, which makes activities like climbing much more comfortable and protects the shoe from wear and tear.


You can purchase various CrossFit shoes for different workouts. For example, if you find that you prefer to wear firmer shoes for lift components, buy weightlifting shoes for these components.

Even in the various CrossFit collections from well-known brands, there are several types of shoes for multiple purposes. There are CrossFit shoes that have been specially developed for fast WOD and those that you can fasten with Velcro for more stability when lifting.


There are shoes designed for men and those designed for women. Avoid buying unisex CrossFit shoes as men and women have different feet shapes. Go for shoes that are specifically designed for your gender.

What CrossFit shoe to purchase

Finding the best CrossFit shoes can be quite a task as many brands exist now in the market. The best sneakers for Crossfit should be versatile enough to work in handle kinds of conditions so you won’t have to change your shoes midway through a session.

The following are some CrossFit shoes you can purchase;

Best Men’s CrossFit Shoes

  1. Reebok CrossFit Nano 5 Trainer: The most famous CrossFit shoe is the Reebok Crossfit Nano. It has a durable outsole that does not fall apart during rope climbing.
  2. Nike Metcon 2 Cross Trainer

Best Womens CrossFit Shoes

  1. Reebok Nano 3.0 CrossFit Trainer
  2. Ryka Influence Cross Trainer
  3. ASICS Women’s Gel Craze  Cross Trainer


A perfect CrossFit shoe meets the standard of a rigid and flexible outsole, lightweight textile upper, good traction, and low heel lift. It is advisable to buy several pairs of shoes and change them depending on your workout goals. Some athletes practice weightlifting exercises in weightlifting shoes, and WOD is performed in cross-training sneakers or minimalist models if there is no rope in the complex. This approach helps to get all the benefits of the shoe and extend its lifespan.

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