Summer is Here (or coming for some of you!): Our Guide to Sandals


There’s just no healthier-feeling on your skin than the sun because you know summer is here. If there’s one type of shoes that we all need once the weather is warm, they’re sandals. Sandals are great for those long days of warm sunbathing, keeping your legs cool, keeping them relaxed, and best of all, they look super stylish. There are just too many great types to choose from, such as wedges, mule, heeled, and many more. This guide will show you the best sandal types you can rock this summer. Enjoy!

Sandal Styles

The range is infinite when purchasing a pair of sandals, with so many different styles, colors, and textures that you will be spoilt for choice. Why not grab one of every pair and rock the summer every day with a new look. Perhaps you cannot get yourself to decide, don’t worry, we are about a step to help you through those awesome styles.

Wedge Sandals

One of the most common styles out there is wedge sandals. They usually have an open-top, ankle strap, and a Hessian wedge heel that gives them a beautiful street style look. If you need it, they can also add a much-needed height lift. They are surprisingly easy to walk around in, considering the wedge.

Wedges are the ideal sandal to style up for a special occasion like a wedding or picnic, giving you a timeless look by selecting designs in pastel colors or showcasing beautiful florals. Style a pair of striped nautical wedges with slim jeans and a bright top for a casual look that screams fashion for drinks with friends in the warm summer evenings.

Maybe, you have a pretty little girl, give her a pair of her very own wedge sandals in bold and bright colors with girly info. Fully relaxed, you can be sure that her little feet in this trendy style are kept cool and healthy.

Flip Flop

Oh, those faithful flip flops! Without this important footwear, it just wouldn’t have been summer. It’s just so flexible, great for work, shopping, and hitting the beach, making it one of the most popular styles out there!

The name flip flop comes from the sound that the sandal makes when you walk along. Many people worldwide wear this style, and it can be dated as far back as 1,500 AD in ancient Egypt, making it one of the oldest sandals out there!

Typically they consist of a flat sole with a Y-shaped toe post strap; however, some models do not have a toe-post and have one strap crossing over the top of the foot instead. If you suffer from flat feet or an old ankle sprain, then these sandals are not for you because they won’t give you the help you need. Flip flops are probably the style you want to throw in your holiday bag. They are typically really cheap. They are great for the entire family to wear with so many bright and fun styles out there.

Mule Sandals

Mule sandals are one of those models that just don’t go anywhere, they come back in a year out into fashion year, and that’s because they look amazing not only, but they’re super light and comfortable!

There are so many different kinds of mules for you that there is bound to be a theme. The leather is malleable, which implies that they are a better fit so that your feet will love them! Going for a leather pair will give your feet the most comfort. There are several different types of leather mule sandals for both men and women. If you’re looking for a trendy pair, say with the family for a weekend, then try a toe post pair with sparkling diamonds or some bang on-trend pool sliders!

However, Suppose you’re hunting for some mule sandals to keep your feet cold while choosing a few plain, comfortable mules in the office. In that case, they are built to give you maximum comfort that is needed all day long while you are on your feet.

Gladiator Sandals

If you have to pick one sandal style this season, make sure it’s a gladiator!

This style has been around throughout history, with the pattern based on the old sandals the Roman warriors used to wear. Back in Rome, the warriors fighting at the Grand Coliseum would wear these sandals, usually made of leather to form the fighter’s feet, some of which were works of art so that they were buried with the warrior.

Recently, these sandals have made a big comeback since the 1960s. They are flat, strappy, and very eye-catching. They are now often worn by women and girls instead of men and come in a variety of colors and designs

Heeled Sandals

Suppose you are attending a summer wedding, whether as a guest or part of the wedding party itself this sandal style is absolutely fine. These truly show-stopping sandals can be wear time and time again with sky-high heels and exquisite detailing.

It can be very difficult on your feet to work in an office setting during the summer. While many offices encourage you to wear sandals to keep your feet cool and comfortable, a smarter look is often needed; a pair of strappy high heeled sandals will be great again and work so well with your office attire.

The block heel is another heeled style that is back with a boom; they are one style you must have in your wardrobe with a distinctive seventies look about them. They are great for adding to your festival outfit with authentic wooden heels, studded suede, and a variety of different colors that hark back to the former period. A squad of big flared pants, or floaty dresses and hippy-look kimonos could be a big match with this heel.

Flat Sandals

If you enjoy walking with your family, then durable flat sandals with sturdy grip soles and velcro fasteners are all fine. Our set of men’s sporty sandals is ideal for all you men if you also like to be outside during the summer months. They are so comfortable on your feet and very durable. Match them to pants or shorts three-quarter length.

For everyone, including children and babies, flat sandals are perfect. They would love that their feet are kept cool!


Now that you’ve got a better understanding of the sandals, you can get this summer to keep your feet comfortable and cool. We advise you not to waste time deciding which sandals to choose on the road to the warm weather, so get them now and enjoy the summer when it comes!