Guide For Women Bowling Shoes


Bowling is the type of game that all that matters is how the pins manage to fall, it does not matter how the ball is tossed down the lane.

Bowling shoes are specifically created for bowling game, which is usually played indoor on smooth bowling alleys. These bowling shoes for women are generally and mostly made of rubber and leather. Majority of these shoes have sliding soles that are similar to the bowling tracks, to help the female bowler slide well and play with ease. The shoes enhance smoother mobility without causing injury to the player who has to move around while lifting heavy bowling balls.

There are there different types of bowling shoes for women, and there are also few things to know before buying a bowling shoe, this article will guide and help you know few things before choosing a bowling shoe as a woman.

The first thing you should keep note while buying a woman bowling shoe is that women’s shoes have a narrower fit. Buying the perfect pair of bowling shoes can help you perform better on the track and provide you with great comfort if you have to wear them for hours. Bowling shoes that do not fit perfectly can cause discomfort, pain, or get you injured seriously.

Endeavour to also check for good gripped soles, interchangeable soles for quick slide, good quality mesh upper, which adds comfort, and a stylish finish to help you look better. Having a pair of good and comfortable bowling shoes can definitely help you do well in your game and turn out as a winner.

Types of Women Bowling Shoe

Brunswick Bliss Women Bowling Shoe

The Brunswick bliss women bowling shoe are a pair of leather shoe with great quality. These leather bowling shoes have a great performance ability, they are designed with a lightweight rubber insole for comfortability and flexibility. It has a foam-padded collar. It has pure slide microfiber soles on both soles that paves way easily for a superior slide immediately. It has a lace that can be adjusted according to how comfortable you want to be/feel in it. It gives a better grip, and you can enjoy your game without any restrictions or discomfort. It’s available in black and white colour with different sizes.

Savi Women Classic Bowling Shoe

SAVI women classic bowling shoes are shoes that are suitable for both right and left-handed bowlers. It is designed with slide soles that are open on both sides. It was created with maximum comfort in mind, the shoes are made of lightweight, breathable material. Their rubber insoles are 40% lighter when compared to other bowling shoes in the market, making SAVI women classic bowling shoe one of the best bowling shoes for women bowler. It is available in colour pink, grey and purple.

Dexter Women’s Kristen Bowling Shoe

Dexter women bowling shoe has a lace-up pattern which gives a very trendy, sporty, almost suede-like look to your bowling shoes. They are made and designed with Nubuck Titanic PU upper durable materials, the shoes come with a fabric lining and padded collar. When worn, these bowling shoes provide good comfort because of the breathable side vents, they are designed with removable EVA footbeds, and microfiber slide SOLES. It is Available in size: 6-10, 11 and dove grey colour. It is also designed with a non-marking rubber outsole and a defined heel design.

Pyramid Women’s Path Bowling Shoe

Pyramid women’s path bowling shoes offer you the best in terms of quality, performance, and style. They fit bowlers of any skill and level either beginner, intermediate or expert bowlers it can also be used by both right and left-handed bowlers. It is packed in an eco-friendly shoe bag pack, the pair of shoes have metal eyelets, good and well stitched, padded tongue and collar, with good arch support. The microfiber slide soles offer consistent sliding and enhanced great mobility for the bowler.

It’s a good choice of shoe for female bowlers. They are comfortable and durable pair of bowling shoe.

It is available in colour: Black/Hot Pink, Purple/Lime Green, Black/Purple, Black/Lime Green, or Black/Teal, White/Periwinkle, White/Purple, White/Light Blue, or White/Hot Pink, Black/Hot Pink.

It is available in size 6_10. It can be clean with a soft brush and store in a cool place.

Things To Consider While Choosing To Buy A Bowling Shoe


Bowling shoes come in different range of sizes. However, when choosing the right pair, you must be sure that it fits right, and you’re comfortable in the pair you choose.

Apart from causing you discomfort, when you wear shoes that does not fit perfectly, they will throw make you feel pain and uncomfortable. This might make you loose focus while you are in the game. To prevent all of this, it’s important that you measure your feet precisely without buying an uncomfortable pair.

Moreover, you can have your feet measured by professional to guarantee that you have the right bowling shoes of your size, going through the measurement process can be helpful. See how to find a shoe that fits here.


A high performing pair of bowling shoes are shoes that are well customized to lane conditions. A good bowling shoe must possess everything you need to perform well in your bowling game. Your pair of bowling shoes must guarantees that your feet will have sufficient breathing space to maximize your performance and flexibility.


A good bowling shoe must be durable enough to last long for a long period of time. Although there are bowling shoes that are cost, but durable bowling shoes usually have good outer soles and they are made with good leather and rubber.


There are varieties of bowling shoes with good quality, leather or rubber, outer sole. A good bowling shoe for women must be comfortable, and have high performance skill.

There are bowling shoes like Dexter bowling shoes for women, SAVI women classic bowling shoe, Brunswick bliss women bowling shoe and other varieties of bowling shoe for women which are good quality.

We hope you are able to know few things to consider before choosing a bowling shoe and types of bowling shoes for women. Also, read the guide for men bowling shoe‘.