How to Wear Basketball Shoes for Beginners?


If you like to dress up and look good every time, you have to pay special attention to your footwear. One common footwear that has managed to survive various fashion trends and periods is basketball shoes. Basketball shoes are quite common, and they have been in the market for a good number of years. Even though this footwear is popular, the design is significantly different from other kinds of footwear, and it might be hard to wear it right when you try it for the first time. Rocking basketball shoes is not rocket science because people wear them and look good all the time. If you have never worn basketball shoes before and are nervous about getting one, you don’t have to be any longer. This article has been carefully compiled to show you how to carefully rock these shoes to create a lasting impression on the people you come across. Enjoy

How to rock your basketball shoes

The following tips will provide you with ways to rock your basketball shoes confidently.

Find a model you like

When searching for the perfect basketball shoes to buy, there are a lot of things to consider. However, the most important factor is that you find a nice pair that looks good to you. This will give you more confidence when you are wearing it, and you will rock it more comfortably. You can decide to buy sneakers with bright colors, unique designs, and multiple patterns. This usually tells your people that you are a fashionista and are not afraid to express yourself. If you are a bit conservative, you can decide to go for monochrome colors and basic designs. You could also decide to get sneakers that have a timeless design. This will save you money in the future because your sneakers will not easily go out of vogue. Ultimately, please find what you like and buy it at an affordable price.

Combine your colors nicely

Color combination is the soul of any outfit, and that must reflect when you rock your basketball shoes. You have to consider the color of your jeans before wearing your sneakers. If you are wearing a bright colored jean, you cannot wear bright colored sneakers because that would ruin the entire outfit. Complementary colors go best when combined. When wearing bright colored sneakers, a darker jean shade will make the sneakers pop, and the shoes’ beauty will become more evident. Your shirt’s color has little to do with the sneakers but makes it is not out of place. A neutral-colored top will do nicely.

Wear your sneakers with slim pants

If you want your snickers to stand out, wear them with slim pants. Skinny jeans or any other tighter pants around the ankle will automatically give your footwear more attention. Fashionable snickers like basketball shoes always go with skinny jeans and other slim pants. This combination works perfectly with any shirt or top, and you can easily look good when you go out with your friends. If you don’t like wearing skinny jeans or pants, you should wear your sneakers with straight pants. What you should avoid when wearing your basketball shoes are draping pants. This will look awkward, and it would kill your entire outfit.

Don’t wear extra-large sneakers with skinny pants

While slim pants and skinny jeans can be good for basketball shoes, it will be inappropriate to wear them with extra-large sneakers. Some basketball shoes like Jordans are designed with moderate snicker sizes, and those are perfect with skinny jeans. However, most basketball shoes have extra-large sizes, and wearing them with tight pants might make the sneakers have a more pronounced effect on your general outfit. If you are comfortable with this look and you love it, then go ahead rock it. Generally, large-sized basketball shoes are better with straight pants.

Wear your sneakers with joggers

If you just bought an expensive basketball shoe and want to wear it with an outfit that will give it a unique look and make it stand out, wear it with joggers. Wearing your fashionable sneakers with joggers will give you complete comfort. Joggers are uniquely designed with elastic cuffs at the bottom. These cuffs help tighten the fabric around your ankles, allowing your pants to rest neatly on the sneakers. Joggers come in multiple colors and designs. You can easily find one that fits your basketball shoes perfectly.

Wear dull colors with bright sneakers

The role of colors cannot be overstated when you are picking out an outfit. If the colors of your jeans and basketball shoes are not well combined, your outfit is automatically wrong. The important thing to note is that when you are wearing bright-colored sneakers, it will generally go with dull-colored jeans and vice versa. If you wear dark blue sneakers and black jeans, the absence of bright colors will dull your general outfit. Denim jeans will go well with any sneakers.

Wear your sneakers with shorts

Shorts are your last resort when it comes to rocking your sneakers. Sometimes, you might not have the perfect jeans or pants for your sneakers. Wearing your sneakers with shorts is easier because your shoes take center stage on your outfit, and you don’t have to worry about the colors of the shorts or their fit. If you have seen basketballers during your training sessions, they would most likely be on large basketball shoes, compression underpants, basketball shorts, and jerseys. This is another way you can wear your sneakers with shorts. You should know that this look is a casual one, and you might not always be able to rock your basketball shoes with shorts because of the weather or your destination.


It is common knowledge that the first thing people notice about your outfit is your shoes. Basketball shoes are unique, and they are designed to make you stand out. However, you can only enjoy this outcome if you wear your sneakers the right way. This article has shown you how to wear your basketball shoes and easily tweak your outfit to look even better. Cheers