How Can I clean My White Shoes

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Wearing a shoe has a lot of importance, it serves as a means of protection to our feet, it prevents foot pains. It makes us feel comfortable, accessible, fashionable. Overall, it shows how mentally fit we are. Seeing a person walking without a shoe brings a lot of doubt to our mind, we start doubting if they are mentally fit or not. Walking barefooted will put us in the risk of injuries and diseases that can penetrate through our feet. Waling barefooted can also put us in the risk of stepping on sharp object, dirt and sometimes animal dump. Shoes are important factors.

Wearing and keeping a white shoe requires a lot of maintenance work. The majority prefer buying and wearing white shoes for any other color of shoes. Some people are even obsessed with white sneakers. Buying a white shoe is no big deal, but maintaining it like its original state can be tedious. You need to always keep your sneakers in neat and good condition if you always want to look as nice as you pictured. There different parts of your sneakers that require good cleaning and maintenance. Places like the sole, the lace and the upper part.

Guess what, this article is here to give and teach you a few tricks on how to maintain your white shoes and sneakers.


After wearing a white sneaker dirty, one of the tricks to keep it clean is to use soft brush to wash the sole of the sneakers which is usually the most affected area. There are misconceptions that scrubbing your sneakers hard with a brush will make it more clean, for real, it might be clean, but it will make the sole of the shoe loose its quality. Do not make use of hard brush, an old tooth brush is okay for the work of cleaning your white sneakers. Work on it section by section, you can concentrate more on places that are more dirty like the edges do not rush or do it in a haste, work on it gently and patiently to bring out the desired color and taste you want to see in your sneakers. After doing this, you can use now clean it with a wet, clean cloth, to remove the little dirt that might still want to stick on it.


You don’t necessarily have to clean your sneakers only when its dirty, keeping a shoe or sneakers in a house for a long period of time without wearing it tends to attract dust and dirt on it. Your can clean your white sneakers with an old clothe or towel even when you don’t use it and keep it back neatly. This will extend its longevity of your white sneakers and at the same time make it clean.


I know and understand how much you want to see your white sneakers as white and clean like the first time you bought it, but at all cost, do not use bleach on it. Instead of using bleach, you can put a liquid soap or detergent in water, put a cotton or clothe in the water and use it on the surface of your white sneakers. Firstly, before you washing your sneakers, remove all debris underneath your sneakers before washing it with clothe, soap and water. After applying the clothe, soap and water method, you can now rinse your sneakers with clean water.


Another trick that you can use to make your white sneakers clean is using a shoe cleanser to clean it, because nothing can be as annoying as buying a white sneaker and seeing both pairs dirty after few hours of wearing it. There are varieties of shoe cleanser in stores and supermarkets. Using a shoe cleanser will make your sneakers fabric and sole retain its originality and quality. It will also keep it in good conditions.


People tend to wash the lace and sneakers together at the same time, this is very wrong my dear, it will not make your shoe lace look as neat as it’s supposed to be. Sneakers and sneakers lace are two different things and are supposed to be washed differently. The first thing to do is to carefully untie your two, shoe lace from your sneakers, put it in a different bowl, add your detergent and water and gently wash with your hand, you can as well wash with a washing machine. After washing, rinse it with cold water and spread it in the sun or make use of washi g machine to spin dry it. It doesn’t take long before it dries, after that you can happily lace back your shoe, I bet you’ll be happy to see it clean and sparling instead of the usual color it brings put when you wash it together with your sneakers at the same time.


I can be too lazy to sit and wash my sneakers with brush at times, I prefer to put it in a washing machine. Yes, washing machine can help with white sneakers washing. Put your sneakers in the machine, but before that, remove the inner sole and untie your shoe lace first. Put water in the machine and large quantity of detergent. Wash for a few minutes, remove it to rinse it, and spread it in the sun. after it has dried up, it will be as superb as when you first purchased it.


White sneakers compliment our dressing, make us look smart and fashionable but maintaining it can be a big deal sometimes. Especially maintaining it to its original state, but few tricks has been given above on how to maintain and keep your white sneakers clean and neat for use. Using washing machine, scrubbing gently with soft brush, untying and washing shoe lace separately, avoid washing with bleach, cleaning on regular basis and using shoe cleanser are ways to keep our white sneakers clean.