Does Heel Truly Change The Way You Feel About Yourself? Apparently, they Do!


As a woman, wearing heel can make you feel extraordinary about yourself as long as they are comfortable and right. Women are drawn to heel because of the high confidence aura it provides for them. Although, the aftermath can be a burden to some people. Women feel more beautiful and powerful in heels. You can’t say heels are the most comfortable footwear you have in your closet, but sometime during your lifetime as a woman you have to wear them neither during your birthday, wedding and even graduation, heels make a woman look more stylish.

If you aren’t used to wearing heels, you might be at the risk of injuries like ankle sprain, but after the first and second practice, you are good to go. Many women have been injured while wearing heel, some stop wearing heels because they could not find a well fitted and perfectly sized one. Finding the best heel for yourself will require time because you will not want to wear heels that will cause you blisters and bruise. Wearing well fitted heel will work amazingly on your charming and captivating steps. See the appropriate shoes for work and business meetings

You need to have high confidence while wearing heel, heels will draw people’s attention to you, the clicking of your heel is enough to make people wonder who you are, if you aren’t bold, you will not be able to handle the attention, it makes some women feel insecure. Before wearing heel, make sure you have the one that is rightly shaped, sized, stylish and appealing to your needs. Moreover, it is advisable that you wear your pair of heels at home firstly, practice with it well at home before you wear it out, be sure you are comfortable with it look as good as you want in it before wearing it out to work , business meetings or parties, to avoid embarrassment and discomfort.

Some women do not buy heels because they think it’s expensive, apparently not. Although there are lots of designer heels that are way too expensive, but there are lots of heels that are also affordable. You don’t necessarily have to wear heels everyday but the most crucial thing to note is how you feel when you wear one. If you choose heel that fit your leg well and is very comfortable when you wear it, then you will feel more confident in yourself. You should be your important priority while choosing a heel, don’t get carried away by what’s trending or buy what your friends are wearing, if you are not your number one priority, then your confidence and self-esteem will be affected when you a buy a heel that does not size your leg, because all you will feel in it is discomfort.

How To Find A Heel That Fit

Most important reason why women find it difficult to be comfortable in a heel is because they buy the wrong size while buying a heel, this is why they feel discomfort and pain in their leg. If you want to buy a heel, buy your exact size, buy heels that are firm in your leg, not oversize or undersize. You might be wondering how you will know a firm heel, a heel that is firm is the type of heel that you can wear easily and off easily without feeling uncomfortable. When a heel is too tight for you, it will affect your confidence while walking. You should also ensure that foot arch is well supported and you have enough space to move your toes well in it. Make sure you are choosing a heel that will not fall off when you wear it.

Will Heel Improve Your Silhouette?

Apparently, they will. Heels are more popular because of the high level of confidence they make a woman wearing it feel. There are lots of outfits that are best worn on heels to improve your silhouette. When a woman wears a heel, she grows taller, she will be able to see and access some height she can’t access on a day without heel. Not only does heel gives women confidence, but being tall comes with a lot of confidence, and also improve the way your leg looks. Hells make your feet look for feminine [especially those with wider feet]. Heels make your leg look straight and longer like the models own we see around and in magazine, which makes you walk well. These indicate power, control, and confidence. This is why most women prefer to wear heels to work and business meetings. Heels make you look better and there is a saying that says when you look good, you feel good.

Does Heel Give Women Authority?

Yes, heels, gives you authority because there is something cool and stylish about high heels. Perhaps, it’s because it can be stylishly and fashionably worn on basic outfits like shits and jeans. Your posture and look can increase overtime as you wear heel. Obviously, heels make your leg longer and make you grow taller, it will therefore make outfit look fitted and more classy on you. Wearing a heel bring a lot of changes to your posture, it makes you stand tall and straight. Heels make women stylish, fashionable and look high class, which will in turn improve your confidence.

If you still doubt your confidence in heel, swap your heel with your flat shoes and sneakers, wear it on the same outfit, take a look at your appearance if you will not notice the changes. Wearing heels, people notice your arrival, they know you are coming closer by the sound of your heel. With heels, you can confidently move from one place to another because people will continue to notice you and your change in height.


There is no doubt about the fact that heels make a woman feel confident and powerful. Heels bring changes to a woman’s mood and appearance, they make women grow taller and noticeable with the way the sound of a heel hit the floor. Heels give women authority, and improve their silhouette.

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