Who Invented Tap Dancing?

Introduction Tap dancing is a form of dancing that requires dancers to wear shoes that feature a metal tap on the heel and the toe to be in contact with the hard floor. As the dancers dance or keep stepping on the floors, it creates sounds that have a percussion-like characteristic. The pioneer of tap … Read more

16 Best Shoes for Flat Feet for Men and Women in 2021

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What are Features Important for Cross Country Shoes?

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10 Best Boxing Shoes in 2021

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What are Eco-Friendly Shoes – How Are They Designed and Made?

Overview The importance of footwear cannot be over-emphasized. Apart from protecting our feet from sharp objects or bacterias and giving balance, shoes have now become essential to our fashion world; thus, making a fashion statement goes beyond our clothing but also our footwear. As a result of global warming, people have become more concerned about … Read more