Where can I Buy Water Shoes?


Water shoes are one of the most important gear you should ever think of for those water sports lovers. They are not just your best friend but your protector as far as this sport is concerned. This is because they provide your feet with adequate protection, giving you an excellent grip and traction. In some ways, they look like a sneaker and comes with a lot of versatility. Water shoes can be used for trail hiking, regular walking around, and other functions a sneaker would do.

If you are a very active water person, getting footwear as versatile as a water shoe should be your main priority. Lucky for you, this guide would do justice to how you can go about purchasing your water shoe for the next water climbing!

Water Shoes – What are they?

Perhaps you are just new to the universe of water sports. It would be cool for you to know what water shoes are before we continue our journey to where you can buy them. So, water shoes are a special kind of footwear that offers an excellent grip and traction for people who engage in active watersports. These kinds of shoes provide excellent protection to your feet and toes in general, and this is one of the distinctions that separate water shoes from water sandals. Likewise, water sandals have a lesser grip and traction compared to that offered by the water shoes.

Here is why you need a water shoe instead of the water sandals – The Pros!

  1. Excellent grip

Have you ever worn any kind of footwear in water to discover that your feet get slippery? No traction force to hold you while walking? With a water shoe, you don’t need to worry about that because they provide excellent traction. Considering this benefit, they can therefore be used as hiking shoes. You will no more feel slippery along those rocky terrains!

  1. Protection

In contrast to water sandals with an open toe design, the water shoe ensures that you have maximum protection at your front toe. This is one feature of a water shoe – “a closed up toe” feature that gives you more confidence to walk in any watery terrain without fear of having water-related infections like blisters.

  1. They do not retain water

This makes them the perfect footwear for watersports because they are not designed to retain waters as sneakers and other athletic footwear do. They lose water more than the water sandals because of the fabric utilized in their construction.

  1. Upper Foot Protection

Water shoes are always built to provide upper foot protection because of floating objects present inside the water. Although the styles might not be the same when you consider the brand, they all share these upper foot designs. Feel free to walk in any varied terrain in your water shoes!

Cons of Water Shoes

As you know that every footwear has its cons. Below are some you might want to check out

  • They can be very expensive

As a result of their remarkable designs, features, and benefits, water shoes are more expensive than water sandals. This also varies on the kind of brand, design, style, and size

  • Limited choice of colors

If you want to get all fancy in different colors and tones, well, it isn’t possible with a water shoe. Few brands, few manufacturers make water shoes as compared to other kinds of shoes.

  • Only limited to water

Besides being used as a hiking shoe, water shoes are only restricted to water. Due to their design of not retaining water, they lack the necessary padding effect to make you feel comfortable when you wear them outside of watersports. Even when they are used as hiking shoes, they still do not compare to true hiking shoes because of this feature

Where Can I Buy Water Shoes?

You can buy water shoes, both online and offline. However, there are a few recommendations we would like to suggest. If you want quality water shoes that are reasonably priced, you can check the Adidas Outdoor Jawpaw 2. Adidas’s water shoes feature a non-slip and flexible rubber sole and have a ventilated climacool upper with easy pull-on tabs and a slip-on style. They give you a snug and fit, quick-drying, excellent drainage, and great traction.

Brands like Speedo, Keen, NeoSport, Aleader, Merrell, Teva, NRS, and so on also make very dope water shoes.

Where to Buy them

The Adidas Outdoor Jawpaw 2 is sold both offline and online. Offline, you can check REI and Cabela, and some other specialized footwear stores. However, there are lots of retailers online in case you want to go online. You can check

  • Amazon
  • Cabela’s
  • Rei
  • NRS
  • Zappos

Speedo Water Shoes

Water shoes made by speedo are one of the best of the best out there! The Speedo Men’s Surfwalker 3.0 water shoe is designed with a four-way stretchable upper that helps for easy wearing plus quick-draining features with lots of other features. You can check

  • Amazon

Keen Men’s Evofit One Water Sandal

Keen is also on the game with some dope water sandals as well. With the use of EVOFIT fabric, you can be sure to have comfort and breathable protection just like a second skin. It also features TPU inserts for enhancing stability on any terrain with excellent traction in and out of the water. You can check

  • Amazon
  • Cabela’s
  • NRS
  • Zappos
  • Rei

Merrell Water Shoes

Another excellent choice is the Merrell water shoe. They have pretty features as well. They provide an excellent level of comfort and traction on any challenging terrain and surfaces you might find yourself in. Easy to dry as well. You can check their product out on

  • Amazon

Other choices listed above can mostly be found on Amazon if you want to go online!


Water shoe is an incredible piece of gear you should always have on you whenever you go for any watersport activities. A great shoe for short-distance hiking as well. In case you are looking forward to purchasing water shoes one of these days, we suggest you take heed of the recommendations in this guide. You could do more research based on your preference. We hope this guide has given you a foundational knowledge of where to begin your quest to buy a water shoe. Happy buying!