How to Clean Basketball Shoes


Basketball shoes are specially made for the intensity and running of the game. They are a critical asset for basketball players and aid performance and comfort on the court. A nice pair of basketball shoes can boost a player’s confidence as they play on the court. To retain the shape and good looks of your basketball shoes and ensure they meet your performance and comfort aspirations, you have to clean them regularly.

Players often wear their basketball shoes to games, practice, and even around the city, but how can they keep the shoes feeling and looking fresh? This article will examine the best ways and methods of cleaning basketball shoes.

How To Clean Your Basketball Shoes

Getting your basketball shoes cleaned is not a difficult task. The following are steps to follow in cleaning your basketball shoes. Follow them carefully.

First Step

The first guide on cleaning your basketball shoes is to remove any mud, dirt, or debris that may be stuck on the shoe’s surface. Make sure to use something like a shoe brush to help you remove the mud or dirt efficiently. You can utilize a slightly and soft dampened cloth if the earth is moist.

Second Step

After removing the dirt or mud from the shoe surface, make a warm water mixture and a small detergent drop. Put a few detergent quantities on a sponge or soft cloth; endeavor not to soak the sponge or cloth, and use it thoroughly to wipe the shoes. Don’t use harsh detergents or cleaners when doing this, as they can cause degradation to the shoe quality. More so, avoid cleaning agents with softeners or scents because they can have a greasy residue on the shoe sole, which affects the traction.

It is vital to add that you need to remove the shoelaces for easy cleaning of all the shoe areas. You can wash or clean them differently, using the same solution. See how to correctly lace basketball shoes.

Third Step

The next guide is to remove the inserts or insoles and clean them thoroughly with the same water and detergent mixture.

Also, sprinkle small baking soda on the insoles before having them back on your shoes to control odor. Reinsert just the inner soles if they are dry to prevent the shoes from being smelly when you wear them.

Fourth Step

The next thing is to take another sponge of a piece of cloth or material and put it in clear water to become damp. Use the water to rinse excess soap from your basketball shoe surfaces and the insoles.

Fifth Step

Keep the basketball shoes and their inserts in an airy and warm spot to make them air dry. Don’t dry your shoes under direct sunlight or use hairdryers to dry. Also, avoid placing them under a cloth dryer and any heat source. Doing this can make your shoes crack, shrink, and lose their good shape, allow your shoes to air dry at room temperature.

Easy Tips On How to Maintain Your Basketball Shoes

  1. Don’t put your shoes in a dryer or washer. Also, avoid immersing them in water.
  2. Store your basketball shoes in the right way.

When you are done with a game, you might stuff your shoes into your bag in a hurry. Leaving them in the bag for an extended period could make them lose their good shape, placing enough pressure on the seam, this could also create odor because they can’t air out well. Instead, store your basketball shoes in a closet or open room with enough airflow. It will make them dry before their next usage. Once they are well dried, store them in their main box, instead of putting them on the bedroom floor where they can become vulnerable to being tripped over or getting kicked around. See the best at-home storage methods for your shoes.

  1. Another tip for maintaining your shoes is to use a shoe deodorizer, which comes in a simple-to-use spray or solid form.
  2. An important recommendation is to consider getting a couple of basketball shoes and rotate them in matches. Doing this will give each pair lots of time to dry and have less period of use.
  3. Wear your basketball shoes only on the court. The basic rule is not to wear your basketball shoes always. Doing this can make your shoes to lose their grip and color quickly. If you stop exposing or wearing them every time, they will certainly last long. By using your basketball shoes only on the court, they will be clean and less stressful to maintain. Meaning they will have less wear and tear for general maintenance.
  4. Consult the shoe manufacturer’s recommendation if you want to use a washing machine. In some cases, your basketball shoemaker might recommend not to place your shoes in the cloth dryer or a washing machine. It is essential to abide by his advice if your shoes are valuable and want them to last.
  5. Finally, keep them clean always. Regular cleaning of your basketball shoes is vital if you wish to have your shoes in great shape. At least clean the shoes after each game. Doing this will reduce odor, avoid traction loss by removing debris from the tread. It will also keep your shoes from declining by decreasing grimes that can make your tread to wear down.


Basketball shoes significantly improve performance and comfort as players get to the court, making them essential in basketball. Against this, you need to take great care of your basketball shoes so that they will be in excellent shape and continue serving you for a long time.

As hinted, if you are a basketball player, you need to own several shoes. It will help you rotate them in games, offering each shoe enough time to dry. Keeping them clean always will ensure you play and stay at the top of your game.