Smelly Sneakers & How to Fix Them

Introduction You have a shoe that smells, and the smell could swallow up your buddies in the room, you should get that in check right now! Smelly shoes are not a new occurrence it has virtually happened to almost everyone. However, some shoes are naturally inclined to terrible odor or become smelly faster. The best … Read more

10 Best Glues for Shoes 2021

Shoe Goo Check Latest Price E6000 Check Latest Price Gorilla Glue Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content We take time to purchase the best shoes, but at times, unforeseen circumstances happen, and repair may be necessary. A common problem is when a part of the outsole detaches from the midsole. Well, what may ... Read more

Common Types of Foot Pain

Many people, throughout their lives, experience pain in their feet. The common types of foot pain vary as some have pain that is due to problems within the bones, and others have pain because of problems in the joints. Others have foot pain as a result of issues with the tendons or nerves in the … Read more

Why Do Feet Smell?

Introduction You notice it after working all day, whether you are on your feet or not. Or, maybe you have been going on an outing for hours. You take off your shoes, and you are horrified because your feet smell terrible. You cannot wait to get into the shower and scrub your feet along with … Read more