Are Cowboy Boots Still In Fashion, How Do You Pull Them Off?


Most people wonder how they can wear and style cowboy boot, if they are still trending, or even comfortable at all. Worry no more, this article is here to guide you on how to wear and pull of cowboy boots on amazing styles. There are lots of shoes that have been overtime for a long period of time, they have been in vogue all along and still remain trending till now, Cowboy boot is one of them. As a matter of fact, top designer companies like Fendi produces cowboy boots.

Places You Can Wear Your Cowboy Boot To

  • Concert
  • Horse ridding
  • Funfair
  • Romantic dates
  • Weddings and other places.

Places You Shouldn’t Wear Cowboy Boots To

  • Hiking, it will be very uncomfortable while you are at it.
  • Modern club
  • Long distance drives

Why Wear Cowboy Boots?

I understand how difficult it is to find a reason to wear cowboy boots especially when you’ve not wore one before. Cowboy boots can be used to attract attention, if people see a flashy and beautiful leather shoe from afar, they are drawn to its leather, pointed nose and outer sole. Here are few reasons why you should add a cowboy boot to the list of shoes you have in your closet.

Cowboy Boots Are Known To Be Rich in History

Cowboy boots are not just a piece of leather shoe, they have been existing for a long period of time, as far back as horse riding time, when horse was the only means of transport. It was used at that time to protect feet of horse men while riding.

Cowboy Boots Are Stylish And Sophisticated

Another interesting fact about cowboy boot is their ability to turn out stylish when you wear them, you don’t have to pair and match it with different outfits before you get your desired results. Cowboy boots have a stylish attribute attached to it which are; its height, length, sole, length and pointed shape of toe (popularly called pointed nose).

Cowboy Boots issues Confidence

As stated earlier, cowboy boots draw people’s attention because of its color, sole, heel, length, materials and sowing which are all amazing show piece. Anyone who wants to have a final stylish look while rocking cowboy boots should sprinkle confidence all over them. If you are concern about how you will look in this masterpiece shoe, wear confidence with it because it will surely show your body language alongside with your posture.

The Attributes of Cowboy Boots?


Majority of cowboy boots are above the ankle, short people like this more because it makes them feel like they grow taller. Although the heel is not above two inches, but it adds lots of height to the shoe, thereby making them look taller.

Toe Shape

Lots of cowboy boots have toes that are uniquely designed in a pointed way to look more stylish. However, the new cowboy boots that are produced now has become modernized and the pointed toes are now re designed in a less pointed way.


Cowboy boots are comfortable pair of shoes, do not wear undersize cowboy boots that will endanger your toe and cause bruises to your feet. Cowboy boots are well sown with machine to make it durable. Cowboy last long well and they are also affordable. See tips on how to find a shoe that fits

Tips For Caring For Cowboy Boots

  • Do not wax your cowboy boots
  • Do not dip it inside water, neither should you was it with soap
  • Clean your cowboy booths often with a leather cleaner
  • Clean your cowboy boot with soft cloth and rinse gently with water
  • Do not heat dry your cowboy boots instead, sun dry or walk dry it

Also see some tips and tricks for dress shoes

What You Should Wear With Cowboy Boots

Collared shirt

You can style you’re your pair of cowboy boots on a collar shirt with a good pair of jeans to match it.)

Denim Jackets

A denim jacket or any other type of stylish jacket make sense on cowboy boots, it brings out a stylish look that that an ordinary shirt cannot produce. It makes the styling and design of cowboy boots more attractive and appealing.


Sport jersey and a pair of denim jean trouser will add more sophistication to your look when


Either cut or uncut, a pair of black or blue jean will portray an elegant look when paired with a cowboy boot.

Accessories to Combine With Cowboy Boots


Belts with decorative and designed buckles are perfect accessories to combine with a pair of cowboy boot.


Although hats are not that necessary, but if you are the type of person that loves to be the center of attraction like me, then you can pair your cowboy boots with a hat either big or small as it pleases you.


Spurs are a small spike used by riders to urge a horse forward. However, if you are not riding on a horse, do not add spurs to one of the accessories you are wearing om your cowboy boot.

What Does Your Cowboy Boots Say About You?

Cowboy boots are more than just footwear that takes us from one place to another, it is an adorable and classical material that says a lot about those that wear it, here are few things your cowboy boots says about you.

  • It says you are rich in culture, wearing it means referring back to history.
  • It says you value your work more, by wearing them the sole is used for working and walking better on farmlands.
  • You have a great fashion taste.
  • You are confident.

It is also necessary to keep your cowboy boots clean at all time.


Cowboy boots are boots that has been existing for a long period of time and it is still in vogue, it can be paired with denim jeans and jacket, with collar shirt, sports clothes and some accessories like fancy belts, spurs and hats. It has some unique features like its height, sole, pointed toe shape and durability. Cowboy boots are also affordable and can be seen in stores and online shops.