How can you use Shoes to Motivate and Push Yourself to Run?


Some people say that bad habits are easy to form while good habits generally require more work and focus. This assertion is not true; good habits are just as easy to form as bad habits. The problem is that we are always unwilling to stick to the process until it becomes a habit. If you just started running for exercise, it won’t feel natural to you at first, and you might want to quit after a few days. However, this will be ill-advised because you are on the right path and can do it if you stick with the process long enough. You would have to motivate yourself to get up at the right time and go out. Many motivators can help you achieve this until running becomes a habit, and you no longer need motivation. You can get a running buddy, decide to listen to music along the way, or you can register for a gym (this option is expensive, though, and it doesn’t guarantee that you will go there). While all these are great motivators, another factor that can motivate you to take that step is your running shoes. In this article, we will take a look at how you can use your running shoes to motivate and push yourself to run. Enjoy!

How your shoes can motivate you to run

The points below have been compiled to show you how to transform your running shoes into a motivator.

  • Buy running shoes that look good to you

If you buy a new dress, would you keep it in your closet forever? No. You would probably wait for the perfect occasion to wear this dress. This is the same case as your running shoes. When you buy new running shoes, you would be eager to test them out. This becomes even more apparent if you like the look and design of the shoes. When you put them on, you will have a happy feeling, and you would want the world to feel the impact of your new super shoes. It would help if you bought running shoes that are attractive to you. It is a simple mental trick; we enjoy wearing what we like, and we feel more confident in them.

  • Buy good quality, durable shoes

It would help if you got shoes that look nice and beautiful. However, if these shoes are made from low-quality material, they will soon expire, which might happen when running. It would be best if you bought high-quality running shoes from reliable brands. When you buy shoes with good money, you will feel the difference when you put it on and be more motivated to run. You can leave it sitting on your shoe shelf. It is also important for your running shoes to stay durable so you can use them for a long period before you have to change them. Summarily, buying good shoes saves you money, and it motivates you to run again and again.

  • Make sure they are comfortable

Have you ever worn footwear that makes you want to go home and massage your feet? You can try this with your heels or dinner shoes, but you must never try them with your running shoes. Running means you are already applying pressure on your feet and body, and you should wear an outfit that doesn’t add to the physical pressure. You have to make sure that your running shoes are comfortable. They must not be too loose because they will dangle on your feet, annoy you and slow you down. They must not be too tight because that will leave your feet sore, and you might need that massage after all. It is better to buy shoes that fit just right. The shoes should also be designed with a soft interior that pampers your feet. When you wear your running shoes and feel that the shoes’ goodness, running becomes much easier.

  • Don’t wear them for any other purpose

There are various brain and motivation hacks, and one of them is to identify an activity that you like postponing (like running or working) and couple it with something concrete. For example, if you don’t like your work, you can get through it to listen to a particular set of melodic instrumentals when you are doing the task. This blocks out the distraction from the surrounding environment, but it also does something much more important; it ties your work to that music. Anytime you hear the instrumentals, you are automatically in work mode. This brain hack is fantastic, and you can apply it to your running shoes. You have to make sure that you don’t use your running shoes for any other activity. When you put on these shoes, it should be for running only, and over time, your brain will associate that footwear with the running activity. As soon as you put it on the shoes, you are automatically ready to run.

  • Always make sure they are clean

When you come back from your run, you don’t have to clean your shoes right away but make sure you clean them before your next scheduled run because seeing dirty shoes will not motivate you to go out for another run. You don’t have to wash them constantly, but you should air them and keep them clean as much as you can. When you want to step out, you can easily pick them up, and you are good to go.


Running is good for the body, and it gets even better when you do it with the right running shoes. Choosing your running shoes will go a long way in determining whether you would be a consistent runner or not. You have to make sure to invest the right amount of time, money, and energy into finding the perfect shoe for you. This article has shown you how your running shoes can motivate you when you don’t feel like running. You can try out these tips anytime. Cheers!