What Are Different Types Of Under Armour Shoes


Obviously, not everybody can wear the same type of shoes and the same shoe size. There is a huge difference in what women needs from what men needs when it comes to choosing shoes. Under Armour specializes in catering for these needs. Under Armour manufacture for the whole family as they also design some of the best kid’s athletic shoes and sandals around. See the history of Under Armour shoes

There are different types of Under Armour shoes.


This shoe is built for good mobility and versatility, it is designed for running well, it is designed with a hover foam which help you while you run and help you to regain energy it is comfortable for a long run due to it’s versatility it can be gotten from amazon. It is available in different color such as grey, pink surge, black, white/black, Halo grey and gravity green. It is made with a rubber sole material, synthetic outer materials and great flexibility.


The Hovr phantom under Armour shoe is a bit heavy although comfortable, but with less flexibility. It is built with an external heel for support, it is designed with a soft cushion that provides you with energy with each step you take while running. It ranges from size 6_12. It is available in color black, white and pitch grey.


It is designed with 360° reflectivity which allows others to see you well when you wear it. Designed with sockliner which provides more comfort well welded with Bemis tape for more support.


The horizon BPF under Armour shoe is built with an extremely protective upper. The BPF means bulletproof feather. It provides the wearer with protection and direct contact from debris and dirt. It is designed with a rubber outsole material thereby making it light weight with hood stability and mobility. It is available from size 8_ 14. It’s available in color black, olive tint and toddy green.

It has an upper mesh that dries quickly and make you comfortable while running and good durability.


The micro G assert 6 under Armour shoe is a lightweight and breathe able shoe with upper mesh. Very flexible and durable leathers, textile, synthetic and rubber. Embedded with micro G foam for soft landing. It is designed with a rubber outsole material. It is available in size 11 wide and in color black/white


The Charged Bandit 5 running shoe is a shoes designed for versatility and greatly affordable for runners. It has a good breathable mesh and flexible outsole. Although it has minimal collar padding, but it is light weight and easy to run with.


The Hovr infinite 2 Armour shoe is best for marathon training and running. It is designed with an extremely durable outsole. It provides maximum comfort while running. It has an outsole which is studded with rubber from heel to toe to provide good traction and durability, with grooves under the shoe to provide it with flexibility. It is available from size 7 to size 15x wide. It is produced in different colors such as black, beta, green citrine, purple, grey and slate purple. It is light weight and 100% textile material.


The Charged Bandit trail GORE_TEX is an Armour shoe that is best for wet trails, it is made with an upper waterproof layer, highly flexible and grooved out sole, with a firm heel. It is more fitted for women, available in size 6_12 it is good for runners who need balance and flexibility, breathable, 100% waterproof and textile with charged cushion. It is available in downpour gray color.

Qualities of Under Armour running shoes


The Under Armour brand is a new company unlike many other producers of running shoes. This makes them more in vogue with the latest trends, therefore, they are able to design new styles that align with the current market.

Outstanding marketing:

Reputable companies like Nike and Adidas may excel in eye-catching ads and strategic selling tactics, but Under Armour running shoes focus not on the product, but on their customer and their product performance.

Digitally advanced:

Under Armour is one of only 2 brands that offer running shoes that can be wirelessly connected to a phone app. This strategic technology idea gets them extra points and credits for combining technology and fitness in an exceptional way.

Important Factors to note while choosing the best Under Armour shoes

Where You Run

The environment where you would be running in is an important factor in choosing the kind of shoe to buy.

How You Run

Buying the best Under Armour running shoe based on your rotatory movement may not be necessary but it could be important

If you have an arch that has a moderate to high height, it is advice able you go for a neutral Under Armour running shoe. These shoes are also perfect if you have a normal flexibility ability or have no issues with foot stability.

How Far You Run

You can also consider how often or how far you run when picking a shoe. Under Armour running shoes are differentiated in a similar manner to help narrow down choices.

For regular and every day workouts, under Armour daily running shoes are best because of their ample cushioning, flexibility and stability. They are designed to keep you comfortable at short distances.

An Under Armour long-distance shoe is better for high-mileage runs that does not require speed. They are also relatively cushioned, but are lightweight unlike their daily running mates

Lastly, under Armour shoes are advisable when you want to run in races, you can expect these shoes to be snug and lightweight to keep you at a fast pace while running.


Under Armour shoes are running shoes that are designed by reputable companies for comfortability of the wearer, it is available for both men and women in different sizes and color it is available in different designs such as GEMINI 2, Micro G assert 6, HOVR infinite 2 and lot more. We hope this article has been able you help you know more about under Armour shoes.