Smelly Sneakers & How to Fix Them


You have a shoe that smells, and the smell could swallow up your buddies in the room, you should get that in check right now!

Smelly shoes are not a new occurrence it has virtually happened to almost everyone. However, some shoes are naturally inclined to terrible odor or become smelly faster. The best example is a sneaker. Most of us our sneakers so much. We practically wear it to any place, any events, for sports, and the gym. Hence the likely tendency for them to smell faster with some terrible odor.

Come to think of it; sneakers are a set of shoes, very comfy to wear, could match any kind of dress. You wear them because you feel comfortable with them. But there comes a real question, “are you comfortable outside with them”. Suppose you are, good for you. However, if you are on the other end of the pole, you would feel some tension building in you when in public because you know if you should take off your sneakers, the smell would hit everyone badly and even swallow them up!

If you are in this kind of shoe, then this guide is for you. You don’t need to be embarrassed any longer, and also there is no reason to keep on buying new sneakers that would also end up smelly. So, we have compiled the best approach you can use to fix your dreadful smelly sneakers. Read through the guide to learn more. Enjoy!

Why Do Your Sneakers Smell

“Gosh! Why do my sneakers smell”…

You are a hygienic person, and still, your sneakers smell so bad. You have asked yourself that question several times but do not seem to fathom out the cause. Well, the most obvious reason why your sneakers smell starts with your sweat. Yes, that is right!

Your feet have a lot of sweat glands, and that is why you sweat more. At the same time, this differs from one person to the other and could be hereditary. But the crux of the matter is that your sweat creates a conducive environment for the proliferation and buildup of bacteria. These bacteria especially Corynebacterium love the wet and humid environment as a result of the sweat and tend to act on the sweat by breaking it down to form some fatty acids that give out that pungent smelly odor.

This could sound a little confusing if you are not a science person. Still, the baseline is that your sneakers smell because of the buildup of bacteria.

Now that the fact has been established, we don’t need to stay much on it. All we need to do is to devise a radical plan to fix this pungent dreadful smelly odor. Read further to know how you can fix your smelly sneakers

How to Fix Smelly Sneakers

Without further ado, here is how you fix your smelly sneakers

NEUTRALIZING – De- stink the stench

This most effective way to fix your smelly sneakers is to neutralize the bacterial buildup present in it. This can be achieved with the aid of baking soda. Baking soda is well known for its general-purpose properties, and it is a reasonably cost-effective way to fix your smelly sneakers.

So, to use baking soda, just open the sneaker as wide as possible and then add the baking soda to the inside of the shoe and allowing it to sit there overnight. However, your main target should be the insole of the shoe, especially if it cannot be removed, which is common to sneakers. The baking soda will neutralize the smell by soaking up excess moisture while you sleep. Once the moisture has been soaked up, there won’t be breading space for the bacteria to build up.

A few drops of essential oil may be added, with baking soda before you fill your shoes for a fresher scent.

This approach is suitable for most sneakers; however, when it comes to sneakers made of real leathers, you have to take extra precaution with this approach. This is because baking soda is a good drying agent and could leave the leather so dried and eventually cracked up on a prolonged basis. It could even result in holes in the sneakers. However, this can only happen when you use this

technique many times.

Freezing the Sneakers

Another great way to fix smelly sneakers is to freeze them. Get a plastic bag and put the sneakers inside and then put them in the freezer. You are doing this to avoid contamination of other items such as food present in the freezer. What you don’t want to smell, you don’t want to ingest!

It might sound funny, freezing your favourite sneakers. However, there is a scientific explanation for this. Freezing is known to inhibit the growth of most bacteria. Bacteria proliferate well in hot and wet places and grows exponentially in this condition. But when they are frozen, their buildup is inhibited, and hence, no more foul smell!

This approach is most suitable for athletes and regular gym buddies because this is a simple, free and quick method that does not involve any cost

Drying the Sneakers

As stated earlier, bacteria proliferate well in a wet, humid environment. So drying could be one option to fix smelly shoes. You could use the UV power from the sun to dry out your sneakers. However, too much sunlight could also destroy your sneakers. The afternoon sun is still better to dry out your sneakers

Better still, you can stuff your sneakers with newspapers. Newspapers soak up sweat and thereby prevent the growth of bacteria. The newspaper also helps to maintain the shape of the sneakers to prevent deformation.

Other Techniques

  • Washing your sneakers: Your sneakers might need to roll with water a little. You could use a cloth washer or use your hand to wash your hand and then air dry them
  • Spray: You can decrease the stench by using some perfumes or use some odor eliminators
  • An alcohol solution: You can use 50% Isopropyl alcohol and 50% water mixed on your sneakers once you have worn them and leave them to dry out again before you wear them.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how you could fix your smelly sneakers. It is recommended that you also do your part to prevent smelly sneaks. One way is to wash and dry your legs regularly to prevent foot infections like athletes foot that might result in a smell. You should rotate your sneakers with some others to prevent more buildup of bacteria and also get a pair of socks to wear in between your sneakers to create a kind of layer between your foot and the sneakers.

Doing this will prevent your shoes generally from smelling and you can be sure to have the confidence to off your shoes in public in no time!