What are the Most Popular Shoe Brands Created by Famous People?


There is one concept that successful marketers and advertisement companies have mastered over the years. This concept is simple and even repetitive, but it works every time. What is this simple concept? People are more inclined to buy products that are endorsed by a popular and well-respected figure. Think about this: why would a young man spend so much on a pair of Air Jordan’s when he could get nicer looking sneakers at a less expensive price. The answer is simple; wearing those Air Jordan’s will automatically give him the ‘cool’ Michael Jordan feeling. People want to look like their heroes and other successful people in society, and wearing what they endorse is an easy way of achieving that desire. Celebrities endorse various products in multiple industries, and some of them include makeup, cars, phones, clothes, interior decoration, mobile apps, and just about anything you want to sell. Some of these celebrities even go as far as striking multi-million dollar deals with big manufacturing companies while creating their brand within that industry. In this article, we want to look at popular shoe brands that have been created and endorsed by famous people. Enjoy!

Popular Shoe Brands Created by Famous People

Below is a list of shoe brands created and endorsed by celebrities.

  1. Kanye West Yeezy

If you are looking for weird clothing or want to try fashion that seems completely out of the box, you might want to take a few tips from Kanye West. Over the last few years, the fashion line of Kanye West, popularly known as Yeezy, has collaborated with Adidas to give us some of the best sneakers on the market. These sneakers are very popular, and other celebrities like DJ Khaled have occasionally worn them. If you are looking for something nice and affordable, then these sneakers are not for you. They are expensive, scarce, and are predominantly regarded as a high status or luxury product. However, if you have the money and you want a pair of sneakers that separates you from the crowd, then this product will be perfect for you.

  1. Selena Gomez SG Runner

In 2018, Selena Gomez collaborated with sportswear manufacturing giant Puma to develop an athletic shoe brand specifically designed to cater to women. The SG Runner is the major product in this shoe collection, and it is inspired and designed by Selena Gomez. This shoe is designed with a beautiful exterior and a comfortable interior, and they are designed to serve multiple purposes. You can decide to rock them as a fashion sneaker, wear them for your early morning run or use them to work out in the gym. It is a high-performance sneaker, and it is designed with a lightweight feel maximized for comfort. Selena Gomez struck home with this one.

  1. Post Malone Posty Co Crocs

Most people prefer to identify with people or organizations bigger than themselves. This category also includes celebrities. While most celebrities choose to work with big names like Nike, Adidas, Puma, and co, Post Malone took a completely different approach. He collaborated with a small shoe brand ‘Crocs.’ You cannot deny this venture’s success because after Posty Co Crocs hit the market, it sold out in under 10 minutes. These crocs are quite comfortable to walk around in, and they make for good home shoes

  1. Daya by Zendaya

Although Zendaya is young, the 20-year-old actress has been in the limelight for quite some time, and she has truly distinguished herself as a successful and reputable entertainer. Zendaya did not limit herself to entertainment, though, and she went ahead to launch a shoe brand named ‘Daya by Zendaya.’ This shoe brand is specifically designed to provide high-quality footwear for women. Premium quality women’s footwear almost always comes with exorbitant prices, and this shoe brand provides that luxury feels at a far lesser cost.

  1. The SJP Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker

The SJP collection is a more experienced shoe brand. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker created it, and it has been operating since 2014. This collection’s shoes boast of a neutral design that adapts well with anybody, a high-quality body structure, and innovative utilization of single soles. You can easily find the SJP collection in your local store or any online store.

  1. The Warm Up by Jessica Simpsons

The Warm-Up shoe line by Jessica Simpsons is one of the most versatile shoe brands on the market today. The shoes are made for both leisure and athletics, and they are uniquely designed to match up with recent fashion trends. This shoe brand comes with a classy fashion flair that women love. The best part of this shoe brand is its versatility. You can easily wear it to a girl’s hangout or go jogging with it early in the morning. This shoe line also boasts of affordable prices that are not usually associated with celebrity brands.

  1. Kendall + Kylie

This list will not be complete if we don’t add the famous Kardashian twins. Their shoe line represents these sisters’ unique personalities, and it is expedient in the design of the shoes. Most of the shoes are designed with flashy heels, making them appropriate for dinners or fancy outings. The shoe line is also growing, and more options are being added regularly. Although most of the shoes are affordable, they are still too costly for regular income customers.


Buying a high-quality product is good because when you buy it, you don’t have to worry about replacing that product anytime soon. This is the case with shoes. Shoe brands created by famous people always focus on quality. Even though the prices might seem quite high, you will be glad you purchased something durable and beautiful. If you are also the kind of person concerned with your social status, buying shoes from brands created by famous people will surely score you a few points in your social circle. However, if you cannot afford a particular brand, other brands will serve you just as well. Ultimately, you should buy what you love and buy what you can afford. Cheers!