Characteristics of a Good Indoor Soccer Shoe

Indoor soccer shoes allow the player to have reasonable ball control and support sprints. They can also be used to play on a futsal court or a turf indoor soccer court. Hence they provide less cushion compared to running shoes.

An excellent indoor shoe should have the following features;


Indoor soccer is played for a total of 60 minutes, with breaks in every 15 minutes. Walking or running in shoes that aren’t comfortable will make the game quite tiring. The shoes should be lightweight, breathable with a heel pad and soft insole materials for comfort and support.

Good upper materials

Materials used for the upper part of most indoor soccer shoes are leather and suede. The uppers come in different colors and designs.

Non-marking outsole

Good indoor soccer shoes should have a non-marking outsole usually made from gum rubber to improve traction and increase good grip while playing.

Indoor soccer shoes usually come with two types of patterns on the outsoles. It either comes with an interlocking triangles pattern or herringbone patterns.


Due to the sport’s nature, shoes used in indoor soccer should be durable; hence they ought to have good quality.

Flat outsole

Shoes used for playing indoor soccer are low cut shoes that are slightly harder than the traditional soccer sneakers.

Indoor soccer shoes should be low profiled to support running and quick movements.

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Shock Absorbance

Indoor soccer shoes should be incorporated with a suitable shock-absorbing insole to prevent leg injuries like strains on the feet and reduce muscle fatigue for players.

Other features may include foam insole, insoles with soft linings, proper streamlining for speed, and padded tongue and collar. These features vary with different company designs.

While getting an indoor soccer shoe, you might want to consider the size as well. Even though you get the perfect one with all these characteristics and your shoes are ill-fitted, you will still get an injury while playing.

Examples of Indoor soccer shoes

Here are some examples of good indoor soccer shoes:

Adidas Samba Classic Indoor soccer shoe

Adidas Mundial Goal Indoor

Nike Superfly 7 Academy MDS IC

Nike MagistaOnda IC

Nike HypervenomPhelon II JC

Nike Men’s Mercurial X Proximo IC

Adidas Men’s Predator 20.3 Turf Soccer Shoe

Nike Phantom Vsn 2

Adidas Unisex Copa 20.4 Indoor Soccer shoes

Puma Kids Spirit indoor trainer soccer shoe

How should Your Indoor Soccer Shoes Fit?

Apart from stability and support, getting the right indoor soccer shoe fit will also help you with ball control.

There are a few things to consider when finding an indoor soccer shoe that will be a perfect fit for you; they include:

The floor type

The shoe material used on the upper part of the shoe

Indoor soccer can be played on either hardwood or turf floor types. For hardwood floor type, shoes should have outsoles with gum rubber meant for courts like the basketball court, and they are usually lightweight, flexible, and non-marking.

For turf courts, shoes are more durable with low studs, and they can also be used for playing on outdoor fields.

Shoes made with leather material are flexible, soft, and comfortable, while those made from synthetic are lighter and more durable.

Now, how can you know that the shoes fit for you to play in?

Your indoor soccer shoes should fit tightly to prevent your leg from moving from side to side while playing, but how tight is tight enough?

These shoes should be tightly fit for you to feel and control the ball, but not so tight that they cause you discomfort. They have to be comfortable enough to play in.

There should be a little room at the back of your shoes to avoid a feeling of irritation on your toes. This space should be enough for toes and tiny enough that your pinky finger can’t get between your heel and the back of the shoe.

Finally, before you play, take a walk with your shoes and make sure your feet are not moving from side to side and that you are not experiencing any sort of discomfort. If you are, make some adjustments. If you are not, then you are ready to play.

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Wearing soccer shoes that don’t give you discomfort but fit correctly can contribute to your game’s success. You can’t put those skills to practice when all you can think about is your irritated toe or a strain in your feet.

The bottom line is that you can look good and enjoy the sport with the right set of indoor soccer shoes.

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