Is Rock Climbing Healthy for You? Does it Count as a type of Exercise?


It is a well-known fact that performing good physical exercise is very beneficial to the human body. Exercise often allow the muscles to work and to burn body calories. There are different kinds of physical activity which include jogging, walking, swimming, running, climbing and many more. Research has it that regular physical activity can improve the heart condition, makes you live longer and many more advantages. If you are tired or bored about the regular exercise typical for a gym or you just want to widen your horizon in regards to physical activities, then you could consider climbing.

Rock climbing is one of the major physical exercises that is taking a new dimension recently. It is no longer a fad but here to stay. However, there are little to no problem associated with climbing. While climbing can be perfect for you, it might not be as good for another person. For this purpose, to address the most common questions in the world of rock climbing, we have carefully completed this post. Enjoy that!

Is Rock Climbing Healthy for You?

One of the most popular questions is, “is rock climbing healthy for you”. Rock climbing is virtually healthy for everyone as long as you do well and do not have any health impediments. Rock climbing is one of the ultimate workouts for the whole body.

Rock climbing will make your hips and torso muscles struggle to support the lower half against the wall. With your thighs and calves burning with the effort to keep you upright and in equilibrium, you arch backwards and reach one hand up to clasp the next hold. There is a wholesale change in the muscles you call on to retain your safe purchase on the climbing wall a moment later when the tips of your fingers have secured their hold.

This shows that every part of the body is working in coordination when you are partaking in rock climbing or even bouldering – when you are climbing low rocks. In contrast to typical gym exercises that mostly utilize redundant movements to build body strength and endurance, rock climbing as been shown to be more effective, challenging and rewarding.

Some researches carried out revealed that rock climbing or bouldering, whatever the object you are climbing, help to increase your cardiorespiratory fitness and also a good cardiovascular workout. Below is the beneficial impact of rock climbing.

A good cardiovascular workout

A good cardiovascular workout is of immense importance to the body. This is because it is aerobic, and the heart will want to pump more blood. With this, it increases the functioning of the heart and even burns excess calories from the body.

Enhance brain power

Research has shown that balance, muscle coordination, spatial orientation and neurotransmitter coordination would increase brain power as well as other cognitive functions.

Improves Flexibility

Rock climbing will increase your range of motion and improve flexibility as time goes on. Your body continually stretches as you reach for the handholds and footholds when climbing.

Why Rock Climbing Might Not Be Good For You

Despite the great advantages that come with rock climbing, there are also a few exceptions. Although this depends on the individual, and that is why rock climbing might not be healthy for you. If you have health impediments, you could ask your doctor to recommend a kind of physical exercise for you. Here are a few health constraints that might hinder you:

  1. Diabetes, high blood pressure: Due to the aerobic process and muscle building that burns excess calories when you climb, there is a tendency that your blood sugar falls lower. If this happens, do well to consult your doctor to know what you can do in case it falls too low
  2. Knee or back injury: If you have a knee injury, climbing is obviously not for you. However, it has been stipulated that climbing could hasten the recovery of a knee injury. It has not been confirmed, so it is highly recommended you stay put if you have knee or back injury.
  3. Arthritis: If you have arthritis, climbing can be difficult for you. This is because climbing involves almost any joint in the body. You should see a doctor so you can get those joints in a healthy shape before climbing. You could also have a partner to climb with.

Does it Count as A Type of Exercise

Rock climbing is a form of exercise. It is highly recommended that you incorporate a little bit of climbing into your daily routines. Depending on your goals, if it is weight loss or general body workout, then climbing is just the best exercise for you. By incorporating a physical activity such as rock climbing into your daily activities, your body becomes adjusted to the activity you do, and you form a habit of the exercise until your goals are achieved. You will get to love it as you continually do it. It would be challenging and also rewarding. You could also decide to join a rock climbing gym to enjoy loads of benefits that are associated with it.

Here is how you can use rock climbing as an exercise. This pattern with time will help you build your work out routine to make climbing a huge success.

  • Stretch: Begin by stretching; however, this shouldn’t be a form of static stretching. You want to be more dynamic with your stretches. Loosen your muscles and do some jumping jacks, lunges, leg stretches and neck movement.
  • Climb: You should follow the climbing pattern, and you should begin with less climbing grades to engage your muscles. Have a good technique for warm-up. Rest for some few minutes between climbs before you take more of it. This will help you to reach your maximum potential gradually. However, resting must not exceed 10-15 minutes between climbs. You should also plan to take tougher routes as you climb, you could also chip in some easy grades when doing this to prevent you from getting stressed on time
  • Finish strong: As you approach your maximum limit, your forearms tend to get sore. With whatever strength and energy you have left, now is the moment to finish strong. Some health fitness coaches recommended trying to do pull-ups or lifting heavyweight as they give your climbing an extra boost.
  • Cooldown: When you are done, cool down somewhere. Relax and calm your muscles by doing some static stretching.


In short, climbing is a general body work out and a healthy exercise. If you have some health challenges, do well to ask your doctor before climbing. We hope you’ve gotten the best information in this informational guide. Have a nice time!