What are Indoor Soccer Shoes?


There are different kinds of sports played across the globe, and one sport which is quite popular is Soccer. Soccer has a very long history dating back over 150 years. As Soccer grew more popular, different variations of the game also evolved. One variation of Soccer that has gotten popular over the years is Indoor Soccer. Indoor Soccer is a kind of soccer game played within a walled arena and under slightly different rules from the ones seen in mainstream Soccer. This game is played mostly in America, Canada, and Mexico. It was first created to allow soccer players to play ball during snow season when it was impossible to play outside. Indoor Soccer has many other names, and some of them include six-a-side football, fast football, show ball, floorball, and so on. Indoor football has grown quite popular over the years, and since it can be played in a variety of arenas, people have begun playing it quite often. Since mainstream Soccer is played on different grounds from indoor Soccer, you would need a special kind of footwear designed especially for that purpose. Over the years, sportswear manufacturers have produced soccer boots intended mainly for indoor Soccer. These soccer boots are known as indoor soccer shoes, and we want to look at what makes them unique in this article. Enjoy!

What are Indoor Soccer Shoes?

Indoor soccer shoes are shoes uniquely designed to allow footballers to play ball indoors. These shoes are different from classic soccer boots because they don’t possess the cleats that normally accompany soccer shoes. Indoor soccer shoes have unique features that are discussed extensively below.

Features of Indoor Soccer Shoes

Here are some unique features of Indoor Soccer Shoes

  • Perfect fit

If you are playing indoor football, you cannot do it with loose or tight shoes. Loose shoes will slow you down and require you to adjust them now and then, while tight shoes will put your big in an uncomfortable position. Indoor soccer shoes are built to fit the footballer perfectly. The feeling it has on your leg is like a second skin, and you can easily maneuver without any discomfort from your shoes.

  • Non-slip-soles with solid traction

If you are going to play any Soccer, you need shoes with solid traction. Since you will be running on the synthetic ground, you have to make sure that you are wearing slip-resistant shoes. Indoor soccer shoes are known for their hard and slip-resistant soles. They have solid traction that allows you to easily run around and break without any injury resulting from sliding.

  • Flat soles

Flat soles are another trademark sign of Indoor Soccer Shoes. If you take a look at standard soccer boots, you will notice spikes (or cleats). Those footballers will be running on grass and need their shoe soles to provide them with extra traction. However, if you are playing on the solid ground, having cleats on you, soles will do more harm than good. That is why indoor soccer shoes are made with flat soles. This allows you to run easily without hurting yourself or damaging the playing arena.

  • Comfortable interior

Like we said earlier, indoor soccer shoes should be like a second skin on your feet. This is made possible thanks to the comfortable interior that come with these shoes. Indoor soccer shoes have comfortable interiors that keep the player’s feet comfortable.

  • Made with appropriate materials

Indoor shoes are made with certain materials that make them appropriate for the game. The upper part of soccer shoes is made from leather or other synthetic materials that allow for flexibility, breathability, shock absorption, and durability. Since you will be kicking the ball with this part of the shoe, it should do a good job of hitting the ball and keeping you comfortable. The sole of indoor soccer shoes is mostly designed from rubber. This allows for more grip, flexibility, and traction. The soles might also be made from neoprene and polyurethane.

  • Lightweight structure

Any shoe being used for sports or exercise should be lightweight, and indoor soccer shoes fit into this category. Indoor Soccer Shoes are lightweight, and they allow players to run comfortably without being weighed down. If you attempt to play ball in heavy shoes, you are not going to perform very well.

  • Designed for shock absorption

Balls are mostly made from hard leather, and if you have ever attempted to play it hard with your barefoot, you would remember the pain you felt clearly. All soccer boots must be designed for shock absorption, and indoor soccer shoes are not an exception. The shoes are made with materials that allow you to hit your ball hard while feeling the least minimum pain on your foot.

  • Flexible structure

There is no other sport that engages the feet more than Soccer. You have to run around and hit the ball within a moment’s notice. If you are wearing shoes that are not flexible, you would not be able to do this comfortably. Indoor soccer shoes are comfortable, and they are quite flexible.

  • Padded heel for support

Your indoor soccer shoes should offer the right amount of support to your heels and ankles. The first point we discussed is the concept of the perfect fit. If your shoes are perfectly fitted, they will automatically support your heels and ankles. If your indoor soccer shoes do not support your heels and ankles, you should not play with them. If you go ahead to play in them, you can get injured, or your feet might get many blisters.


Soccer is a very interesting sport, and it can be easily enjoyed among a few friends. Indoor Soccer means that you can easily play Soccer anytime. However, you would need a good pair of indoor soccer shoes for you to enjoy this game. If you have an indoor soccer arena nearby and want the perfect footwear to help you enjoy the game, you will be glad to read this article. Now you know what your indoor soccer shoes should provide you with and how to pick the best product for you. Cheers!