Flick of the Wrist: Find out What Type of Watch Best Fits Your Vibe and Shoes

Who doesn’t love those things in life that serve several purposes at once? Phone cases that are also wallets. Pens that are also highlighters. Comfortable shoes that are appropriate for a variety of settings.

Perhaps that’s why watches have been such beloved pieces for so long. They’re a great addition to any look while allowing you to keep an eye on the time. Modern watches do far more than that too.

The trick is getting the type of watch that suits your personality and your closet best. If you’re struggling to find the perfect fit, here’s your guide.

The Best Type of Watch for Any Style

Don’t want to head to a jewelry store without knowing what you’re looking for? Here’s how to find the perfect watch for your vibe.

The Mountaineer

You’re the type who would rather climb a mountain or a dune on the beach than climb the escalators at the mall. You have a zest for nature and adventure and you need your watch to work overtime.

Look for watches that are full of handy gadgets and designed for outdoor wear. G Shock watches, for instance, are built to be durable enough for the active outdoorsy type.

The Sophisticate

You always aim to look like you’ve stepped off the set of a James Bond movie. You’re all about using your wardrobe to pull confidence and strength in any setting.

You need a watch that shows off your luxury side. Look for one that’s made of metal from end to end and make sure it has some bling like a diamond or two.

The Retro Pro

You model your daily wardrobe after Mad Men. You love everything that feels like a blast from the past and you delight in making everyone wonder if you’re a time-traveler.

In your case, go for the classic minimalist watch of yesteryear. You want a simple round face with a plain leather band in any color.

The Earth Lover

The term “boho” is the perfect descriptor for your look. Maybe you’re a vegan or perhaps you’re more of a climate change conquistador. Regardless, your look screams “organic” at all times.

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Your perfect watch will be one that emphasizes natural materials or lookalikes. Some types of faux leather bands, for example, can give you a natural look while staying animal-friendly.

The Trendy Nerd

You’ve always been the type who prefers books over baseballs, and you’re thrilled that your nerdy look is now fashionable. Your style lets you venture from your tech startup to a gaming bar without a second thought.

For you, it’s all about the smartwatch. Whether you’re more of an Apple or Android fan, there are options that give you all the geeky features you’ll love while complementing your smart style.

Choosing Your Watch with Care

Let’s be honest: not all of us can afford a different type of watch for every day of the week.

That’s why it’s so important to find one or two that fit your style best. A great watch is versatile enough to complement anything in your closet, and the tips above will help you find yours.

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