How To Clean Golf Shoes


Caring for a golf shoe simple decent. Provide them with a quick post-round clean up, if you think tossing them in the closet, and you’re okay until the next outing is right, then you are wrong. If this method sounds friendly, it’s right to make a change. Discover how you can lengthen the life of your golf footwear with these care clues. Your golf shoes can pick up mud, sand, pesticides and other factors during a round of golf. It is essential that you tidy up your golf shoes as soon as possible after your round. Firstly, clean down the uppers with soap and warm water. Eliminate all dirt and grass from the outsole of the shoe as well, unscrewing the pins to reach trapped hunks, if necessary. When you’ve wrapped up, enable the shoes to air dry at room temperature. However it may look like a good idea, resist placing them outside in the sunlight to dry, and DO NOT use a hairdryer or other outward heat source to dry up your golf shoes.

Normally, golf shoes have outsoles that are created out of rubber. The satisfactory thing about rubber shoes is that you can effortlessly wipe out any stuck dirt or residue using a soft washcloth. See how long spikeless golf shoes last .

The additional thing that you need to examine is the cleats. Prevent keeping your cleats too tight or too loose if you want to benefit great security and durability.

If you have golf shoes that are created of mesh, you can make use of a soft detergent or dish soap and water solution to clean them. After putting a cleaning brush in the solution, give the mesh a good scrub. Then, use a paper towel to wipe at the mesh and put the shoes to air dry.

Exercising these clues will help to retain the view and feel of your golf shoes. When you begin to wear your golf shoes, always be cautious whenever you put them on your feet. Instead of forcefully wearing it on your foot, obtain a shoe horn to safeguard the heel counter. This is really a good method to avoid any injury and discomfort.

If your shoes are soaked after a round of playing in the rain or damp after a dewy morning, insert newspapers into the shoes to help absorb excess moisture. Golf shoes can be a wonderful footwear, giving breezy, cool comfort in hot situations. But cleaning them can be a bit tricky. You basically have two options when it comes to washing golf shoes: hand washing and machine washing.

Hand Washing

Obtaining a cloth or soft brush, scrub the gold shoe with warm, soapy water to remove dirt. Soak up any soapy debris by wiping the golf shoe with a cold, damp cloth. Let the shoes to air-dry at room temperature.

Machine Washing

Initially, extract the shoelaces and, if possible, the inner sole. Begin by washing the shoe material with a cloth soaked in warm, soapy water. Use a soft-bristled brush or an old toothbrush to wipe tough stains. Use a bit of laundry detergent on extremely persistent stains. Preserve the shoes by setting them in a washing bag before putting the machine on a gentle or delicate cycle. You can arrange your golf shoes into the washing machine. Nevertheless, before you do that, you need to look over the instructions on the inner of your shoes carefully. That means, you can make sure that your shoes are machine washable, and it won’t ruin them further.

Few Tips On How To Care For Your Golf Shoe

  1. Don’t leave your golf shoes in your car: where they will be endangered to extreme hot or cold.
  2. Always use shoe trees between rounds.
  3. Use matching shoe polish to enclose scuff marks.
  4. Contemplate owning at least two pairs of shoes and switching each round, this can subsequently improve the life of the shoes.
  5. Remove shoe lace before cleaning it.

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How To Clean Rain-Drenched Golf Shoe

It can be shocking how quick you have to act if you wet your golf shoes either in the rain it through water, to prevent them from getting quick. Since golf is a game that is played on an open grass field, the shoes can easily get soaked and drenched fast.

Remembering this, quickly eliminate any dirt or trash from the wet golf shoes. You can use paper tissues or old newspaper to soak up the unnecessary wetness. Put in a couple of tissues or papers inside the shoes and leave them in there for about 9 hours.

There are also unique products in the market like shoe trees that can be use in such situations. Mainly, these products are manufactured from tree bark like cedar, hence, they are fast-absorbing, even faster than plastic.

Either you own a pair of leather golf shoes or synthetic and rubber golf shoes, you must ensure adequate care and maintenance at all times. Although, we understand cleaning your shoes after each game is as relatable as you doing the dishes every night. But make a step to do both, at least once in a while to increase the life span of your gold shoes.

We recognize the significance of maintaining all your golf shoe looking good and new. However, this is very true when it comes to area of shoes that have been worn repeatedly on a different conditions.

It is also necessary to use the very best quality shoe maintenance products if you want to keep your golf shoe looking and impressing as good as the day it came out of the shoe pack or box. Therefore, this is why we have picked two of the very best golf shoe care kits available after browsing and searching for quality shoe care products from both ECCO and Footjoy two brands which are similar with high-quality golf shoes.


Golf shots are simple and unique pair of shoes for golf sport it can either be washed by using washing machine, or by dipping a clothe into a water and detergent solution to clean the upper layer and the outsole. Avoid sun drying your gold shoe after wash. Always keep a shoe polish handy too.

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