What are Golf Shoes? What makes them Unique?


Every organization, society, school, culture, tribe and gathering always have a dress code common to that community. This dress code allows you to fit into that environment and carry on your activities in an acceptable manner. This concept becomes more evident when it comes to sports. If you are a basketball player, you cannot wear soccer boots for the basketball court because it is not acceptable. Even if you wore such shoes, you would not be able to perform at your best in them. That is why, over the years, sportswear manufacturers have invested a good amount of money and time into finding the right apparel and footwear for every sport. Golf is one of those sports, and even though it doesn’t look like it from the outside, they have their special apparel and footwear. This footwear is known as golf shoes. Golf shoes are specially designed for golfers all over the world to allow them to play better golf and navigate the golf course conveniently. If you are hearing about golf shoes for the first time, this article has been put together to show you everything about it. We have outlined what golf shoes are and what makes them unique from other footwear. Enjoy!

What are Golf Shoes?

Golf shoes are special shoes designed to help golfers hold their stance on any part of the golf course and swing their golf clubs better. Unlike other sports, golf requires you to move around and stand on uneven terrain. If the shoes are not designed for this purpose, you can easily slip or make a mistake during your swing. Golfers need to buy shoes that allow them to play the game the right way. Golf shoes were first thought of and produced over 150 years ago, and from that time till now, they have been a series of improvements. The golf shoes we have today make golf easier to play and more enjoyable.

There are two major types of golf shoes, and they are Spiked golf shoes and Spikeless golf shoes. Spiked golf shoes are designed with little spikes on the outsole. The spikes sink into the ground and keep the player rooted till the golf swing is complete. Spiked golf shoes were once popular among golfers. However, the spikes had a reputation of affecting the feet on the players when the shoe was getting old. The grass on the golf course also consistently gets damaged by these spikes. Spikeless golf shoes, on the other hand, are made without spikes, and they are comfortable to wear. Although some golfers complain that the traction and sturdiness of Spikeless shoes are significantly lesser than those of spiked shoes, they still offer firm traction on the golf course. The decision to buy golf shoes is yours, and you should buy something that suits you perfectly.

What are the special features in Golf Shoes?

Here are some of the special features of golf shoes.

  • Golf shoes have better traction and sturdiness

There is one thing that all golf shoes are designed to have, and that is a firm grip on the ground. You cannot play golf if your legs are not stable throughout your swing. The outsoles of golf shoes (whether spiked or spikeless) are designed to hold firm with the ground and provide you with the best traction. Playing golf might require you to stand on uneven terrain and lean greatly on one of your two legs. If your shoes cannot support the weight and you slip, this can result in an unwanted injury at worst and a bad play at best. Most golf shoes have a

  • Golf shoes are designed with breathable materials

Golf shoes are designed with breathable materials to keep your feet free from moisture throughout your game. Most shoes are not built for breathability, but the upper part of golf shoes often have a lining absorb moisture, and they are made with polyurethane. All these are targeted at giving your feet more air and preventing moisture.

  • Golf shoes are designed for comfort

If you are playing in a good golf club and they have riding carts for movement, then you are quite lucky. However, if you have to walk the golf course to get to the ball and take your next shot, you don’t want to be doing that in uncomfortable shoes. Golf shoes are designed for comfort, and they are designed for long-distance walks. The interior of golf shoes is soft, and the footbed is designed to keep your feet comfortable. Golf shoes also have a lightweight structure which makes them very easy to walk and move around in.

  • Golf shoes offer support

If you are a golfer, then you understand that you will sometimes spend hours on the golf course. If your shoes are not built to offer support, you are bound to start feeling uncomfortable at some point. Golf shoes are built to offer support to your heels and ankles. If you buy the size that fits you perfectly, you will not have a problem with the shoe being too loose that they affect your ankle or being too tight that it leaves no space for your big toe. Golf shoes support the midfoot, and they absorb external shock to keep your feet safe.

  • Golf shoes are waterproof

If your golf shoes are not waterproof, then they are not golf shoes. Golf shoes are made with water-resistant materials so that they can withstand any golf course. You might have to play in the damp or wet grass at some point and if your shoes are not waterproof, that a whole different kind of uncomfortable. Golf shoes are waterproof to allow golfers play regardless of the condition of the golf course.


If you are a golfer, you cannot just play golf with your normal running shoes or sneakers. You would have to get footwear specially designed for the game. If you thought that golf shoes are not that important, this article has shown you the special features of golf shoes and what makes them so unique. At this point, we advise that you open up your wallet and get good quality golf shoes that will serve you for a long time. Cheers!