What are Grippy Anti-Slip Shoes? What makes them special?


At one point or another, we have all seen someone slip and fall without any external push or force. The reason why this happened is that the person is wearing shoes that are not slip-resistant, and they walked on a slippery surface. People that work in restaurants and other places where water and oil can easily get to the floor, know the importance of wearing slip-resistant shoes. People who also engage in active sports like running, basketball, football, soccer golfing and others also prioritize wearing slip-resistant shoes during these games. Grippy anti-slip shoes serve a lot of purposes, and chief among them is the fact that they give us better traction and allow us to walk on any surface with confidence. If you are looking to get more information on grippy, anti-slip shoes and you want to understand what makes them so unique, then you have all that information right here. This article has been put together to show everything you need to know about slip-resistant shoes. Enjoy!

What are Slip-resistant shoes

Slip-resistant shoes are footwear that is uniquely designed to keep you from slipping, falling or tripping on any surface regardless of how wet or slippery the surface is at that moment. This kind of shoes are known as safety shoes, and they are a requirement in some places of work. When you wear slip-resistant shoes, you have a firmer grip on the ground and solid traction.

The shoe manufacturers design most non-slip shoes, and they are labelled as “non-slip shoes”, anti-slip shoes or “slip-resistant shoes.” However, if you bought a pair of shoes that you love, and they are not slip-resistant, there are several ways you can give them better traction. You can easily scuff the shoes, use grip pads or score the soles Non-slip for shoe tips. All these methods are great, but it is better if you invest your money in a pair of naturally designed anti-slip shoes. The unique features that they come with make the shoes something that you will enjoy using over time.

Unique features common to Slip-resistant shoes

If you want to buy slip-resistant shoes and you want to know the unique features that should come with these shoes, check out these points

  • Slip-resistant shoes have solid traction

The entire purpose of slip-resistant shoes is the traction that they provide. Slip-resistant shoes are made with soles that are built to withstand slippery or wet ground, if you play golf, you might have to play in wet grass and if your shoes don’t have the necessary golf and your shoes don’t have the needed traction, you can easily slip and fall during your swing. All slip-resistant shoes have outsoles built for firm grip and solid traction.

  • The sole have grippy, anti-slip treads

The traction that slip-resistant shoes have is possible because the shoes are designed with grippy anti-slip treads. If you check the outsole of your anti-slip shoe, you will notice patterned treads all over the sole. This tread prevents water from settling on the sole and therefore preventing slipping or falling of any kind. This anti-slip treads determine how much grip and traction the shoe would have. The more the treads, the more traction the shoe has and vice versa.

  • The soles are made with the right materials

The outsole of your anti-slip shoes must be made from the appropriate materials if they are to perform their functions. The most common material used to produce this outsole is rubber. It makes sense because water cannot penetrate the rubber, and it is quite soft. The softer the outsole of the shoe, the more slip-resistant the shoe is. Hard shoes have poor grip, and if your shoes are made from hard materials, they will not have the required traction. Other materials that your non-slip shoe sloes are made from include neoprene, polyurethane, nitrile and others.

  • The outsole has grooves a rounded structure

If the outsole of your shoe has a flat design, then it might not be slip-resistant. The flat design means that liquid can get trapped under the shoe, and that means you can slip if you walk on a slippery surface. Grooves are also very important for the soles. When grooves are cut insoles, they become more flexible, and this further helps to channel liquid out of the shoes. It would be best to buy non-slip shoes with rounded sides, deep grooves and deep patterned treads.

  • They are lightweight

Some people believe that non-slip shoes are usually heavy because they have unique outsoles. This is not true. The best non-slip shoes have a lightweight structure. Because athletes use these non-slip shoes to run and perform a rigorous activity, they cannot afford to be wearing heavy shoes. Non-slip shoes are made with lightweight, shock-absorbing rubber for the outsole and breathable materials for the upper part.

  • They have comfortable interior

If your shoe doesn’t have a comfortable interior, then you should not wear it. Non-slip shoes have a comfortable interior that makes people walk comfortably in them while feeling confident that they will not slip or fall. Your shoes should be a total package.

  • The shoes offer support to the heels and ankles

If your shoes are keeping you from slipping and falling, but they are not supporting your heels and ankles, you would still end up suffering some physical pain. Non-slip shoes are built with a solid outsole, but they also have internal structures that support the feet. They should be comfortable to run and walk around in on any surface.


Shoes help to serve many purposes, and they should also keep us safe. You should wear shoes that can keep you comfortable on any surface. If you work in a place that requires you to wear non-slip shoes or you are looking for non-slip shoes for a new physical activity you just picked up, then you would be glad you read this article. By now, you already know the unique features of non-slip shoes and how to identify the perfect product for you. When you go to the store, or you order a new pair of shoes online, always opt for slip-resistant shoes. You would be happy you did. Cheers!