How Do You Shrink Bunions Naturally?


Bunions. Once they are there, they stay. That is the unfortunate fact.  Bunions may never go away, but there are ways to prevent them from becoming worse in time while keeping the pain to a minimum that they can cause. One of the ways to shrink bunions naturally is by wearing the recommended shoes for bunions. Podiatrists and foot medical experts will recommend the right shoes for providing you the best comfort for your feet.

However, if the bunions are still causing so much discomfort, then they need to be removed surgically. Before jumping to that conclusion, there are some ways that you can treat bunions.

How Can You Treat Bunions On Your Own?

As long as the bunion does not get to the point that it is too hard to manage, you can treat bunions on your own. You will want to keep them under control on your own, so you are not in pain that is uncontrollable and prevents you from walking correctly. At that point, you will not have a choice but to go for surgery. You do not want to get to the point where that will have to be necessary.

One easy way to shrink bunions naturally is by keeping your weight optimal. If there is less weight of your body that is putting pressure on the foot that has the bunion, the easier it will be to manage. Monitor your caloric intake daily and stay active. Taking a brisk half-hour walk is one way to remain active. Also, you will be surprised how much sandals designed to help ease the pain of bunions will help you.

Another way to keep the bunion from getting out of control is by protecting it as it will help keep the pain to a minimum. Put a pad filled with gel into your shoe that will be in contact with the bunion, so the pain is appropriately alleviated. You can do the same with moleskin. This way, when you are walking, you will not be in excruciating pain. And you will want to do this when you are keeping your activity levels up for managing your weight.

It is also highly crucial to wear the right shoes that feature the best type of padding to keep your bunion protected. The last thing you will want is that your bunion is scratched, bumped, and scraped as that will not only make it painful, but it will inflame it.

One other recommendation to treat bunions on your own is by wearing arch supports or shoe inserts. You can have the inserts custom-made by your podiatrist or chiropodist, or you can purchase one of a reputable brand. The reason these inserts help keep bunions under control is that they can help keep your foot correctly positioned.

The inserts will help keep your bunions from causing you too much pain and from worsening. You can also ask your doctor or podiatrist for a splint for your foot that you can wear at night. The split will straighten your toe and can alleviate the pain.

If you are looking for footwear that helps you manage bunions, there are features you will want to see. If they have padded insoles in addition to having a full toe box, then they are ideal.

Other ways to manage the pain that bunions can cause are by wearing socks that are warm with a small ice pack on the inside. You can also take Advil or Tylenol if the pain gets too overwhelming. Keeping your foot in an elevated position as well as massaging it will help keep the pain levels down.

However, you may be worried even after doing what you can to keep your bunions from getting worse that they still may worsen.

How You Can Prevent Bunions From Worsening

The main thing you want to do is to keep your feet protected so that the bunions do not worsen. If they worsen, then that means you will have to have the bunions surgically removed. If you can avoid surgery, then that is the preferable thing to do. You must wear the footwear that will provide you the proper support.

For instance, you will not want to wear flat shoes if you have a bunion. When you are walking, your foot will likely pronate or turn inwards, which will only make the bunion worse. You must look for shoes that have footbeds that can be removed or molded. Here are some of our top picks of shoes for folks suffering from pain of bunions.

You also want to consider shoes that have low heels as well as wide toe boxes so that there is breathing room for your toes. Cramping your toes will only worsen the condition. Another feature you will need to look for when buying the right type of shoes is that the toe area is not pointed, and is round. You will also need to make sure that the shoes fit correctly.

If the shoes are not the right fit, it will only worsen the bunion. If the shoe is too large, it will cause your foot to slide, which will only exacerbate the bunion. Another thing to keep in mind as well is that slip-on shoes can cause the bunion to worsen as the foot can easily slide.

The shoes that you buy must also have laces or velcro straps to keep the shoes fastened correctly and in place. The best type of shoes for managing your bunion is either sandals or trainers.

Trainers feature the right type of cushioning that will support and manage your bunions. Additionally, another thing they feature is shock absorption, which is quite essential for the prevention of your bunions from worsening. You can also insert orthotics into your shoes to provide better support, or you can wear splints.

However, the first step to getting the best type of shoe and treatment is knowing whether you pronate or not when you walk. If you cannot determine that on your own, then you will want to consult a podiatrist. The podiatrist will also recommend the best type of footwear to get that will keep your bunion from worsening.


You have a bunion and can cause you a lot of pain. If it worsens, removal is the only option. However, if you take care of it and get the right type of footwear to prevent it from getting worse, then you will be able to manage your bunion without any trouble. You want to learn how to shrink bunions naturally. You have the information on how to make that happen. Be consistent with taking care of yourself as well as your bunion, and you will, in the end, be completely fine.