Tips on Finding Good Ballroom Dance Shoes


Are you getting into ballroom dancing? That is a great sport to get into as you’ll have a lot of fun with it. However, you may not be aware that you cannot wear an ordinary pair of sneakers. Just like with any sport or exercise you are getting into, such as taking Zumba classes, you need the right equipment for ballroom dancing. And it starts with you getting the right pair of shoes.

No, you cannot wear the shoes that you wear when you run your everyday errands. You do need ballroom dance shoes. Once you get into the thick of ballroom dancing, you will understand why the right type of footwear is necessary. You’ll learn how to buy the best ballroom dance shoes soon.

Why Must You Have A Proper Pair Of Ballroom Dance Shoes?

If you have never tried ballroom dancing before, you will not be aware of how the sport or dance works. You don’t know what is involved. Therefore, you must have the proper ballroom dance shoes to prevent severe injuries to your knees and joints. You will be doing plenty of moving and swinging around, and you must have the right type of shoes to support you as you make your moves while doing this dance.

Therefore, if you were to wear the wrong shoes while ball dancing, you will seriously injure yourself. If you don’t hurt yourself, then you would be lucky. If you do specific ballroom dances such as the tango, the foxtrot, or the waltz, you require closed-toe shoes. Let’s talk about the right type of ballroom dance shoes in further detail.

How Are Ballroom Dance Shoes Meant To Fit?

Street shoes and other types of dance shoes are known to have a loose fit. The reason for that is because many street dances require your feet to move quickly. However, when it comes to ballroom dancing, you cannot afford to wear shoes that are so loose that there is a risk of falling off. If that happened, that would be incredibly dangerous, so the right ballroom dance shoes must have a snug but comfortable fit.

The shoes must be tight enough to not be at risk of falling off. However, there must be enough room left in your shoes for your feet to move around. And shoes that are too tight to the point that they are overly restrictive will increase your feet developing complications such as achilles tendonitis. Or at the very least, your feet will be in pain to the point that you will want to give up the sport because you will find these shoes too uncomfortable for you to wear.

You’ll also know when you have found the right size of the ballroom dance shoes because they have a snug feel, but at the same time, your feet do not feel cramped. Some ballroom dance shoes come with straps, but not all of them. The straps are just there to reinforce the fastening of the shoes as you would typically see with hiking boots or even tactical boots. It all depends on the style of the shoe as well as the make. Whether a ballroom dance shoe has the strap or not, it should never feel as if it will fall right off of your feet. If it does, then either those shoes are too large for your feet or only the wrong style for you. Another essential feature that the best ballroom dance shoes must have is the right type of heel.

What Type Of Heel Is Ideal For The Best Ballroom Dance Shoes?

One way on how to buy the best ballroom dance shoes is to consider the heel. You want a heel that is low and wide if you are new to ballroom dancing. The ideal measurement of the heel of the shoes should be about 2.5 inches wide. That is because the heel works in tandem with the balance of the shoe as it ensures that while standing, your weight is correctly supported as you dance.

As you become more comfortable with the sport, you can go for a one-inch wide shoe. However, this is not quite the time to do that since you are brand new. And once you become more comfortable with it, you can even choose a pair of ballroom dance shoes with higher heels. But bear in mind, making a habit of wearing high heels often can lead to foot complications such as bunions. Therefore, if you choose to wear ballroom dance shoes with higher heels once you become more comfortable with the sport, wear them sparingly. The type of sole that the best ballroom dance shoes should have is just as important as the other features.

What Is The Best Type Of Sole That The Ideal Ballroom Dance Shoes Should Have?

The sole of the shoe is essential to consider, as that is what determines the grip your shoes have on the ground. The type of bottom that typical sneakers has would not be ideal for ballroom dance shoes as it would be difficult to move your feet freely, and it would make the sport unsafe. That is why you want to have ballroom dance shoes with suede soles. That is because the suede sole provides the best type of grip and allows you to slip safely at the same time. It gives you the ability to turn, flare, and pivot on the floor carefully.

The soles that the best ballroom dance shoes have will adequately support your arches, ankles, legs, and knees as well. This way, you won’t end up with any type of pain in those areas due to a lack of support. You may be wondering what kind of style your ballroom dance shoes should have.

What Style Of Ballroom Dance Shoes Is Ideal To Buy?

The style of ballroom dance shoes you choose depends on the reason you want to get into the sport. If you plan to dance socially, then you can get the shoes that are of any color of your choice. However, if you plan to buy a gown with a neutral color, you would want to get a matching pair of shoes.

Since you are just starting with ballroom dancing, you won’t be competing in the International Ballroom. However, ladies who compete there have shoes that have the sides closed up, whether they have straps or not. For the American Style Smooth competition, the restrictions of the style of shoes are somewhat more relaxed. Therefore, the side can be open with a cross strap. If the shoes do not feature straps, plastic ones work.


You have decided to try out ballroom dancing, and you are not sure how to buy the best ballroom dance shoes. Remember that when you start with any sport or exercise even parkour, you need to start with the basics. The shoes to purchase should always be snug to the point that they will not fall off of your feet but comfortable at the same time. If they aren’t suitable for you, then you will experience pain and potential complications with your feet.

You’ll also want to throw in the towel. Start with a short and wide heel that is about 2.5 inches wide. Once you become more comfortable with the sport, you can buy shoes with a narrower and higher heel. But bear in mind that if you do, use it sparingly as high heels are not suitable for your feet. Either way, enjoy ballroom dancing and stay safe.