What is Tennis Shoe?


Ann Arbor, the famous Psychotherapy, reveals that an average young adult is an over-thinker. We want to know how? What, then why, after finding what? Have you ever wondered why a shoe is named after a popular game? Why is the shoe used in other sports as well? The differences between tennis shoes and sneakers?

Well, in all righteousness, tennis shoes were explicitly made for playing tennis on the various courts depending on their sole. Many lateral movements are required for every tennis player in tennis, so tennis shoes provide comfort, grip, and traction. Hence, they have some technicality to them.

To further understand tennis shoes and some other related athletic shoes, read through this to know everything you have to know about tennis shoes. Enjoy!

Why is a Shoe named after a Popular Game?
Let us face it now, back in the days, rubber soles canvas were common, and they were developed in the 18th century in England. These rubber-soled canvases were called plimsolls. You wouldn’t be able to differentiate the right foot from the left foot. You guessed right–they were all the same!

History has it that sports shoe design reveals the beauty of shoe. Plimsolls were popular, and people used them for games such as tennis. When tennis shoes were eventually developed, they were named after the popular game of tennis!

What Shoes would you call a Tennis Shoe today?

In present times, tennis shoes are used to describe any athletic footwear. Provided the sole is made of rubber and is lightweight and made from leather. Tennis players specifically wear them because they are now designed to support stability, performance, and traction. They are very much different from your sneakers, running shoes, walking shoes, fishing shoes, hiking shoes, basketball shoes – whatever the shoes you have!

What is so Special about Tennis Shoes?

Tennis shoes won’t probably have a remarkable difference at a quick look compared with other games footwear. One of tennis shoes’ primary qualities is the help you get for side-to-side movement, just as running forward and in reverse.

In standard trainers and running shoes, you have some great padding for running forward and in reverse yet not for sidelong movement, which shapes a major piece of the tennis match-up during benchmark rallies. Moreover, the sole won’t wear out fast if you play tennis with tennis shoes, contrasted with utilizing simply customary running shoes or trainers.

If you’re playing tennis indoors, tennis shoes won’t leave scrape blemishes on the court, which could undoubtedly occur with other games shoes.

Tennis shoes and other sport-oriented shoes

As stated earlier, tennis shoes were named after the popular game of tennis back in the day. However, some other sport-oriented shoes are quite similar to tennis shoes with little differences. There are running shoes and basketball shoes. Originally, they all were all the same, but nowadays there seem to be some differences between them.

Tennis shoes are extensively lighter than b-ball and running shoes. They have a low top and more often come with a punctured toe box. Tennis shoes are predominantly made to give extreme security to the toes. The greater part of the weight is put on toes while playing tennis.

You should go for the tennis shoes that offer the most toe security yet offer the best heel insurance as at last, even after your underlying bounce is on your toes, you land behind you. Besides that, tennis shoes consistently have level soles to help you get the fitting measure of movement that you require.

Since tennis is quite often positioned on abrasive courts, tennis shoes come with a delicate elastic underside that wraps up the touchy regions of your foot in a manner to give extreme protection against any possible harm.

Basketball is a highly physical game; hence the shoe provides enough traction and cushioning to provide an excellent bounce to make a dunk into the basket. Unlike tennis shoes, they are built with a lot of resistance to throw the player off the ground while having full control of your body movement. They are not built for lateral movement, as seen in tennis shoes.

With b-ball shoes, they are often bouncy and weighty. For the most part, have high tops to watch the lower left and avoid ankle injury during forceful games. They often come in a herringbone design to permit breathability for long games. Basketball shoes also have airbags that permit the air to be packed inside the soles for proper padding on the ground.

Running shoes are intended to give the most solace and stun assimilation for longer hours. Running shoes generally have an upper part that is formed much the same as your foot. Lower leg collars and inflexible cushioning ensure your impact point and permit you the freedom to move around effectively without stressing over any conceivable foot wounds. However, tennis shoes are more flexible and have more support and cushioning. All the sports shoes are made of rubber soles based on their original design.

What about Sneakers?

Originally, sneakers were first invented, and tennis shoes are just a subcategory of sneakers. They were still called sneakers because children notice that they also “sneak” around in them without getting noticed. Then, tennis shoes were called sneakers. They both come from the original design of rubber soles. However, all tennis shoes are sneakers, and not all sneakers are tennis shoes. Tennis shoes were designed with specialized soles based on the court a tennis player would be playing. There are different soles for hard, clay, or grass courts. Sneakers have canvas tops with a generalized rubber sole. They are not used for sport, although they are also a kind of athletic shoes.

Tennis shoes have a lot of technicalities built into them. Such as their weight, they are cushioning, the flexibility of the soles, breathability. This is why a tennis player could move very fast from side to side, back and forth. Tennis shoes are specifically performance shoes. On the contrary, sneakers are just average wear with no technical features for performance. They are worn to look good in those tight jeans!


Generally speaking, all sports shoes come from the same original rubber sole design but are differentiated in their specificity over the years. It was not until the 1950s that tennis shoes become used as fashion shoes aside from normal athletics. It is worth mentioning that other kinds of shoes like sneakers could play tennis, but you will not have the proper foot support. Ciao!