Click Your Kicks: What You Need to Know About Shoe Photography Before You Shoot

Hoping to boost shoe sales or simply wanting to show off your awesome collection?

Terrific shoe photography is the first place to start.

Without a clear, eye-catching photo, you’re likely to have a harder time attracting customers or followers. This can lead to poor sales and less site traffic. Don’t let this become your problem.

Read on to learn about some easy ways to capture the best shoe photography possible.

Consider the Background

A white background is the easiest way to get your shoe to shine. Even if the shoe itself is white, it will still stand out against a crisp, white background.

Any colorful solid background will just distract from the shoe and minimize its’ appeal. It could also compromise how the color of the shoe actually appears on camera.

Keep in mind the shadows and lighting.

You want to avoid anything that could make the white background appear yellow or cause shading anywhere around the shoe. Try for a clear shot from the front that accentuates the shoes and makes their color pop.

Get a Model

If you’re selling shoes or wanting to teach your viewers how they look when worn, hiring a shoe model can help.

People like to see what the shoes look like on. It gives context to the shoe like the dimensions, how high a heel is or what color they are.

Make sure the models’ outfit works with whatever type of shoe they have on and that you only have the lower half of their body in the frame so the eye goes to the shoe.

Shoot your model while they’re moving. You can use shoe stretchers to expand out the shoes while not in use, especially dress shoes during down times.

A stagnant picture will be less interesting than one where they’re taking a step and showing different angles of the footwear. You could even create a slideshow of the model wearing the same shoe in various poses in order to see all sides.

Try Lay Flat

This isn’t the best option if you’re trying to sell the shoes but it sure makes for a cool post if you just want to show off those new kicks.

Laying your shoes flat creates a unique and interesting frame that looks attractive to your viewer. You should opt for a neutral background like hardwood floors or even concrete.

Don’t let the shoes be the only part of the photo; that will look a little strange and boring. Instead, depending on what type of shoe it is, introduce two other objects that tell a cohesive story.

For example, if you’re showing off a hiking boot, try placing a map and a cool water cantine next to the shoe. Be sure to shoot this type of set-up from above for the best capture.

Perfect Your Shoe Photography Today!

With these tips above, you can get your shoe photography on point and capture the images you’ve been dreaming of. This works well even if you are trying to display bowling shoes or other specialized tactical training boots, the recipe is the same!

Remember to keep the background simple and hit your angles!

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