Advice on Zumba for Beginners


Many people don’t like the idea of exercising. That is why whenever they often think about having to work out indoors on their treadmills, they feel dread. Even the idea of taking a brisk walk outside can be tedious also though it is a lot more refreshing than going on the treadmill to workout. And gym memberships are not a consideration for a lot of people. They are expensive, and it is easy to find excuses not to go to the gym. That is why Zumba workouts are popular.

Those workouts are more like dancing, and you are dancing so much that you don’t even remember that you are working out. However, before jumping into the Latin-inspired dance, those who are brand new at this workout need to learn about a few things. Let’s now go over the advice on Zumba for beginners.

Always Wear Comfortable Clothing

The one thing to keep in mind as you are doing your Zumba workouts, you need to wear clothing that will keep you comfortable. Remember that you are burning a lot of calories as you do your dances, which means plenty of sweat will cover your skin. What does that mean? That means you must not wear clothing that will become drenched in sweat. Cotton is not the material to consider when you are buying tops for doing your Zumba workouts.

If you wear cotton, you will become soaked in sweat that it will appear that way to others if you are in a class. Even if you are doing the Zumba workouts on your own, you will be quite uncomfortable being drenched in sweat. And don’t go for low-cut tops either. What you need to buy are tops designed for Zumba and are made of moisture-wicking fabric so that they will not become drenched with your sweat.

Dark-colored Zumba tops are a good option as the light ones will highlight your sweat. When it comes to pants, you don’t want to wear jeans, which makes them very uncomfortable. A pair of haem sweatpants or Capri leggings are good options. You want them to be lightweight and comfortable. Don’t forget to buy yourself seamless underwear that is made with sweat-wicking fabric as well. Don’t even consider the thong underwear!

Wear Appropriate Zumba Shoes

Are you confused about the type of shoes you should be wearing when you do your Zumba workouts? Think about shoes that have low tread and will allow you to move quickly. That means don’t even consider using sneakers that are incredibly bulky to the point that they will get into the way of your dance moves. It is also essential that these shoes are slip-resistant. You are moving plenty, and the last thing you want to do is be at risk for slipping and falling, which means that you could injure yourself quite severely.

The right shoes for Zumba workouts are lightweight and meant for high-impact exercises. They can be made of canvas or leather as well, making sure they fit you comfortably. If they do not fit comfortably and they are too tight, then that increases the chances of you ending up with fungal infections on your feet. Not to mention, they are far from comfortable. If you are not comfortable doing your Zumba workouts because of the shoes you are wearing, you’ll want to give up. Therefore a lightweight pair of sneakers that are not bulky combined with some shoe protection should be ideal, make sure the shoes are comfortable.

Stay Hydrated But Don’t Drink Water Right Before You Start Your Zumba Class

You know that staying hydrated is extremely important for your Zumba class, as you will be sweating a lot. When you sweat, you lose a lot of water. If you are not hydrated enough, then that can be quite bad for you. You will become exhausted, fatigued, and you will even potentially pass out. Your heart is pumping hard, and your blood is circulating, which means that you need to be well-hydrated for that to keep happening. This is the same advice if you are an avid runner or competitive volleyball player!

The best thing to do is to drink your water 20 minutes before you start class. And you can take a water bottle with you to take some small sips during class if you absolutely must. However, don’t drink too much water right before you start class. If you begin doing an intense workout while your stomach is full of water, imagine what could happen. It will not be pretty. Not to mention, even if you were not to get sick, you would feel quite uncomfortable working out right after drinking a large glass of water.

It is best to drink your water 20 minutes before you begin class and stay sedentary during that wait time. You will also want to eat a light meal or a light snack such as fruits or nuts from two hours to 20 minutes before class. You need the energy to do the intense workout.

Talk To Your Doctor Before Joining A Zumba Class

Before you sign up for that Zumba class, be sure to visit your doctor first. You want to make sure that you get the green light to start doing intense workouts. If you have a medical condition, you may not be able to do those intense workouts. If you are pregnant or have a back injury, you cannot do Zumba. In some cases, if you received the diagnosis of cardiovascular illness, you want to stay active, but Zumba may not advisable.

Even if you feel healthy, you could have an underlying condition and be asymptomatic. That is why you must make an appointment with your doctor before you commit to taking Zumba classes. But if your doctor confirms that you are in good health, this is the best time to start taking classes.

Start Slowly

Did you just enroll in a Zumba class, and you are ready to attend a workout session daily? That is not advisable. What you want to do is begin with two classes a week, and three at the very most. You must build endurance to go through those workouts, which cannot happen if you jump into it too fast. Once you feel more confident about the exercise and you have the stamina, you can start increasing the frequency of how often you workout.

But if you start too fast and too soon, you will become very sore, and you could even injure yourself. Start slowly.


What you had just read is solid advice for Zumba beginners. If you have never done the workout before, you must learn about crucial things before you begin joining a class. You must get the right type of clothing, shoes, and knowing when to eat and to stay hydrated. Also, be sure to visit your doctor before you sign up for the class.

You don’t want to find out the hard way that you have an underlying health condition that can make Zumba dangerous. And remember to start very slow as you need the time and experience to build endurance. And once you are into it, remember to have fun! There is no right or wrong way to do Zumba exercises. Just do them!