What Are The Different Types Of Basketball Shoes?


Basketball is a game that involves running, jumping, quick pause and change of direction. And for you to be able to do this well, you have to wear a comfortable shoe that will make your mobility active. As a basketball player, you have to wear lightweight shoes that will make running and jumping easy for you. Wearing shoes that have heavyweight will not make things for you during a basketball game.

While choosing basketball shoes, some things are needed to be put into consideration

STEP 1: Observation before choosing a basket ball shoe

For instance, traction. Basketball requires good traction because of the hard foot work that is needed like running, jumping and every other form work that is needed.

Another thing that should be observed before choosing a basketball shoe is the extra padding that is required, some call it cushion. But it’s also known as extra padding. Too much padding in a basketball shoe is not okay for basketball players shoe, it makes basketball players miscalculate their steps which might lead to them falling or slipping.

Another factor is support. A good basketball shoe must be able to provide support for the basketball player wearing it. A good basketball shoe must be able to withstand tough and aggressive movements. It must be able to provide stiffness and make running around easy for the player.

Few things are supposed to be put into consideration before choosing a basketball shoe. First one is comfort; a good basketball shoe must be comfortable for the players wearing it. If a player wear an uncomfortable shoes, so many thing will be affected like the player’s performance, speed and versatility. Basketball game requires moving around and jumping high, when a player is in a pair of uncomfortable shoes, they will be greatly affected.

STEP 2: The sole of the shoe

While choosing a basketball shoe, the sole is one great important factor that must be considered, it must possess good quality, incases the player slip or fall on the court, the sole will not remove. A good sole also provide support to the player, a bad or quality sole can make the player slip. Thirdly is shock absorption; a good basketball shoes but be able to absorb shock well because basketball game involves abrupt stop most times, falling and slipping. Thereby, forcing player to absorb the shock from heavy fall. Shoes with good shock absorption prevent ankle strain and other foot injuries. However, while choosing a basket shoe, ensure that you choose your size. Wearing your exact size will aid comfortability, oversize shoes are always uncomfortable,it restricts mobility. Undersize shoes are usually tight and cause bruise and blisters to the feet.

Basketball shoes are also available in different types, sizes and color.

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STEP 3: Categories for choosing basketball shoe

Basketball shoes are in three different categories, the high, low and mid tops. It signifies how the shoe end higher, above or below the ankle.

High-Top Basketball Shoe

The high-top basket ball shoes are the heavy types of basketball shoe. They tend to affect a basketball player speed because of the weight. But it provides maximum support to the ankle, by preventing it from getting sprained while running or jumping. It is durable and provides good cushion. High top basketball shoes are strong shoes that are well padded and also laced up.It gives maximum support to the players, it is a recommended choice for players with weak ankles or players that find themselves falling easily on basketball court.

Hight tops basketball shoes have good cushions that prevent players from blisters and every other types of toe injuries. They are best recommended for players with toe injuries or players that tend to have more toe injuries. Not like injuries can be avoided on basketball courts, but with the help of high tops basketball shoes, injuries will reduce. Hight tops basketball shoes can be gotten

Low-Top Basketball Shoe

Low- top basketball shoe does not protect the ankle like the high-top basketball shoe. But they have their own special benefits too. They are lighter than high-top basketball shoe, but they allow great mobility for the players while they are on the basketball court. No matter how tired you are this pair of shoes revives your energy, it also serves as a form of energy booster. In addition, low-tops basketball shoe offers great speed, and serves as great mobility help. They’re light weight shoes that help basketball players to move well on the court.

Low tops basketball shoes provides little or minimal support to the ankle, therefore an ankle guard is needed to provide support to the ankles of players wearing a low top basket ball sneakers. They’re flexible shoes that does not restrict movements, it gives players total control of themselves on the basketball court.

Mid-Top Basketball Shoes

Mid top basketball shoe are the types of basketball shoes that are not too high nor too low. Mid top basketball shoes offer support to the ankle for great mobility, thereby giving less restriction. They offer you the confidence to jump high and run as much as you can. They protect your feet and ankle and prevent your feet from all types of injury. They also provide the player with utmost versatility, great speed and good stamina and also help you execute your tricks and techniques excellently.


Basketball is a game that requires jumping high, running, slipping and falling. Before going to that basketball court, few things are supposed to be in consideration like the sole of the shoe, shock absorption level, comfortability, traction and extra padding also known as cushion. Ankle sprain is on of the injuries that occur in basketball game therefore, there are three different types of basketball shoes. The high top basket ball shoes which are heavy but provide support to the ankle, the low top basket ball shoe which are light but does not protect the ankle, the use of ankle guard is require when a player is wearing a low top basketball shoe. And the last one is the mid top basketball shoe, which provide support to the ankle, although its not as high as the high- top basketball shoe.

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